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World Soccer: Americas Ignorance.

For the longest time Soccer/football as been a disliked sport in America. Why is this great sport hated by Americans? I have a couple of theories
I think that baseball has the biggest effect on American sporting fans. In baseball fans sit on their butt and wait for a big play to take place. When in soccer the anticipation and cheering on the team is the facet of what makes being a soccer fan so great. Unfortunaly the people who run the soccer stadiums in America don't realize this and instead of having the crowd create the atmosphere the P.A. annoucers end up ruining the experience.
This years World Cup has shown how soccer is done the right way and how the sport should be emulated in America. If this sport is ever going to grow it is going to first need a revamp of the atmosphere.
There are a few ways this changing could take place. The first thing that need to happen is the creation of supporter reserved sections. These are sections that would be made standing only and sound making-free sections. The second thing that needs to take place is the destruction of all P.A. speakers in soccer stadiums. People don't go to soccer stadiums to hear Elvis or Britney spears. People go to soccer games to see..... OMGZ LMAOFSFE SOCCER GAMES.

Imagine That.