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TV Theme Song of the Day #6

Hey all it's been awhile (a couple of years!), but CrazyRalph's Crazy Journal brings you back from the dead:

TV Theme Song of the Day!

So after a long hiatus, a specific theme song has been in my head for awhile. Hopefully by displaying the lyrics you will all get a bit of nostalgia and sing along! This Nickelodeon TV show aired from 1989-1991, with reruns running several years after. A great TV show that brings back great memories! Well here it is....

#6 - Hey Dude

It's a little wild and a little strange.
To make your home out on the range.
Mount your horse and come along.
Cause you can't get a ride if you can't hold on.

Singin': Yippie ki yi yay, yippie ki yi what?
Like the cowboys sing: Yippie ki yi yay.
Get along little doggie 'til the break of day.

Better watch out for these man-eating jackrabbits and that killer cacti
Hey Dude!

GTA IV and More

Hey guys it has been way too long since my last blog post, but hopefully I will be updating this on a more frequent basis. Well today I'm going to talk about GTAIV, and my impressions without really going far into the game.

What a rating that Gamespot gave this game, a perfect score of 10. When I saw that they posted this score I was incredibly surprised, as I believe the last game to score that was Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which is one of my favorite games of all time.

Personally I have never actually completed a full GTA game, I look forward to completing this one for several reasons:
1) The score that it received..will it live up to MY expectations?
2) Similarities to New York City
3) Gameplay changes..especially gunfights
4) Overall fun that I get out of it

If everything matches my criteria, why not give it a perfect score? I plan on posting a review after I play more as well.

On another note...
In regards to my blogs I plan on posting a lot more in regards to other things, not just specific games, but then again this is what I said my last post which was more than a year ago lol. Well if anyone is reading this or has subscribed to my posts, stay tuned!

Back From Another Hiatus

Welcome back to the CrazyRalph Zone Ralph-a-holics. In case you were wondering where I was, the answer is simple: I wasn't here....well blogging at least. I've entered sophomore year, and I'm still here at QU, and other things have been more important than the GameSpot blog.

You might ask, "CrazyRalph you somb*tch, nothing is better than a GameSpot blog!" Well I'd agree with you most of the time, except something else has been controlling my life. And with that said, it is now time to return to the CrazyRalph Zone blog:

World of Warcraft
Yeah so my crazy neighbor Dru who gets me into crazy **** like metal music, DDR, anal fixation and all that stuff has done it again. Last May, around the same time as my last blog post, he got me into Blizzard's phenomenon of an MMORPG called World of Warcraft. Let me tell you, this game wreaks of awesomeness.

At first I was a little skeptical, cause well this game I heard is time consuming. Oh well, I gave in. Oh, here's my character Ralphius dead, at level 49. He's a Human Warrior:

Well dead no more Ralph-a-holics cause I'm now level 60 and I eagerly awaiting the Wow expansion pack! The new patch is great so far, as I respeced Ralphius to Protection with the new  talents, and he's looking as sharp as ever.

Wanna play with me? Got WoW? On the Suramar server? PST me then!

Burger King Bungalow
Okay, so i went bowling last night with my roommate Manny and afterwards we came up with the great plan to hit up Burger King and get all those $4 games with the King they were promoting. So after a Whopper value meal purchase, we proceeded to buy all 3.

So the lady who gave us the games said "You boys like games? Well I heard these games are so much fun! Have a good night." She was right! These $4 games are fun, yet ridiculous! I'd say if you're looking for some games to pass time and you have no money and you're hungry, get yourself some copies!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for my newest blog ender called.... CRAZYRALPH'S CRAZY RATINGS!!!
Here I will feature a culmination of my blog post, and rate some things I was talking about! If you agree or disagree, I don't care, drop me a comment!


1) World of Warcraft :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:/5
This game is awesome! C'mon millions are playing. The expansion pack is guna make for even more players. Yeah it consumes your life, but isn't that for you then??!

2) The Burger King King :wink::wink::wink::wink:/5
He's awesome, he's creepy, and he's sneaky in Sneak King! Yeah he's promoting fast food, but what a clever way! I love him.

3) Me! Crazy Ralph :wink:/5
I suck I'm sorry I haven't been posting alot, so I only get one wink! Oh well, this will definately go up as I continue to post, so stay worthy Ralph-a-holics!

Well that does it for this blog, I'll be back so stay tuned! Leave some comments!

Need Your Help

It's been awhile guys, but Crazy Ralph is finally back posting a blog! So what's been new? College, crazy ralph has made it to college, and has successfully completed the first year! Yeahh, so now it's back to work at Brookstone here at home, and with some extra cash coming my way, I have two options on how I can spend it.
-Xbox 360: can I or should I wait, and see how the PS3 compares to it? I already plan on investing in the Wii, but I need a comparison against PS3, or should I just screw that sh*t, and go with Microsoft. I never was with Sony anyway...
-Creative Zen Vision M MP3 player: yeah, so my zen micro is busted, and its time for a new one that can hold much more ish. this one is the best out there, in terms of Creative's products, and i dont want to get in the ipod scene

so which should i do first, lucky gamespot subscribers and readers of my journal? no logical explanation needed, just pick one haha!

Been Awhile

It's definately been a long time since I posted here, but alas I have not died or anything. Just prepping for college now would be the best bet. Tomorrow's graduation and I'm pretty siked, and I'm gonna miss the Prep. Then in a week I'm going to Quinnipiac for the weekend as its orientation there. If anyone else is going there, or is there, let me know!

Give Into the Hype

Ralph needs friends. I joined myspace. Yes that is correct, I have given into the internet hype that is called myspace. It's not so bad. Considering I had no interest in creating a LiveJournal or Xanga, I can write in their blog, and also have a cool little profile thing to go along with it, as well as a network of friends. If you wanna be my myspace friend, check out my profile site: click here mofo.

Super Bowl Sunday Master Chief Style


What better way to spend Super Bowl Sunday than by playing Halo 2. Yes, that is correct. I was invited to a couple of Super Bowl parties, but I had to formally decline as more important plans had to be taken care of, and those plans involved playing Halo with my good pals D CLAP and Big Tom.

Now you may ask, Ralph, quite frankly on Super Bowl Sunday you should be watching the bowl?!? Well on normal circumstances that would be correct, but the matter of fact is that I don't have any interest in either team that's playing. The Eagles I never really liked, 'cause I don't like their coach, and the Pats, well as Erica puts it: they're from New England which = Boston area which = Red Sox fans which = I don't like, so there we have it. That's my extremely logical explanation for not watching the Super Bowl.:P


Yeah that's right. I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking used Super Nintendo. My good friend Danburns is selling all of his old systems, including his PS2 I think, to purchase a Xbox. Dan has been eavesdropping on me and my buddies' nerd conversations about Halo, and well he was so intrigued i think it has inspired him to go buy and Xbox. The same with my good friend Roberto, and now we will soon be a big Halo community. Err. Right. Speaking of SNES, check out my game collection to see what games Dan included in the deal.


Ever since I was a youngster, I've always wanted a secret admirer. As a young tike I used to see all my classmates get Valentine's Day cards from their loved ones. I never seemed to get one. Maybe it was the way I smelled...the way I looked...the way I didnt care about my personal hygiene...nonetheless that has all changed since last week (jk), and hopefullly this year will bring lots of joy to you and your secret admirer. Mine knows where shes at!

Later gators!

I Like Techno Music

Ever since I've known him, my neighbor and friend of seventeen years Lord Drucifer (aka the Dark Prince) has been introducing me to new and fascinating things almost everytime I see him. The most recent thing he has shown me is the magical world of Dance Dance Revolution, and quite frankly I am very endowed to him for showing me the power of the foot. But a little before that, when I was music deprived, he introduced me to a new genre of music. It's called techno.../dance.../trance.../house.../electronica.

Now don't get me wrong, I've known and heard about this music for awhile - - I haven't been living under a rock or anything -- but only recently have I really learned to appreciate this music. My favorites artists of this kind of music, for example, are as follows: Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, Paul Oakenfold, 4 Strings, Dirty Vegas, Echo !mage, and a vast majority of others.

Now add DDR into the mix, and I have discovered a vast array of Japanese artists such as Naoki and others. I feel I am truly expanding my playlist, and it's all thanks to the first techno song Drucifer downloaded for me, and that goes by the name of Look at Us Now by Serena Paris. But by far, I will have to say my favorite dance song ever, and one of the earliest I've ever heard is I'll Fly With You by Gigi D'Agostino. A truly touching and romantic song, it really brought shivers down my spine.

So with all of that said, I am asking members of the GameSpot community to help suggest to me other artists which sound like the aforementioned above, or if that's not possible suggest to be another group and then list their genre. Ugh.

Contradiction is my Specialty

After years of contradiction, I have come to accept the terms that I am a Dance Dance Revolution-aholic, or in shorter words, a DDR Freak. Ever since I've first heard about DDR, my initial impressions of the game were "ooh man sounds queer", and that is usually an initial impression for most things I'm not into, especially considering I goto an all guys maybe even that statement is a contradiction..but that's besides the point!
DDR has consumed me life. Ever since my neighbor Andrew "Lord Drucifer of the Damned" Grant introduced me to the Japanese phenomenom earlier this year, it has been instant joy for myself. I got the Xbox versions of the game, and recently for Christmas I was awarded the highly coveted Ignition Pad 2.0 by Kris Kringle.

DDR really is a workout though, and I was wondering, does it really help you lose weight? I've heard of some stories about some kid like going from 300 (w0w) to 150 or something, but man how can that kid move his legs lol? Ah well nonetheless, DDR is great, and check out my DDR Ultramix 2 review for the Xbox.


That's right, Monday is a holiday so guess what, no school. That means more sleep, which means happy Ralph. Well here's whats going on this weekend:
Friday - Pizza night, hanging out, duno what yet

Saturday - Booya, Cousin Matt's 18th annual birthday bash. This year featuring two games of bowling at Paradise Lanes (never heard of the place) and then Super Sleepover Extreme at the Pellegrino residence featuring DDR PS2/XBOX, HALO 2 lan party/homemade food. Man what a day!

Sunday- Ninth Degree returns in a metal show in the Bronx! Havent played since the summer, and these guys are by far the best local metal band ever. If you live in NYC or the Bronx, message me for info on the show! Guna bring Mo and Erica along, shud be a fun time!


Another blockbuster offseason for my Yanks, but does that necesarrily mean a World Series championship? Of course not. In fact, I'm not all for the Randy Johnson trade. I was not a big fan of Vazquez, but I was a fan of the two minor/major leaguers they gave away in Brad Halsey and Dioner Navarro. Especially Navarro, they said he looks like a young Ivan Rodriquez (fav. player!) and that cant be a bad thing. Hell, now hes a Dodger. Well lets just hope Johnson can be the superb pitchers he's been his whole career. Hopefully he's that young 41 that he says he is. Bleh! I think its the not so famous guys that will win it for the Yanks. Get Bubba Crosby and Andy Phillips some playing time! Im sure Geroge Steinbrenner is listening to me, he comes to GameSpot, right? Eh, whatever lol.


TV Theme Song of the Day #5

Well, here are the very complicated lyrics of one of my favorite action shows as a kid...

#5 - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Go, go Power Rangers!
Go, go Power Rangers!Go, go Power Rangers! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

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