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funny joke

The best way to smuggle drugs into a country is to place them carefully in a dog's bottom... because at the airport, if the sniffer dog suspects anything, the officials will think they're just being frisky... unless of course your dog wears sunglasses and sweats a lot. -Ardal O' Hanlon

the good old days.

i just dusted off my old PS2. not the slim one but the fat bulky one haha i gotta say that i miss playing some of the games i have for the playstation like harvest moon, champions of norath, front mission 4,and final fantasy so i am going to devote 2 weeks of playing this system. wish me luck haha

worst game i ever bought

i just sat down to play chrome hounds. pretty upsetting haha it has to be one of the pointless dumbest games of xbox. Xbox needs to make a front mission game, those seem to be the only mech games that seem to work for me

pokemon diamond- elite 4

hey guys i finally beat the elite four last week. now im just working on getting alot of the cool lookin pokemon haha, if anyone wants to trade for some just ask!!

by the way

my brother just created an account on gamespot using my gamertag. great..... so if your confused my ganertag on xbox is still "Ztarps" but my brother stole it

Xbox 360

hey guys ive had a 360 for awhile now my gamertag is "Ztarps" most of the time i play gears of war 2, and if you add me and theres a little high pitch voice on there haha ya thats not me thats my brother. other games i have are:

castle crashers

age of booty

halo wars

madden 09

need for speed carbon

call of duty modern warfare 2

CoD world at war

halo 3

fable, and

rock band

hit me up with a pm and your gamertag if you wana play sometime!

pokemon diamond

hey guys its been a really long time since i have been on here.

but im loking for trades to get passed the elite 4.....



friend code: 2751-4027-6427

i got a ds

i finally got a ds and my game is coiming soon its the Zelda one that looks pretty sweet

What would you rather have a PSP or a DS lite?

I dont see why people still like psps cuz i honestly think there worthless. If i ever had a PSP i wuld either sell it or trade it in for a DS. The PSP also has moving parts like the cd spinning which takes more battery. So its basically 5 hours charging to 3 hours or so of gameplay. On the other hand DS' have cartridges which is not a moving part and the DS has a unique feature which lets you write notes to yourself in certain games. Leave what you think about the Psp od the Ds.

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