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Since I've updated some of the recent patches, I've been experiencing a very frustrating, game-restarting glitch. If I duck behind cover, and then switch the way I'm facing (from left to right), Max gets all twitchy and will not move or respond to any commands, forcing a restart. (Sometimes I believe it happens just by taking cover.) Anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions to mitigate this? Game has performed flawlessly (for months) since this BS started happening.

Thanks for any helpful input!

#2 Posted by crazyfingers (108 posts) -

Awesome. Thanks. Any constructive suggestions?

#3 Posted by crazyfingers (108 posts) -

Internet connection is fine, server is fine, but I keep getting booted off of WoW. This has never happened before. Any suggestions?

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Me and my buddy are getting ready to play halo, but it isn't working. We get a message about the router not being compatable (NAT?). -Says I have a "moderate" router. Any help??
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Sorry for the late response, but not that I'm aware of. It actually worked fine last night, then again tonight, the same problem occurred. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

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All of a sudden, I can't get on to XBL. It says that it can't recognize my IP address when I run the network settings test. I've been on for a a few weeks now, and it's been fine (except for MS server issues). Not sure what the problem is and I don't know alot about troubleshooting this stuff. I reset the configuration and reinstalled the adapter, but no luck- same problem. Any help would be appreciated. I have the wireless network adapter set up if that helps. Thanks for any useful input.

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Seems to be up and running again.

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This is getting really old, really fast.

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I just posted about the exact same thing. I was planning on downloading some demos. I paid $50.00 bucks for this right? Oh, and another $100.00 for the adapter. Frustrating...
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So XBL seems to be working. However, I wanted to download some demos and nothing on Marketplace seems to be working. Nice.

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