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My name is Jose F. Kozlowski Jr., I am a gamer.

I've been around and somewhat attentive here since Jan 20, 2005.
Keeping up on my Games Lists, My Friends (who are awesome)
and inputting an opinion in Ratings/Reviews when available.
I'll be around more often now as it's Fall/Winter Season
but am seldomly around come Spring and Summer.

There's more About Me in said profile listing
but I mainly wanted to use this Blog Entry as an
"updated introduction" andshare my PS Network tags!

-Playstation Network Accounts- (I have three to keep order and fanship)

Main: JFKozlowskiJr
(Playstation Home, EA Games, Rockstar Games, Racing, Fighters and others)

Call of Duty: CALLofKOZLOWSKI (Various Online War Games)

Feel free to send me an addon PSN,
but please include who you are on here or
how I know you as the Add a Friend feature is limited!
Cool to have met those of you I have here on GameSpot.

Thanks for your interest and/or time,
Jose F. Kozlowski Jr aka crazyboutea

PS: Messages and facebook Friends are always welcome too!
(facebook search my full name or follow the AM Website link)