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Just had to mention

THAT ASSASSINS creed 2 is theeeee greatest game, and buying the special edition was totally worth having a statue of "ezio" hehe.. the graphics the dialougue the characters the everything ruled!

and that is all :)

Finally in the looooop

Hi people, im on GS again holy wow!! its been ages =D

got my x-box back a few weeks ago, been playin saints row 1 and 2 holla! love that game =D

if you play lets play online together!!

Wasting Time

I just Finally got my web-site put together for class, it's on all my fave games, kinda cheesy i know but i didnt know enough info on anything else to make a page, i mean come on haha, if i wasnt so crucial on my work i'd post a link on here so anyone could check it out, but i will when its perfect! school has been hard lately it's hard goin three different ways 3D anim, Graphic design, and web design, it's exhausting :?... anyhow i finally sent my 360 in for repairs, i want to buy Resident evil 5 Before it gets here... yes? okay i wanna play whether or not the reviews are good or not.. I'd also like to get Underworld, its the only one in The TR series i dont have o_0And i just ordered doom 3 for pc.. i misplaced my last game in the process of moving and need to beat it.. its been years since its been out!!! lol