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On-line gaming

Back in my day, friends would have their moms drive them over from all over town so we could stay up all Friday night and play some Perfect Dark or Golden eye. Now you just sign into xbox live and are welcomed by many thousand friends and foes alike.This is a huge change in the way that games cause us to interact and compete.There is fun in running a warthog through some opponent's elite and watching the replay or saving the image so that all might bask in your splendor but at the same time its not the same. You never hear "Did you see that?" now its "Have you seen that pic yet?".Remember screens divided into four? Remember pushing your friend off the couch after you fragged him? It seems like now you can play with more people but with less socialization.Its so impersonal you can play with someone everyday but never see him.I know the benefits too though.Bigger groups, more convenience as to when you play,a whole screen to yourself and not sharing your food are all nice but somethings missing.It doesn't just change us, it changes games too.Suddenly the multiplayer aspect of any new game is scrutinized much more than ever before and if it lacks one stands a good chance being under played. Multiplayer is great and more enjoyable than going solo alot of times but maybe we've pushed it too far. Everyone is steeped in anticipation over "the next Halo" or the inevitable "Wow killer".I remember when developers made a game because they had a vision of something they wanted to show to or share with the world.Not just out-do the others or meet the demands of the masses.We shouldn't demand something from any company or developer, rather wait to see what they have to show us.

I challenge you to get some friends together for

some system link action some weekend and have some fun

About me(recommend a game please!)

Okay,I live in the middle of nowhere so I don't have the internet at my house.

I know that must be a shock to all you web-surfing, xbox live-ers.

I don't have the money for a 360 or Ps3 so I spend time on my xbox when I can.

Because I can't move forword with the gaming industry, I move back to stuff like:

Final Fantasy(on the NES),sonic and knuckles,mario brothers 3,streets of rage,golden axe,

megaman,perfect dark,the legend of zelda ocarina of time, and so on.

I do have a Wii but without the internet it is limited.The more recent stuff I have played is something like

shadow of the colossus,final fantasy 12,Zelda twilight princess,Far cry evolutions,the Godfather, stuff like that.

So I was wondering are there others like me? Oldschoolers who can recommend some good xbox or

ps2 games?

Also, I didn't mention any but I love fighting games like dead or alive and tekken