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Here is a video that I made. Check the lip sync in one part, its crazy. (Ive taken precautions as google video thought this video was violent)



Here is one of my fave videos that I have made. I don't know where the flash gordon theme came in from but it seems to work!

Koei at the TGS

Looks as if Koei have made a big splash at the TGS. I've played G1 Jockey 4 before and in all fairness, its rubbish. Fatal Inertia and Bladestorm look cool though...

Wooo Emblems

Tagger Flirt
Nintendo Press Conference
Microsoft Press Conference

It is just unlucky how I wasnt able to see teh Sony Press conference live.
there is allways next yer.

PS2's last chance

Soon i am going to attempt to try and fix my PS2 again. It still is not fixed and i will take the matters in to my own hands.
Not too sure where I can get a can of commpressed air. I know where I can get a can of coke. But I think that will only do it harm. Though the PS2 is that broke I think it could do with a little drink.