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I played on medium and then on 1999 mode. The game basically forced me to really think about what I'm doing. How am I approaching each fight. Why do I keep dying? What vigor or tear could I utilize that I'm ignoring? At first I hated it now I love it. About a quarter way through in 1999 mode. Bread_or_Decide
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Hey, I've been having some difficulty connecting to the internet, let alone the PSN, on my PS3. I have the slim version that I purchased in June '11 and I'm currently living in a college dorm room with my desktop hooked up via ethernet cable. The error codes I'm getting pertains to the DNS and something else (I'm getting two error codes). I'm forced to connect wirelessly, which hasn't been a problem in the past. I've gone through the entire set up process multiple times and even input all the correct data manually. At first I got the DNS error code (forget what it was), but then I fixed that (I think) and now I'm getting some unknown code 80711002. I just want to connect to the internet so I can have access to new patches and stuff, playing online MP is not a big deal for me. If anyone could provide any insight, please help.


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Would you rather get a game digitally or have a physical copy? Why?

I'd prefer the physical copy, but I'm kind of torn between digital copies now. What are the advantages of getting a digital copy barring release day access?

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lmao Did you not see any of the other endings?

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Oh my... any tips?! I've never been, so some advice would be nice.

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I just got done watching two batman films (city of scars, and under the red hood), and a playthrough of arkham asylum, and it amazes me how much of a coward batman really is. He literally could have saved thousands of lives if he would just use lethal force and discard his self-righteous moral code. He just comes across as a self-indulgent character with the maturity of a 13-year old. So your parents got shot, so what? you're a billionaire playboy. Go buy your own personal island and cry yourself to sleep. Why would any villain be a afraid of a guy that wears his underwear outside his costume and doesn't have the balls to kill anyone? The only reason i think he took up being a superhero was to feed his own ego. Batman is a capitalist icon, **** that guy


You have a good point, but if Batman utilized lethal force, then he would be on the same level as those he's trying to condemn and bring to justice (this is the biggest reason why). He also doesn't really think he has the authority to kill, he is simply the middle man between the police and the criminals. All he does is bring information and suspects to the cops.

He also understands that he isn't just hurting the perp., he's also hurting those affiliated with him by killing him, such as his family. He doesn't want to be the kind of hero that brings people to an arguable sense of justice, but also creates pain and misery in others. So he empathsizes with his victims.

Batman, as shown in the Dark Knight, is more than just a man in a black suit fighting crime. He has become a symbol of hope, justice, courage, goodness, and even fear. Wayne built Batman with those characteristics in mind because, once he became immortal in that legendary sense, then he knew the citizens of Gotham would take over and deal with it on their own. He even states in the Dark Knight that he wonders when the time is that the world will not need Batman. He doesn't want to do it forever (he wants to live and love, like any man), which is why he "uses" Dent as the "White Knight." Dent is the product of work ofBatman. You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villian (I think that was Dent, tho ,buit the moral is the same).

Gotham is also supposed to be the worst, most crime-ridden city in the world. Worse than Detroit. So when his family was taken away from him at such a young age, it obviously left a mark. So, in order to cope, and to bring about change in the city that his family practically built, he becomes Batman. Besides, his methods work, extremely well actually, so why criticize a man for playing well at his own game? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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It's a 15x17 box across the hall from the bathrooms. I've already talked to my roommate and so far we're bringing a 32'' plasma TV, both PS3 and 360, mini fridge, and soemthing to play music (althought we don't know what just yet). Clearly I'm going to bring my clothes, laptop, toiletries, and bed sheets, but what else should be there?

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After thinking it over i really do think the MIB is smokey transformed. Remember when they asked Mom about the light, and if they would die if they went in there, Mom replied, "you'll be worse than dead" or something along those lines. So it's still the MIB, just jacked up so to speak

Personally I think it manifests the very core of evil in you or something like that. I might not be explaining this very well:P

But she said it was the goodness in everyone.
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Jack took flying lessons as well.Travo_basic
He took maybe 4 then quit because it "wasn't for me" He doesn't count.
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[QUOTE="cpo335"][QUOTE="Ultrabeatdown55"]I think he is wrong. If he was just some Smoke Monster and not MIB, why would he have such motivation to get off the island like MIB? It is MIB's spirit.Ultrabeatdown55

He doesn't want to get off the Island. Why would Smokie kill everyone and destroy the sub if he wanted to get off?

Because he still plans to take the plane. The guy wants to get off and the easiest way would be to kill them all together, just like he tried to do in the sub.

Since when does anyone other than Frank know how to fly a plane? Especially a 747 or w/e it is.