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started a new job!

July 31st was my last day working for Staples as an Easy Tech Associate. I loved some parts of the job, hated some parts and will miss some of the people I worked with. but it was time for a change. I've worked 3 days now for my fiance's family at their pizza place/restaurant/bar named Maria's which is named after my fiance's grandmother because her grandparents started the place over 20 years ago. my fiance's uncles and aunts now run the place with her grandfather stopping in once in a while to check up on things. they were able to allow me and Brina (my fiance) to work there and so far, it seems like it'll be much more money than retail. she's been working the kitchen and front counter for food while I've been bartending. it can get pretty busy because the prices are reasonable and the pizza's are the biggest that I've ever seen. but some people tip which is nice lol I figured I'd make a post about it but we'll see how it goes. it can be stressful at times and the customers can be crazy, especially since some only speak spanish. I guess I'll have to try to learn some of the basic Spanish words or at least the ones related to food and alcohol :P we definitely need the extra money since we'll be getting married next May.

I guess it looks like I'm back

It's hard to believe that I made a Gamespot account almost 8 years ago and haven't been on it in close to 2 years. I'm 22 now but I can remember this website being an awesome part of my teenage life. I of course had my friends in school and outside of school, etc. but when I was home, I can remember being on this website to read about video games, post about them and talk to people about them. I can remember quite a few people that I became friends with on this website. I can remember being a huge part of a couple of unions, especially the TRU union for probably a few years. I might not play video games quite as much as I used to but they've always been a fun part of my life and they still occasionally are. I was unfortunately banned for a couple of stupid arguments. oddly enough though, I was able to log back onto my account today. I attempted to make a new profile but it just didn't feel the same, I'm glad I gave it a shot when I logged onto this account.

but on a side note.. I'm still with Brina, a girl that I posted about when I used to be on this site. we've been together for a little over 2 years now, I actually asked her to marry me 4 months ago. now we're getting married on May 24, 2014. I ended up moving in with her and her grandparents like July 2011. I've been working at Staples as an Easy Tech Associate since October 2011. it's just retail so of course it's not exactly a career choice. my fiance went to beauty school for cosmetology and she's now working at a salon. but the way it looks, her grandparents house will be passed down to us. they own a pizza place and some apartments in the city near us. so if we up not finding the jobs that we want to be permanent, we at least have those to fall back on. other than that, there's not much else going on. how is everyone else doing? it'd be great to hear from some of the old people that I used to talk to on here.

3.11.11 was an amazing day and the days have been amazing since then :]

3.11.11 is when I started dating the girl of my dreams. I haven't posted a blog about Brina, my girlfriend, until now. I've mostly talked about her in my union, The Relationship Union, plus I haven't been on much lately since I've been with her most days. I'll make it a short blog since I could probably turn this into a book with how much I could say about her and how much I could say about how great our time together has been so far :P but it's safe to say she's the most incredible person I've ever met and I love her so much :D we've been able to spend a lot time together so far and it's been nothing less than absolutely amazing. and she'll probably see this blog sooner or later since I've kinda got her to use Gamespot XD

I love you baby :]

got a laptop!

I finally bought a laptop yesterday. I'm getting a little tired of using a desktop computer all of the time. and I love my Droid phone but it can't do everything that a computer can XD but I bought a Toshiba Satellite L555 with Windows 7. it's around a year old and I bought it for $250. it seems pretty good so far and it's around 300GB, I forget how much. but one problem I am having is trying to connect it to my wireless router. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but oh well lol I'm just running a 25ft ethernet cord into my room instead :P but it feels cool to not have to leave my room in order to go on a computer. plus it's all mine! XD

I need help with a union!

there's a union called The Relationship Union, also known as TRU. it's been around for around 5 years, I've been there for 4 years. I managed to eventually become an officer but as of yesterday, I became the new leader. it's pretty cool because it's the first time I've been one in my 5 1/2 years on Gamespot. but what I'm trying to get at is that the union has sort of fallen apart again. our old leader -Wheels- did a really great job taking over and bringing the union back to life. but his own life has gotten a little busy, which is completely understandable. so he passed the torch onto me and I'm going to try my hardest to give this union at least a little more activity.

so to anyone reading this, please check it out if you already haven't. I know it might sound like it's just about love, relationships and stuff but it's actually a really cool union. we manage to talk about other things all of the time. if you are a member, please try to be a little more active. I really appreciate any help and any suggestions because I'm willing to try new ideas. I've been considering associating the union with another union. so if any leaders read this then let me know if you'd be interested. please stop by and again, thanks for any help. here's the link below.

any Xbox 360 suggestions? games or even accessories?

I just need some ideas on new things to buy since I just recently started getting back into Xbox. I already have quite a few games so if you wanna know what games I have, just look at my collection. don't say Halo either lol cause I'm honestly not into Halo too much.

just suggest some games or even accessories, I appreciate any help. I definitely need a Messenger Kit, a better headset and of course the charging kit but I'm wondering if there's any accessories that some people just don't know too much about. the new Resident Evil 5 add ons, I need to finally play those sometime soon. as far as games, I've been looking at stuff like the newest Fallout game but I just don't know too much about the series. same goes for Bioshock. the 2 games in that series are cheap but I played a demo for the first one a while ago. I didn't like it too much but I won't judge a game by the first 5 minutes.

I just noticed that I went down a level..

it's not a huge deal but I was at level 40, almost at 41. now I'm back to 39, almost 40. I think I lost it for saying the word gay and it wasn't even towards a person! it was towards a game or something. don't get me wrong, I like using this site but it's such a joke sometimes. especially the mods/admins, they rarely do a good job from what I've seen and they have nothing better to do other than act like they're perfect. but in reality, they're just people sitting on their computer 24/7, playing COD all day and acting like they're actual cops on a small internet forum.

I finally have an Xbox 360, anyone want to add my gamertag?

my gamertag is DarkenedFate90

I tried buying the Slim Xbox 360 250GB holiday bundle last Friday but unfortunately I tried using my debit card way too soon at Gamestop after putting money in my bank account. so the cashier thought it'd be a smart idea to try it as credit. that didn't work so we had to cancel the purchase. that turned out bad because the money got put on hold since it was tried as credit and it was right before the weekend so I couldn't get my money back until after the weekend. I kept checking online and my bank account finally fully updated last night. so I finally bought it today, it came with Forza Motorsport and Alan Wake for free. the dude behind the counter kept telling me about how Xbox 360's used to have like a 50% defective rate and the newer slim ones are better but still around 25% while the PS3 is only like 4% or something. the Wii is like 5% he sounded like a Sony fanboy :P I love Playstation but I'd just rather have a 360. I also bought Call Of Duty: Black Ops and Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow. I still have a couple other games from the past like Gears Of War 2 and a couple others so if anyone wants to play on Live, just add my gamertag :]