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It's now on 5,10 during the next 23 hours, cheaper than a drink, and probably more fun!

This post was to ask about the game, but I think 5 is a low enough price to check it out for myself, and support the game developers.

I recommend you to do the same :)

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1st and foremost, I think I never played a MMORPG for 5-10 hours and be able to say "I like it" or "I don't like it" without a shadow of a doubt. I really envy you guys for your clarity of opinion.


2ndly, and here's my opinion (after 5 days of play): I won't start naming the many virtues of this game, you can read about them pretty much anywhere on the internet. I'll just say what is my overall opinion: Everything in this game feels like it's made to enhance and facilitate the experience of the player. From the very start screen (which doesn't exist, you're directly prompted to the char select, double click and you're right in the game) to the smallest detail in game. It really feels like made by people who has been gaming for quite a LONG TIME and knows exactly the kind of game they would like to play.

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About the graphics I have to say that I started off with sylvari and I had to stop it and start over with humans. The enviroment is a bit confusing if it's your 1st time , and the whole plant based scenery doesn't really help.


I really recommend starting off with humans if you're new to GW2 or to MMO, since it looks more familiar and natural. Maybe norn too, but I haven't played that race yet.

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They're not easy and you won't pass them if you play as any MMO has been played so far. You probably are trying to charge on your most offensive build and stand in front of them, praying for them to die before you do. Try something else.

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This usually happens when you play a game having way too many prejudices. Try playing it again with an open mind and give it some days, if you still wanna give it a chance to your already spent money.

I have an elementalist and I'm really amazed how smoothly can I jump from a DPS role to a healer, or even "tank" role. Ofc I had to wait until I played some events, tried on some weapon combinations and played a (very hard btw) instance.

I've played Lineage2 and Aion over the years and I'm honestly tired of trying to pursue the carrot of being the biggest dps or tank only by having the most OPed +++++enchanted gear or skills. With GW2 I can just have some fun while I explore, not just "go there and collect 30 gazillion magic coins to get the uber weapon before anyone else does, so you'll be awesome"

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Please help!

I've been playing Fallout 3 for some days and now I've found out that I can't Load neither continue the game where I finished last time. These options aren't even selectable! O_O" It feels really awful since I was already getting into vault 87 and I don't wanna play all the way there again.

The funny thing is that everything seems ok at the saves folder. Here's a screenshot:

I don't have any idea about why this happened, didn't do anything strange. So if everyone could point me to a way to recover my saved games it would be really great.

Thanks in advance