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my SPELUNKY top 25 tips!


This Blog points out some tips to become a super pro kinda like me but probably better. And here are some secrets and tips that you MAY or MAY NOT know when plaaying spelunky and will keep you alive! (HD version used playing on xbox 360 version used)

1. [SPIKES] did you know you can climb down ropes over spikes and you wont get hurt by spikes!? you can also walk through them - just dont DROP onto them.

2. [IDOLS] can be dropped in shops for CASH! (providing you havent become the shop keepers no.1 enemy)

3. [LEVEL ROUTE] the game always provides you with a route to take that doesnt need holes being blasted through. remember the open route.

4. [DAMSELS] if you want to get a damsel to the exit quickly, find a worms butt (that big pink thing that appears on jungle and sometimes in caves) Just lob the damsel at it and wait! a worm will appear to consume the damsel. and hey presto! you'll find him or her waiting at the exit to give you a big SMOTCH! or lick.
Oh and you can also use damsels or body to absorb bullets and arrows (although they will likey die)

5. [Arrow TRAPS] Always have something to carry incase you find a arrow trap, just drop the object down to trip it. Never asume its been sprung till you do.

6. [COMPLETING THE HARD WAY] if you want to complete hell perform the following feats! (big breath!)

- find the key (lv 1-2 to 1-4)
- use key on the treasure chest on the same level the key is found (this will give you the eye of udjat eye)
- find the black market using the udjat eye (will make a blinking noise close to the black market enterance, use bombs to find it within the ground it lv 2-1 to 2-3)
- buy or steel the Ankh (BLACK MARKET)
- PROVIDING YOU HAVE THE ANKH - KILL YOURSELF, preferably with a mine, (SERIOUSLY) on the level with a giant stone head in the ice caves, this will give you the hedjet (lv 3-2 to 3-4) make sure you dont leave the level till it's in your inventory.
if you lose the ankh before this level consider the mission OVER - you will not get to hell EVER.
- gain the sceptre from anubis (lv 4_1) do NOT use this as it will likely kill you
- carry the sceptre and the hedjet to the gold door (lv 4_2)
- kill Anubis 2 and take the Book of the dead! (Lv 4_3)
- on Olmecs level (Lv 4_4) find the sweet spot where the book of the dead is going mental! start digging there with bombs, you'll see a door down there, making sure its wide enough for Olmec to fall down.
- Once Olmec falls use his head as a platform to go into the door! (needs to be near it with book of the dead)
WHAT EVER YOU DO MAKE SURE YOU ENTER QUICK! because Olmec will be sinking!
- once in hell try and gain Vlads amulet (the red vampire in a tower - with save you from fire)
- now some how get your way to the boss and kills his two horse men
- now take on any of his hordes / keep your head under cover / lob up bombs at king Yama with sticky bombs and base ball glove / and for the love of god dont climb over spikes!

7. [BOMBS] If you see bombs in shops buy them or steal them, because they are very useful items. best used with sticky web gunk.

8. [GLASSES] not that great, used to see stuff in the rock, but did you know they allow you to see more in dark places!?

9. [BOOTS] great for stomping on the faces of enemies more useful then some guns, and stop you from moving around on ice. fantastic at killing wooly mamouths

10. [HELL] one tip to servive hell is to drop a bomb on a rotating ball and chain, go up to view the cause that ingulfs things down bellow. Just pray to kali that it doesnt hit one of her temples!

11. [KILLING SHOP KEEPERS AT THE BLACK MARKET] need a simple way to kill shop keepers? use a rope and lob a sticky bomb at the enterance to their shop, climb up and keep out of their range, they'll soon flood out falling down the level till they kill themselves at the bottom at some point. use bombs to stick to their heads if you ever get the chance.

12. [THE VERY RARE SILVER MONKEY!] if you ever get the chance you can take a Idol put it on a Kali temple stone and hey presto you get a GOLD monkey that poops out gold!
But if you get a CRYSTLE IDOL (found on LV2-1 to L2-4 ghost levels) and put it on Kali's temple stone you can get a SILVER monkey that um... still poops out gold.

13. [KALI TEMPLES] if you find one, remember to drop bodies onto the stone, as she'll give you something you dont have, collect enough and you get a KAPALA this will regenerate health for every 6 droplets collected (will turn red when about to give you more health) damsels are worth more to kali so sacrifing them can have its instant rewards.

1 damsels / slave = 1 prize (2x = 1 kapala)
5 enemies = 1 prize (10x = 1 kapala)
1 idol = 1 gold monkey
1 silver idol = 1 silver monkey
1 present = 1 egg plant!

14. [BEES] difficult but if you have a shot gun are easy. dont have a shot gun? find a small gap and lure them into it. picking off the scouts, leaving the queen. she'll be too big to fit so you can sit just out side whipping her to death!
you can then pick up her royal jelly for some juicy 4 health points!

15. [JET PACK] IS THE GREATEST POWER-UP EVER! if you find this BUY IT! but if they're offering a pick axe take that first and use it to mine the level, you'll soon have money for both! and if you dont.... STEAL IT!

16. [SLAVES] not that useful as they are prown to getting killed quickly, but if theres a Kali temple near by. use them as a quick sacrifice and get a quick present or a KAPALA!

17. [TIKI TRAPS] annoying as hell, best trick is to stand near them (but not too near) wait for the spikes to come out. AS soon as they recract you can run at the idol to climb up over it.

18. [GREEN GLOVES] useful on the ice cave levels. you can hold onto the sides of the level and slowly drop your self down bit by bit! if you fall try head for the left or right walls. you may find yourself grabbing the sides if your lucky.
If you find that when you reach the top theres a rock in your way - simply use your sticky bombs to blast a route! just make sure you drop down a little to keep out of the blast radius

19. [WEB GUN] Pretty bloody useless, but you can use them to get to higher areas by creating a web ladder!

20. [CRUSH trap] I've been Killed by many before, best blown apart. but if you get to dodge them on long corridors can be used to crush mummies.

21. [CAMERA] can be used to stun the ghost into a sexy pose!

22. [GHOST] if you get it to follow you around it'll convert any gems into diamonds that it touches!

23. [OLMECS SECRETS] on level 4_4 you'll find that at the top of the level is a collection of boxes and gems. So use your ropes here to get up first!
You can also take him out easy buy making a big hole if you've got the bombs then stand on his head to control him

24. [POWDER BOXES] if you find these you can push these over the edge by slowly walking into them JUST DONT RUN. also if any thing runs into them, its going to be messy. becareful of throwing rocks at them too because you'll find them thrown back at you. skulls a good thing to throw as they dont hit you in the face.

25 [DONT FEAR THE REAPER FEAR THE SHOP KEEPER!!!] the reaper is bad but bear in mind the shop keeper can be worse, try and keep calm around him and tactically take him out with a bomb dropped from a rope or a long distance attack with a shot gun.

there hope this helps! have fun!


XBOX ONE - how Microsoft can fix things

Well Xbox One is arriving soon and it does stuff to your TV!

To be honest I wasnt blown away by the presentation - not as much as the 360.
Theres several reasons for this..

- They went on about TV programs allot (dont we already have TV?)
- They went on about NFL and basket ball (sorry NFL and basket ball fans)
- It does some more kinect stuff (doesnt the Xbox 360 do this?)
- They didnt show much of its graphic tech.
- its effectively windows 8 (Not a fan)
- Isn't the orginal xbox the xbox one??? (confusing naming system)
- IT LOOKS LIKE A BLACK BETA MAX PLAYER! (see altered image Mmm... the wood effect)

xbox one beta

Spec wise its all okay. But stories of the Digital Rights Management raised its ugly head (AGAIN) and this is the biggest problem with the system... IT SIMPLY DOESNT UNDERSTAND NORMAL GAMES PLAYERS.

We're actually social beings and on occasions we lend games to one another to try out (this is a good thing MS resulting in people buying titles) we also trade in our old games (Like we do with our CARS!)
So the idea of us buying a preowned game or borrowing it and then told to cough up a fee is like someone selling a car but then telling you that you need to visit the manufacturer for the new keys.

Also you'll need a internet connection to boot which sucks.


simple.. Microsoft should allow people to play any copy of a title, trade it, swap it, lend it, its not a problem, No internet connection is needed just the system some electricity to power it and a TV with a HDMI port!
Any system updates will be provided on the disc.

Now heres the thing. While they WILL sell copies of the games, they ALSO provide ONLINE downloadable versions of the games. These versions will have a 25% discount (because we're now not including stores price)
And these versions are automatically attached to the users profile (because they paid with that profile)

the result means that users will decide over physical and online versions.
physical version can be traded in later for a retrun while online versions offer the bonus of early discounts at any of the day (and possibly DLC bonuses)


as for the box itself.... well it could do with a lick of paint. I know black is cool, but this just smacks of 3do. And the stripped black and white dev kit - actually looked cooler.

xbox one black and white


As for the name, its kinda confusing and we're stuck with it...





Why the games industry is going to eat its own head.

The games industry will eat its own head, and here's why...

I've worked in the games industry for a while now (Acclaim, THQ and Capcom) but i dont think it's been in such a bad state as it is right now.
The main issue being that the economy has turned to slag but also the uprising of iPad and mobile, death of the real market place and peoples general tight fistedness because of the first issue.

Now days peoples have the same power of a ps1 or even a ps2 on some more high powered mobile devices, but it's now a difficult situation as once was £35 is now just £0.69p.
You'd be amazed how tight fisted people are, as the iphone market place is rated by games that are good but also by how many people buy them. So if a titles £0.69p against something that's £2.99 you can bet your bottom dollar that people will flock to the £0.69p title. So the £2.99 title falls off the chart and is never heard of again. But when we look back some 20 years ago titles where £7.99 on tape, looked totally retarded, developed by just 3 guys in a smelly room. For some ipad games you'll have a group of up to 20 and on top of that a horde of people creating a engine! And its 1 tenth of the price!

Why where we more happy to buy those titles against the digital £2.99 titles on sale today?
And what will happen?

1. Digital VS reality

People are far happier to spend money on solid goods against digital items. Once upon a time kids would go mad for a £50 neo geo cartridge. Now because of digital form its available on Mame floating in the digital libraries.
And for me I prefer knowing that if i lose the data i don't have to rely on the networks to fish something out. It has value, it's tactile, it's solid, it's there!

2. Shops had a presence, but not any more

It's just not the same any more shopping. The digital domain has claimed the life of GAME store and other stores.
Digital is now the market place and the real world market place is no longer the market place.
Big food stores like Tesco Asda and Sainsbury have also taken a chunk, only releasing titles from big companies and under cutting prices from small game stores and even they sell online.

3. The quality keeps going up.

Infinity blade was a revolution in visual design for ipad, but most companies could never keep up in engine systems or graphics. And it was a surprise to know that it made more money than gears of war after development cost.
So what happens when people want more and more quality? The price of development goes up while revenue goes down with the price of development.
If a title fails to sell it will no doubt lead to the death of a company. A recent article on the internet at another game site pointed to the many deaths of companies made through Activision. Radical / Bizarre / Redoctane / Budcat, the list goes on and on... All deaths from big titles that under sold with big overheads.

4. Micro transactions and the death of fair play and full purchases

Micro transactions are starting to worm their way into the system. Crytek recently announced that they were going to develop free to play titles along with EA. But is this going to lead to titles where people will pay to get ahead, instead of using skill?

5. Live streaming

The Streaming side again affects solid sales; you simply call up the data from the cloud that's streamed. But with so much power the people will expect the universe and companies will have to do more. But there's a trade off with speed, light speed might be fast but when the data's coming from the other side of the world and electrons need to be fired round a server and back, you'll find your reactions are slightly slower, plus there's the worry of network speeds and video compression which fluxuate at different times.

6. Finally economy

With so little money sloshing about and banks with massive holes in their systems and economies collapsing. Companies will find it harder and harder to find the dough to start up projects.

So the future...

- Big titles that take more people
- Titles that need to make more money to keep the company alive.
- Titles sold for pennies
- Tedious micro transactions for everyone everything!
- Rich people get the better game perks.
- Companies eating their own heads.

..what we can do

- Companies need to create different premium charts for App stores £2.99 / £5.99 / £10.99 and above, people only buy from the chart and with everything being 69p higher price titles never get a look in.
- Develop titles that allow users to unlock everything with just one final purchase that are fair (£20).
- Limit micro transactions to visual alterations and map pack, nothing that damages fairness in compitition.
- Companies need to reuse assets and make the best of what they have make the best of development assets.
- People need to understand that they need to pay for things, not too much, but at least pay!

Nintendos new quest for world global domination

Well its that e3 time again and everyones waiting for the guns to come out among the big 3 console developer, for the guys to show the chips and metal.
And this time microsoft simply shrugged and points to something they baked last year, sony points to something they've already announced and label it and nintendo introduce a ipad, wait?! no the wii U

I can see where nintendo are going with this - effectively its an expensive controller, cheaper ipad with a current gen console (its basically a x360 people - its even got a simular GPU) mind you we get allot out of the old microsoft console these days with COD and GOW, it still does impressive things. and if epic get involved to port the engine to wiiU we could see allot of the same with the new wii console.

The biggest problem i had with nintendo is that they didnt inspire with the presentation with anything new game wise, its like having a great artist forget about fine art and use simple pictures and crayons opting for a copy of a disney picture they once saw. While microsoft and sony continue to push their consoles to the limits creating almost real worlds...
where's metroid to match halo where's mother4 to another final fantasy! wheres something brand new and damn right amazing!

Another issue nintendo have is that they have completely failed to woo developers, they actaully have a distaste for lesser companies, violent ideas and unproven houses, this is actually because nintendo have had a choppy time in the past working with licenses with other developers outside japan.
But this causes allot of hate amongst developers its like a rich child saying you cant play with us because your not rich enough and only allow you round once your parents have completed a credit rating and check you dont take drugs.
And this explains why there are so few 3Ds and wii games while there are nearly 100 games coming out every week for the ipad - ok maybe only 15 are any good of that 100 but thats actaully more than the total number of 3ds games that are actually on our shelves since launch or the total number of wii games that have come out in the past 3months in the uk.

so my words for nintendo is this.
Make friends, give developers a hand, obviously expect great presentation and gameplay but dont castrate them for not having enough money. They might look a bit poor and they use someone elses engine, but remember valve? - they are worth 1.5billion now and they started off as moders (dont think i recall them ever making a game for nintendo - yet)

and whats with that name? cant they call it something better than wii-U, put 'on' between that and you've got something wrong.. its too childish even for kids. Stop making stupid names! They didnt call the titanic the big TUB!

you might disagree about my venom over nintendo and feel nintendo are better than ever, but this is just my outbust folks, and i just wish they could do better - DO BETTER NINTENDO.