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The live action Tekken movie

Ok I just finished the live action Tekken movie first it doesn't really follow the game's story that well but it was actually not a bad movie it had an ok story and awesome fight sequences and they actually tried to make the actors look like the characters they played. All in all I say you should see oh and it was way better than the Dead or Alive movie.

Dynasty Warriors 7

Ok so alot of people think Dynasty Warriors are boring repetitive games well you know what they might be but most of the time they add new stuff. Now forgetting DW6 they were all awesome so I need all you haters to stop talking down games you don't like cause I'll be honest I don't like most of the Halo games the only one that looks good is Reach but I don't go on the boards talking them down. so I guess what I want to say is don't be haters and for all you Dynasty Warriors fans I will be reviewing it a couple of days after I get it so I can really throw myself into it.


I would like to say something i love this website it's good at giving me up to date info but to all the haters some people like 360 others like PS3 i'm a Sony man now but i used to own a 360 and i go to school for game art so i know a few things i liked my 360 but i love my PS3 stop talking SH*T you have 360s we have PS3s live with it neither are going anywhere.