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ok so im on holidays for two weeks and there are alot of problems right now.

1) i cant play CS or soldier of fortune 2 (which i just bought :D)

2) i had my birthday on monday and i fell $200 short of my video camera so im not sure what to do, buy a less good 1 or save more money

3) can't decide wether to buy i Icemat if i see one in sydney or not (i porbably will if its under $60)

4) still gotta wait a huge while till i get a new computer when i get back

but the biggest porblem is number 2, im trying 2 buy a JVC harddrive camera(only 20GB) but with only around $700 its a bit hard.....still got bout a week and half to go b4 sydney shopping comes

just got back from paintballin'

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and its totally wicked sick! i mea TOTALLY!!!! any1 who hasnt should totally go.....its like CS in rl but u dont get lag and u dont die............but its still pure ownage! sooooo get off the net NOW and gogogogogo!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

(ps i wrote this as i just got back from it, im still totally pumped!)


can't handle school no more!

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i must admit im not the best at keeping my cool and being calm, cool and collective. but its the time of month again where i got 5 assignments due and like 6 exams to study for and the stress is very overwhelming,  soooo i cant handle all the stress and pressure of it........always failing this and that........mmmm maybe i should quit school and become a milionare :D who wants 2 come!

CS good?/bad? 4 skool.....

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ok my computer is broken and i cant really play CS(1.6)  much anymore. OK anyway last term i played like CS every arvo and every weekend basicly non stop and i failed 2 subjects and most of the rest i got A's. This term i dont have CS and im still failing those 2 subjects and getting Cs in the subjects i usually get i really think CS helped me study when it was actually study time. Cause i was nice and relaxed, but now i dont have anything 2 relax with (except some of those girls in my draw :wink:) so im doing alot bader then i was when i was spending my life on CS..............WTF! (this blog doesnt make much sense, i just want CS back is all)

warcraft 3 CD key...

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if anyone has a old warcraft 3 CD key they dont want or use anymore i would be happy to take it off your hands.....:D

OW!!!!!! my elbow.....

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ok so a few hours ago i was doing some yamakasi/parkour and i landed off a drop and my left elbow either hit my shoe or the ground and as soon as i got up if was fully numb, i couldnt feel from my elbow up to my hand. all of that i couldnt feel. MAN THAT WAS SCARY, was like zomg!!!! my arm AHHHH!!!!

lolz but it seems to be all good now so im ok, but im so dam bored.....

p.s was my left arm

computer DEAD!

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seems now my computer is so stuffed that its cheaper to buy a new computer then to even try to fix my old one, this news would be great for me but getting a new computer i didnt intend to wait a minnimum of 3 months and most likly alot more!!!! so im stuck on my sisters crap as laptop and i cant play any games what so ever. all i can do is go on gamespot.....thats sad

ZOMG my computer is broken!!!

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my computer is totally screwd and im so pis*** cause i cant play counter strike anymore............and all my new gear i bought of ebay got here. but not 2 worry its going 2 the shop tomorrow and might get back in like a week or so, ZOMG A WEEK!!!!!!! AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!


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