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GameSpots new look...WTH???

Ooooookaaaay... I think I see why I couldn't get on not too long ago. I forgot about the changes that were being made. The new look isn't bad but... well I've just gotta get used to it. They have definitely changed the new look. As long as it's not a pain to navigate, I'm fine with it. What's your opinion about it? Oh and one more thing, when a server error popped up, it had a game you could play at the bottom. I actually fooled around with it for a minute.:P


Preordered the PS4 yesterday a few hours after GameCom. I preordered that along with Battlefield 4. I am veeeeery excited about this year. With that being said, I just saw a thread in the forums regarding what Sony announced when it came to buying PS3 games on the PlayStation Store.

I just read that if you bought a PS3 version of a game on the PS Store, lets saaaay Call of Duty Ghost, I could get it for the PS4 as well for a "significantly" reduced price. I just saw something saying it could possibly be $10 for the PS4 version. If that is in fact true, then I may buy the PS3 version on the PlayStation Store and then get the PS4 version for a total or $70. An extremely great deal considering the fact if you buy 2 different versions it'll cost you $120. 

Another reason why I am actually considering it is because of friends. I don't know if some are planning on sticking with the PS3 for a while or upgrading to the PS4. So if they don't get a PS4, I would be good because of that deal. Something like that is too hard to pass up. I know that I have complained about CoD and I still do but depending on how things are with the game, I will buy it. I'd prefer getting it on the PS4 if I did. So if it's in fact $10 for the PS4 version if you do that deal and my friends are not planning on getting a PS4, I would probably most likely go through with the deal.

WELL... with that being said, I would like to talk about the games that I have been eyeballing for a while every since I first laid eyes on the PS4 at this years E3. I'd like to haaaaave...









NBA 2K14







Those are the games that I'd really like to get, especially Battlefield 4. There's a few others out there that I'm looking at but these are the main ones. 

Well that's it for me. Gotta go study now. What next gen console are you guys getting if you're planning to buy one?

Yahoo! Users= Stupid/Ignorant?

Ok so I just turned on my computer not too long ago and I checked out one of the articles on the main page (Trayvon Related). So I read it and then after reading it, I checked out the comment section of the page like I always do with any article that interests me. I've seen some ignorant and stupid comments on there. Some made sense and some didn't. By the way, of course I'm not stating that every single Yahoo! user is stupid but it seems that a lot of them just need to stay away from a computer. I don't mind opinions but some of them are off.

I know that there are trolls, spammers, and stuff like that but I can't help but think "D*mn these are some stupid people". Look at this for example. I know that it is most definitely possible that some celebrities would use these types of situations so that way they can just be in the media and hope they get something out of it but come on, all of them? I'm not saying I think that they are doing what they are doing because of that reason or anything but how would we know what that persons reasons are? People are quick to shout "illuminati", "racist", or any other thing that is offensive/ignorant about someone (or something). 

And I'm not saying there's no possibility of a person not being that way. It is absolutely possible, but I wish that people would stop acting like we know what/how something/someone is when we don't. (by the way I'm not referring to just those types of articles)

It would be nice if people wasn't so quick to assume things and be ignorant about something. For example, I remember when I was on Gamespot one time and I was in OT. There was a thread and it included handicap parking and wheelchairs (can't remember all of it, it was long ago). I read a post that stated "Well all I see that park in the handicap spots are fat people and/or those that get out of their vehicle and look like there's nothing wrong with them." First of all, how in the hell do you (or we) know what's wrong with that person? Just because someone isn't looking like they're hurting doesn't mean that they don't have a problem. Maybe that person knows that already even though they would make that kind of statement, I don't know, I'm a little annoyed right now so pardon me.

Well that's my rant. I could write more about these types of things but I'm to lazy to do it at the moment.:P (Not speaking about Yahoo! now) I'm not going to say (and not trying to) that I haven't done that at times in general. I'm pretty sure we've all had our moments. Some are just bad with it. Anyways, whatchu think? What's your opinion on Yahoo! users and/or stuff like this in general? Feel free to share it.

Semester Is Finally Over

Yaaas!!! This semester is finally over. I'm finished with my math class (and passed it as well). I hate math so you should know how happy I am that I got that over with. :P No more setting my alarm clock early in the morning to get up and go to school. I gets to sleep in!:D I am NOT a MORNING PERSON. The only thing I like about the mornings is the breakfast.:P Well that's all I have say for that.


Spring Break Coming/ Math is kicking my...

Spring break is coming up for me soon and boy am I excited. We get good friday off and the our Spring Break starts on Monday right after that. Ah yes I get to chill... like I usually do, play games... like I usually do, and I don't have to get up early in the morning. I am NOT A MORNING PERSON. Luckily this semester which is almost over, I only have one class to take. It's only 50 minutes long. I can do that.

The current class I am taking right now is math. Ugh I hate math. It's kicking my butt... or is it? I'm getting better with it. I still hate it but I'm doing pretty good. The thing that I do not care for the most is the word problems. Oh well but I will get passed it. When this semester is over, I will definitely miss my current teacher. She's great. And she's not a boring teacher which is something I most definitely like and she is VERY helpful.

Well that's all I have to blog about. Later.

Level 40 and more

I have finally reached level 40 here on gamespot. I don't get on gamespot as much as I used to. I used to be on here almost daily.

Another thing is that I have ordered Sleeping Dogs, some vita analog caps, and a vita skin. I can't wait for it to come in the mail. It still hasn't shipped yet and I hope that it ships soon. I played a demo of it and I liked it. Got it for $30 right before it changed back to $40-$42.

Today I had to take a test in my math class. It was easier than the last test. I think I did better than the last one and I hope I pass. Ugh I hate math. I'm doing better than before.

Well that's it for me.


Late Merry Christmas!

I know that I posted this 2 days after Christmas but I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Have a happy new years as well.:)

Getting near the end...

Of the first semester that is! No I don't believe in that 2012 crap. My first college semester is almost over!!! The last class date I will have to go to for two of them are on the 12th. I have to go back for the finals on the 14th. Same thing with my network class but instead of coming back in on the 14th, it will be on the 18th.

Second, I am at level 39 on GS. Yes I've been noticed this for a while now but I haven't had too much time to blog about it. I've also got some new titles coming in soon for my christmas presents. I have Assassins Creed Liberation for the vita, MLB 12 for the vita, Dead Rising 2, Prince of Persia Trilogy, and that is it. I need more games for my vita and after seeing some videos of the ones that I have choosen, I have made a good choice. I also want to get BO: Declassified but the reviews have made me want to wait for a price drop.

I expect it to be downgraded from the ps3 and 360 versions of course due to it being a handheld and I'm sure it will be the same thing that I have been playing. It's just on a handheld. Hopefully after or right before Christmas they'll give it a price drop. I don't think it's worth $50. Truthfully, $50 for a HANDHELD GAME is a little overpriced. I could get something else that's worth that price.I have also been eyeballing NBA2k13. Looks like it's a good game.

Another thing that I wanted to blog about is some topic that I saw just now on yahoo.


All I can say is good. IMO, this is just the dumbest excuse for someone that wants to sleep with multiple people. I don't know why anyone would come up with that reason. People get on my nerves with oh he sleeps with multiple women or she sleeps with multiple men because they he/she is addicted to sex. Bull. Again this is MY OPINION.

Yeeea we're getting a crossbow in BF3!

WTH is this? Black Ops (Not that I'm trying to bash CoD or anything)? Seriously why would EA put a freaking CB in BF3? I haven't seen the video (I'm not a premium member) but I just read something about it in a thread saying it would have different attachments. I seriously hope that it is just something that's basically useless and not some overpowered weapon that we will have to wait another for DICE to patch it. Honestly, I don't think they will ever fix the game.

BF3 is really the best FPS available. It has so much potential but it's being held back by its problems which take a decade to get so called "fixed". When they do release a patch for it, It makes the game worse. The last time I saw what another one of the patches was supposed to "fix" was filled with a list of weapons. Weapons. WEAPONS. THERE ARE PROBLEMS OTHER THAN THE WEAPONS. Listen I'm sick and tired of having people parachute ontop of the crane in Nonshar Canals do to the fact that all they have to do is place their spawn becon near the edge of the map. They fixed the MAV elevator but they left in this for like months.

I seriously hate this game and I love it as well. I can't stand it and I also can't stay away from it. It's fun when it's working, your team is pretty good, people actually play the objective, and when your team isn't filled with a bunch of people that are too afraid to run out and find the enemy.

I have to admit, when I FIRST STARTED PLAYING FPS games, I didn't see what the big deal was. I myself was a camper. I would run out as well but I would mostly camp. I didn't see a problem with it at first but after playing FPSs for a long time, I know see why people get p*ssed at campers. I apologize. The only exception for me is snipers because they are supposed to camp. That's being realistic. Not running around with one. But now because I've been running into so many campers lately, I don't care for even recons to camp. I'm sick and tired of it.

And another exception for camping IS TO PROTECT AN OBJECTIVE. But some people don't even want to do that. I've played rush and have had it where people was playing it as if it was team deathmatch. Last time I checked, TDM doesn't have it where you have to arm MCOMMs and crap. Your only objective is to KILL and whoever gets to the set kill score first, wins. In rush, you do kill but you have to PROTECT THE OBJECTIVE which is either A: keep the enemy from arming it, or B: keep the enemy from disarming it.

Well that's my rant for the moment. Later.