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Im a huge Killzone fan but Shadow Fall is by far the weakest entry since the original! It doesn't even feel like Killzone anymore, singleplayer is a boring slog!

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1) I think the servers for Resistance are now offline, not 100% sure on that though. Resistance 2 was dead when I played a year ago.

2) Not sure but BC2 is the best BF on PS3 so im sure its still popular.

3) Still a decent amount of people on.

4) Still a hardcore player base here

5) Call of Duty 3 will probably be a ghost town but the rest are probably still kicking.

6) Not sure, I imagine both are still playable though!

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Im sick of this nonsense, every Sony game since Twisted Metal has been cut in EU. :( Will this trend continue on PS4? I should probably source myself a region 1 copy of Shadow Fall because no doubt something will get cut!
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To say im loving it would be an understatement, absolutely incredible game that gets better after every mission!
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CE is a joke, tiny little bag, a cap, and a few digital items for £120!! GTA or not thats absolutely ridiculous! Im going for the SE as I got it for £10 more.
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Dead Rising 3 will be my first next gen experience, I will probably buy the multiplats on other consoles but might rent some games.
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I will be too busy playing the game to read reviews! :)
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I still need to buy the last two GOW games, Halo Reach, 4. and Alan Wake. I will buy the rest of current gen multiplats on another platform and theres no more future 360 exclusives that interest me.
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I actually dont have any gripes with EA, they put out good games and I enjoy them,
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I will game until either im no longer capable of holding a controller or dead. If you enjoy doing something then theres no reason to quit doing it.