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This does remind me of how strange it is that the American immigrants that spoke German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, French, Scottish, Irish, and everything else assimilated into English, but oh ho, a special case must be made for Spanish.

Maybe I'm racist against Ibero-Romance languages. "shrugs"

pretty sure that the scottish and irish populations were forced to learn english well before emigrating to the colonies was the cool thing to do

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i think the only amusing part of super bowl commercials is how they serve as a cultural barometer for the country

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called it

also, sent to a friend to rile him up

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im done

fuck this game

fuck the superbowl

fuck halftime shows

fuck superbowl commericals

fuck manning b/c he is a shitty QB that got sacked/safetied on the first snap

and fuck all the teams that ever go to the superbowl

hell, i dont even need to make a beer run

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Peyton Manning is not going to lose this game. He's amazing.

no he is a noob

>gets sacked 1st snap of gaem in endzone

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It is official: I am quitting at halftime.

I don't even need to buy beer.

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also i have no more beer

Well you can get some more during half time! Unless you want to see Bruno Mars