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Caption Contest: Round 3, Winners, Song of the blog

Hi, what's up? It's been a while since my last blog. This is just a quick blog.. So Busy Busy Busy... XD So let's start the round 3 right away! But first, rules are rules! XD

Just remember this 3 rules:

~ No multiple entries. Just one!

~ Submit a witty or a funny caption.

~ The winner will be announce next blog.

So here's the next picture: Good luck! ;)

"Ferb: ________________________________"


And the winner of the last round of the caption contest is....


Congratulations!! You deserve to be a winner!

Here's he's caption:

"Marty: I thought you said Freddy Krueger wasn't real!"

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you for those who joined the contest last round!!! :)

Here are the list of the winners of the contest:

~ Hello92

~ Spiritwave



Song of the blog: Only Hope by Mandy Moore/ Miguel Escueta(Philippine Singer of Only Hope)

Uh, actually I don't like the song that much, it is just stuck in my head so I just wanna share it to you guys haha. It's a very good song though. :)

And thank you guys for those who commented in my last blog! Wow, I didn't expect for 44 comments, I was expecting less.. haha thanks a lot guys! See ya! ^ ^ Bye!

Caption Contest: round 2, second batch of pictures XD

Hey there guys! What's up? It's good to be back haha. Well as I promised, I'm going to start over the second round of Caption Contest.. but before that, the first round winner is Hello92.

Here is his caption: "Yeah pretty boy, I'm coming after you!"


Go for the second round! But first, rules are rules! XD

-You can just have one caption. In other words, don't do multiple captions.

- Submit a funny or a witty caption to have more chances to win the contest.

-The winner will be announce in my next blog.

That's all I think. lol Well good luck! :)

Here is the next picture.

The caption is for the "Zebra" .

(Hey, I can't do a spoiler. howcome?)


So, here's another thing.. I got new batch of pictures of mine! They were all taken a while ago or I may just say a long time ago. XD I hope you like them :D

Me with Kim.

Uh... ??

Here are two of my friends: Erich and Jake with me at thw middle :D

Sleeping time XD

Me and kim at school.

So, that's all for now haha.

Btw, if you want to see my previous pics in my prevous blog, just go to my last blog below :D

EDIT: Ooops, I forgot about the song of the so now I will share to you the song that I am listening.

It's So What by Pink... I don't idolize her, I just like the music video of her song. lol

So See ya guys later!

Caption Contest round 2--- "Soon to open"! ... BONUS!!! XD

Hey there guys, you will notice that I always check my profile almost all the time haha, I think my interest is getting back.. I hope so. lol Well about the title above, yup, it's gonna open soon, just watch for me. You will also notice that it says round 2, and it is because that I have already started the first caption contest before(it was the tiger from Kung fu panda) so I'll get the best caption that you guys have entered. so good luck and I hope to get the new round soon.

Song of the blog: The song that I want to share to you guys is Angels by David Archuleta .. haha, I've been loving his songs lately so I just want to share to you guys this song.. but anyway, I've been listening to this song this past days so I hope you guys like it. If you haven't heard it yet, please check it out at youtube or anywhere else you would like to. haha ^ ^

And hey, here's the bonus XD .. here are my new pictures when I wasn't in haha I still have lots haha, you can say that I spent my break on picture taking lol, that may be true though :P And hey, another thing is that I have really noticed that I am growing so fast this days,I mean you know, I was like small when I was 11 and now, whoah.. can't explain XD

Here, I uploaded some.. I hope you like them :D

It's me with my friend john.

XD yeah!!

........ waaaaaaaaa haha I look dumb O_O

Well, that's all for now,. I'l ltry to upload the others soon. :P :P :P sosee you guys later, ciao. XD

A quick visit in my short bloggy..

Woo, what a "title" ... haha eh, :P :P :P

Hey there guys! Just a quick visit. Um, I'm currently in Gamespot right now cuz' I found out that it loads faster than :) well it's a good thing that I discovered it cuz' I might come here most of the time than this past days but anyway, I'll try to go back to soon... ^ ^

And oh, anyone here? haha, I mean it's kinda less people than before(since and gamespot changed). O_o :D

So, let me tell you guys what happened to me this day(not that special though haha ;).. This day I had much fun and exhausted too. We practiced half day today for our regional cheerdance competition and hey I'm so excited to wait for the competition day on November 22. ^ ^ yeah, we are going to defend our title in the 3rd place(ya I know, we better get the first place this time)haha, after that, we are going to compete in the "national". COOL!!! :D Other than that, I don't do much today beside internet haha so hope to see you guys later. bye.


Anyway, Here's a song that I wanted to share: CRUSH by David Archuleta.. I've been listening and singing that song this past days haha. if you guys haven't heard it yet, just check it out on youtube or anywhere else. ^ ^ :D

Wooo.... another blog... O_O

AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!! I'm stuck!!! they have ruined it!!! what have they done???? O_O

Hey there guys, yeah, it's me again and about the stucky thing, it's true. I'mn really stuck and looks annoyed of now, yup! aww.. to be honest, this is one of the reasons why I don't tend to visit anymore.. yeah, it really changes a lot and I don't like it I mean, it's just that the old one is better than this new one.. sigh.. almost all of the things here have changes! now, loads very slow and it is really difficult of making blogs right now..

uhh, I hope the staff would change back from the old version...

that's all for now see ya later guys! =P

Wew, no time no blog!! what's up guys??

YAYz!! it has been..... wow, I'm kinda not lazy now here and I was thinking to stay here too(well I hope this one would come true, I'm always saying that lol) .. I will not be able to make new contests anymore here from now because I dont have lots of time for that, sorry.. but I can stay here as soon as I'm okay O_O if you'd like to. ^ ^

Anyway, how are you guys now??? what's new?? :D

Til' next time... ;) See ya

31st blog is up! ....

Hiya! It has been a long time ago since my last visit here but this time, this is going to be my 31st blog! YAY! I still don't know if I can be really active here because like what I said in my 30th blog, I'm really busy now in my school... sigh... anyway, I'll still visit here if I have lots of free time! that's a fact! ;)

By the way, I've decided to tell you everything I have in my real life... I mean, you are free to ask anything to me like "Do I have a pet?" or something like that which is personal... anything and I'll try my best to answer them all honestly.. :) ok?

so, anything should we talk about? hmm.. how about the top friends?? hmm.. let me see..

[spoiler] Just kidding!! :P :P :P SORRY GUYS, I SHOULD TELL IT TO YOU NEXT TIME.. :P I'M STILL THINKING FOR THOSE PEOPLE ^ ^ lol [/spoiler]

See you in my next blog! (I hope so) :(

EDIT: I go around to the user's profile and i've figured out that lots of people today are doing this "question and answer bloggy".. one of them is me XD anyway, I didn't copied this idea it just... it just came on my mind with no reason.. I don't know.. XD anyway, whatever it is, I'm still ready to answer your questions.. :)

Long time to blog... ^ ^ Just dropping by..

Hi there guys, I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to be active here in through making blogs... I'm just really busy now, SCHOOL DAYS is back and I have no time for internets... I've aso closed my forum named GameRule(if you remember it... I was advertising it here in my blog posts before...) lol well, like what I said, I'm too busy now so I think I'm also stopping the game so called Caption Contest at this moment... I feel sorry for the users who participated and wanted to win on that game... :D I might announce the winner in my next blog... just maybe, not sure again..

Anyway, I have fun being with you guys here and thank you for having some comments in my blogs, for visiting my profile and for joining my CONTESTS.. :)

Till' we meet again guys! ..I still don't know when will I visit again.. lol okay, sayounara! ;)

New Game: Caption Contest #1, Top 3 winners, Tons of Fun Facts & Other Thing

IT'S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Hello there guys, what's up? Here's what's up.. On this blog, the new game which is the Caption Contest is now open! COOL!! :P I will also show you 8 fun facts of Did You Know today! How's that? :D

Sorry about my laziness on posting a blog here.. Now, not only for posting but also on visiting!! whooaah.. take it easy guys... I'm back now so you don't have to worry about.. :) You should say "Welcome back!" to me now and I'll try to do my best to visit here everytime I'm open.. ^_^ Also, all of you already knows that Guess Who has ended. As what I promised, I'm having a new game!! YAY! And so, that was the Caption Contest.. cool isn't it? :P

Anyway, the winner of the last round is darknaruto44!! Congratulations. and here are the final result of the Top 3 winners of Guess Who:


Logi: 6 points


YamiNarutoBrief: 3 points


Spiritwave:2 points

xshadowolf: 2 points

-animeshowdown-: 2 points

darknaruto: 2 points


And the answer of the last round of Guess Who is Brock from Pokemon!


And now.... Welcome to the new game called "Caption Contest"!! Sit back, relax and enjoy!!

What will you gonna do is to complete the scene by posting in a witty or a funny caption. The best caption will be announced in the next blog! You can also join anytime you like even if you have won a round already.

Captions are like this: "Ready or not, here I come!" Now, you have to post a caption on the pic we have given to you which is placed below.

So.. are you guys ready cuz' Caption Contest #1 will start now!!!

There you have it! So, what's you caption?? ;)

You can only post one caption or else it won't be counted.



Since it doesn't have a spine, a 30-kilo octopus can squeeze through a hole the size of a coin!

• A cat has 30 muscles in each ear.. while humans only have six!

• The brakes on a Formula 1 car can get as hot a 1,000 degrees Celsius!

• The fastest land animal might be the cheetah-but it's the peregrine falcon that's the fastest animal around, clocking in at speeds of 300kph!

• Back in 1983, James Vollandt from the U.S. played a video game for 67 gours and 30 minutes-without taking a break!

• The tongue of a blue whale is as long as an elephant!

• Okapi, a kind of giraffe-like animal with zebra markings, can lick their own eyeballs.

• After eating, a housefly vomits it's food and eats it again. ICK!!


Joke Time!

What is the favorite game of monsters?

A: Swallow the leader!

What illness does a martial artist have?

A: Kung Flu!

What starts with a P, ends with an E, and has a million letters in it?

A: A post office!


Other Things

There are good news and bad news...

Here's the bad news... You will noticed that I didn't have the Pic of the Blog today and that's because it was also removed by me. It seems to me like it is getting useless. I also can't find any cool pics in my Collection. Anyway, here's the good news... the Caption Contest has opened!!! I hope that many people would appreciate and join my new contest...

.... Also, the other reason why I am getting lazy is that I am getting lesser and lesser comments in the each blog I made.. sigh.. I hope that all of the past people who are active on commenting my blog would come back again. Anyway, I understand them because I know there is always a reason like I always visits and posts a blog here in just in every 2 weeks or more only and I know it's not good and that makes people wont visit my blog... the other reason also is that I know that many users now got banned so it's either.

Another thing, I'd be happy if I see you in my forum registered. We really need your help there.. Now, we are aiming for the 1,000 posts and we need more users to do that. The forum would be fun and very active if you guys also active in there. We also made lots of forum contests there in my forum called GameRule. This is a newly improved forum you know from banner to contests!! All of the contests we made there always have bunch of prizes! Please read the guidelines of every contest for more information. ;) So what are you waiting for, JOIN NOW!! :D

Here's a little definition about the forum:

GameRule is the newest and the coolest version of Fun and Games. You will enjoy this board because we have lots of forum contests that may also help to improve your forum. We also have the easiest forum advertising, coding and graphic support, and some cool stuff such as Did You Know which is amazing because here will you know some stuffs that you still don't know about our environment, Anime-ted(talk about anime), Music Room, Game Zone, Art Stuff, and many more!

And here's the link to my forum.. just click the link below and you'll be transfer to my forum. Please join................ :) Thanks a lot in advance.

That's all for now, break a leg!! See ya later guyzillator!! XD :P

Round 23: Guess Who(Lat Round), Other Things

Aloha! The winner of the last round of Guess Who is none other than, jrsygrl0601! Congratulations! Now, your name will be placed in the list of the winners together with your pokemon icon, Pichu. Sadly, this is gonna be the last round for Guess Who. (Read "Other Things" for more info).

The Winners:

Logi: 6 points

YamiNarutoBrief: 3 points

Spiritwave:2 points

xshadowolf: 2 points

-animeshowdown-: 2 points

1992miguel1992: 1 point

HEH17: 1 point

Tenshihoshino: 1point

Master_M2K: 1 point

jrsygrl0601: 1 point

Winterbrush: 1 point

Anime-Destiny1: 1 point

darknaruto: 1 point


And the answer of the last round of Guess Who is Professor Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls!


Okay, Let us move on to the next round! But first, Rules are Rules!

For the beginners!!!


- If you won already, you can still play as soon as you like it!

-Only me, Cool_Professor will announce either you win or not.

Round 23: Guess Who - A Game for All!

Can you guess who is this Anime/Cartoon/Animated/Movie Character? If you do so, well you're a TV Lover and you are smart!


[spoiler] [/spoiler]

If you guess this one, you will recieve a reward from me, Cool_Professor. Your Name will be posted also in the Next Blog! I will change the Picture as soon as you guess the picture. So, Break a Leg!!!


Did You Know?

• The Wolffia is one of the smallest flowers in the world! It's so tiny it could actually fit on the head of a pin.

• The original name of Washington, D.C. is Federal City.

• Hippos keep their skins soft and protected from the sun with "blood sweat", a red-colored substance, which isn't actually blood, but is red and comes from their skin!


Joke Time!

What is in the middle of the ocean?

A: The letter E.

Why did the ghost join the cheerleading squad?

A: To add a little team spirit.

What did the jar of mayonnaise say to the refrigerator?

A: Close the door-I'm dressing!


Pic of the Blog


Other Things

Hey there guys, what's up? Sigh.. well, I have no idea now what to do in beside making blogs.. I'm still bored.. Anyway, this is gonna be the last round of Guess Who and I am planning to change the game. The game would be called "Caption Contest"-I know you guys how does the game works... hmm.. I think it's quite interesting so why don't we give it a try.. Anyway, don't worry.. the Did You Know and Joke Time will stay... ^_^

The only thing you need to do is to post a witty or a funny caption depending on the pic I have given. For more info, read my next blog. Come to my profile again or else you're gonna missed it!

Like what I said, I'm changing the game and for the winners of Guess Who, all of them will get trashed. But I'll announce the top 3 who got the highest score for sure!

That's all for now.. See ya later helicopter!!! :P

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