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cristiano ronaldo

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what is the big deal with cristiano ronaldo sir alex ferguson should just let him go to real madrid personaly i do not want him to come back after what he has done to the club and the structure of the players


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i can not belive game spot giving call of duty 3 a really high rating as it got it is the worst game i have ever played in my entire life

cookieman75 on saints row

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saints row has four gangs your gang are 3'rd street saints at the start you make an avatar your character then then makes a big mistake he walks right into the middle of a gang bang with one gang with yellow spraying over another gangs graffiti tag when that gang has finished spraying over that tag the gang that they had just discremenated who wear blue come up behind them with about 20" baseball bats then the other gang turns around with that in hand they all survive just as well because they then have to team up to shootdown a mexican gang in a pimped up car who wear red that gang then attemps to shoot the two gangs put together with micro machine guns the mexican gang then makes a big mistake they get a popped tyre but don't realise it then drive of straight into a brick wall and blow up two gang members survive one yellow an one blue not for long though because the blue member shoot's the yellow gang member in the head (bang) while watching it all your character is seen the blue gang member walks up to your character with a gun to his head there is a gun shot sound(you think it's all over) it is now for the gang member as he get's shot in the head by your mentor and leader you get taken away while police paramedic and firefighters deal with the situation you then get took to a meeting with your gang then take some training where you beat up a load easy fighters from your gang you then carry on from there i give saints row 9 out of 10 a must buy and cant wait for the sequel to come out later this year

nfl 09

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i love soulcalibur Iv

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oh yeah totaly brill i have played a lot of beat em up games and can i just say BEST EVER fighting game i am no stranger to the series i have purchased all of them and loved all of them the only bad thing (and you said i could not find one) is the second to last opponent the apprentice and annoying @##* @#$@ evil star wars character well hard you have to go through about 50 muders before winning to fight the boss algol who is easy one more thing i have to say yoda and vaderARE COMIN A GET YA ALL