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New Suikoden Game

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Kind of old news, but I found out recently that a new Suikoden RPG is set to be released for the PSP...

Woo! :D

Although strange how I didn't see any mentions of it at the Game Show even though I went there... Oh well, it was really crowded, and Konami was focusing on some of the bigger titles.

Going to Tokyo Game Show

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Went to Tokyo Game Show this year, and I have to say, there were too many people. But I got a truckload of freebies, so it was really fun. And looking at games was fun too. Then I went to Akihabara after that and bought some games.

Guess I'll upload some photos later when I feel less lazy. But for now,

Distant Worlds

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Went to the Final Fantasy Concert yesterday at Chicago. It was pretty good, although I didn't like certain songs in English...but that can't be helped.

Not much to show for it, but I did get both Distant Worlds CDs.

Hm, boring blog is boring.

Oh, I got a box seat ticket, which was only around $80, surprisingly.

Anime Central

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Yeah, been there done that. It was last weekend in Chicago.

Select photos.

Also, I bought lots of stuff.


1/100 scale Gundam model

And lots of Macross F (Sheryl Nome) figures. Among other things.

Another Blog About Them Trophies

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Eh, just decided to write a blog randomly. *shrugs*

A few days ago, I got this:

For those of you who don't know, it's the platinum trophy for Yakuza 3. While I did have loads of fun with the game, the platinum requirements are just ridiculous. I spent about 100 or so hours on the game, and never before have I experienced so much frustration and hate compressed into short amounts of time.

Thanks to this platinum, I have no burning desire to play Yakuza 4 anytime soon (which I'm also planning to platinum in, of course). Now I'm just going to sit around and wait for the PSN to be back up so I can sync some trophies...

Sonic Colors

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My sole reason for preordering (purchasing) Sonic Colors:

Don't mind the fact that it's Knuckles wearing the hat.

Oh and I don't plan to play the game.

Demon's Souls Platinum Trophy

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Well, I've done it. After a measly 130 or so (lol) hours, I got my first platinum trophy :D

It looks so cool :oops:

Played 3 and a half times in order to get it. But the funny thing is, Demon's Souls gave me my first bronze, silver, gold, AND platinum trophies :lol: I must really like this game. (Yeah, yeah, had my PS3 for about a month and a half or so now)

And dude, I didn't even die once during my last playthrough. What a miracle. The Demon's Souls gods must be smiling down on me.

Hm, Free Stuff

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A week ago, a person I know who works at Gamestop took down the Dragon Quest IX poster they had for store display, and he let me have it. It's huge.

For a good size reference, I also took a picture of a normal sized B2 poster (20" x 28") along with it.

It's nice to know people in different places.