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still i'm falling down

One little song screaming through my head, can't stop now got to find out what it said. I follow the beaten path still I'm falling down, I see you in my mind but you are never around. The time is passing me by, and I swear I hear you cry. So what is wrong with me because I just don't care anymore. When will I care what will I do I just can see the past I knew. Still I'm falling down. Still it's never said who I will be I can see the depths of hell staring up at me. Midnight sets the tone for what is yet unknown. So I'll let my mind run free and see who I'm meant to be. Your path is chosen for you and they cover up your eyes but still it's just a horrible surprise. Oh and still you'd let them do it all to me but why oh why is heaven still staring down at me. Pull out the gun aim for the sky it's crashing down and I don't want it to end my life. Of course I am alone and everyone I've known is looking down at me who am I expected to be. Throw me out and drag me in let this story all begin. Oh scream for me when I am not around. Oh scream for me when I can't be found. Hell has me bound by a collar and a chain but I just can't refrain from screaming out your name. Still I'm falling down. Wishing you were here but you only disappear. From what I can see you don't even look at me. When my voice is fading out and when I am in doubt. I see your back turned to me that is when I send my last plee. I hear the voices screaming out and I just want to shout. I can't see anymore when will someone come through that door. Don't try to save me from myself I won't need your help. And still I'm falling down. Drown deeper, push me farther still my search goes on for who I am. So throw me out and drag me in when will this story end.

i'm on this boat

hey everyone as the title says i'm on the boat it sucks. i am working outrageous hours. wish i could be on more but the navy has crappy computers that don't allow me to do much. yep wake at 6 am get off work 13 maybe even 14 hours later and i'm stuck on it because i'm at sea. wish i could get on and chat with yall but like i said the computers are crappy. please all my friends email me on my ship i need the emails to read. my email address for the boat is please write i really want to hear from all of you. dueces and love.

sea time is awesome

hey everyone right now i'm in virginia. next year i will be on the big sea going places that mst people dream of going hopefully i might get to meet some people in different places. well i hope to be going to italy, spain, england, rome and places around there well if i see any of ya then we will have to hang out. hellz yeah NAVY oh and i will be in New Jersey in october so yeah.

to my friends

what up peeps sorry i haven't been on but it is hard as hell when i have no connection where i am. i am telling everyone this now i will be traveling a lot over the next few years so i won't be on much just when ever possible so don't count me out. i will be in out of states later this year so i might get to meet some of u that r over seas so hope to see some of ya. oh and i will make sure to tell u all about my journeys.

borrrrrrrrrrrrrred!!!!!!! oh no. help me

oh my god it is so boring here right now i get paid for everyday even if i don't do anything but hell couldn't it have some excitement. well u know what to all my true friends i would like ya'll to call me if ya can my number is 334 432 4099 please do call to relieve my boredom but please remember the time zones i work from 7am to 3:30 pm central so try to call please.

a full fledged sailor

hey everyone sorry but i haven't been on because i got put back into training so i had no access to a computer. oh well i am back after the 5th but i will be on like almost every second of everyday because i'll have my laptop well hope to see all of you soon.

GO NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooo Hoooooooooo.

missed all of you.

COMING HOME heck yeah

hey everyone i'm coming home but for unfortunate reasons i will probaby say more when i get home i have missed all of ya and will talk with ya when i can. can't wait write in my blog if u r a true friend.

almost gone

hey everyone the time is approaching upon me to where i will have to leave u all for a while. i'm going to miss all of u and i hope that u all won't forget about me. i have to find u if u forget me and beat u up. lmao. jk. but yeah i will make sure tomake it back as soon as possible so no one take my spots without a reason and i won't have to come back smacking. lol.well everyone like i said i going to miss u all and i seriously hope that we stay friends after i leave.

i hate to say it

i hate to say it everyone but it's been fun and unfortunately i'm not going to be able to get on really. after the 12th i will have nothing to talk to anyone with except pencil and paper.i'm going to miss all of u and unfortunately i might not be coming back. i am doing what is best for my life right now so when i can if gs doesn't delete my profile after bootcamp i will try to get on. so i will be getting on the 11th of august to say goodbye to everyone and i hope all of u will get on so i can say goodbye just once. well i hope i see some of u around and whoever doesn't have a myspace should get one and add me as a friend. and if u have a myspace u should add me as a friends so we can hangout there.

peace out peeps i'm going to miss it.

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