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Why Gamespot? Why?

I officially take it upon myself to address the elephant in the room: what the f#%^ing f#%^ happened to Fuse?! Wasn't this new site supposed to integrate Fuse's features? I sure can't find them. We don't want some cheap, half-a%%ed attempt at Facebook. We want Fuse back. Now I assume they will eventually improve upon the current social features and gradually bring things back up to par, but what was the point of scrapping the most alluring thing on the entire site? 99% of my time on Gamespot was spent on Fuse. Without it, I rarely go on here any more. I met some awesome friends on Fuse and eagerly looked forward to posting each day. Aside from that there's nothing especially terrible about the new site, but come ON Gamespot! You've several months now! Bring back the social features we all loved! And any Fusers out there, please comment on this. It'll be nice to talk to you guys again.

DoA 4

I just picked up the controls for Dead or Alive 4 again after a six-month break from the game, and man have I gotten rusty! I had to do about twenty battles before I finally remembered any of my fighting strategies, and I'm still gettin' the mojo back up. For a while I coudn't even beat Kasumi. Finally, after about 30 matches with Kasumi, I started winning some again. Now I'm starting to see what people mean when they say this game is freakin' hard. I'm still not quite as good at the game as I got over summer break again, but I am still starting to build back up the skillz.

So Long Summer, So Long Wii

And so the school year begins and a Nintendo era dies. While school starting is debatable, saying goodbye to the Wii in favor of the Wii U is definitely a good thing. Even though it will be hard to part with my beloved console, I think every gamer has asked himself at one time or another why Nintendo didn't try a little harder the first time around, and why this didn't come sooner. After this final batch of games, however, Wii U will finally be about to launch and we'll FINALLYsee what Nintendo is capable of with High-Def and hardcore games in it's arsenal. Brace yourself, Microsoft. We're about to see Japan's true power unleashed.

Dragon Cave

I recently discovered a hidden gem of a website called It's pretty cool. The entire site is devoted to collecting at first up to four dragon eggs and then they eventually and slowwly grow. Once you acually succeed in hatching one and raising it to maturity, there's no limit on the number of dragons you can have. The way you raise the dragons is by posting the link to your page on the site ( and getting views for your dragon. Once enough people have viewed your dragon egg, it hatches into the hatchling phase, where there are several stages of development, until it eventually reaches adulthood. Once you get a few dragons to adulthood, it really starts getting fun, because you can breed two dragons together and also post a picture of your dragons with a link to photobucket with the "make incubator" button. There are alot of different speciees of dragons, too, which gives the game some incentive to collect many dragons. I'll admit, it's not the best game onthe web, but it is fun, SO HURRY UP AND GIVE MY DRAGONS SOME VIEWS BEFORE THEY DIE!!

Darkspore Beta Blues

This is unbelievable. I was one of the first people to sign up for the Darkspore Beta and was actually accepted! So what am I upset about? My computer's video card is too low-power to run it! I've been looking forward to this game from the first rumors, and my computer can't play it! This is insane.

The best of really hot video game girls

Let's face it, Japan has always had a knack for making hot anime girls, but some female characters really outdo the others. Among those are the Phantasy star Universe series (especially Phantasy Star Portable two), Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Lord of Arcana, Gladiator Begins, and the Sims3 can build some serious hotties. Out of those games, some of my personal favorites are Sophia from Star Ocean, Venus from Gladiator Begins, and Chealsea from Phantasy Star Portable two. I'll expand this blog later but for now I gotta run.