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Whats happening? : 02/06/2014

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Hey one and all, thought I'd try to keep this updated a little better with what I've been doing away from gamespot.

Operation Supply Drop's 8 Bit Salute!

Yes I know I probably told you all about this to an extent already but I did manage to live stream for 24 hours on behalf of Operation Supply Drop, and while I didn't hit the $500.00 target I set for myself, or even come close to the amount raised by gamespot & Giant Bombs Team of @dannyodwyer and Matt Rory I did manage to raise a nice bundle of cash and so Don't feel so bad about the result.

My page seems to still be up over here to please feel free to pop over and donate if you have a single spare $1.

Life and Live streams

As a result of the 24 hour live stream just about two weeks ago now I've started running my own occasional live streams for both my honor (due to failing several of the tasks planned on the original night), and fun (because I've just been taken with the streaming bug). I generally stream around 11pm GMT do to my odd life and sleeping patterns and my streams focus on playing classic games at a low resolution so you dont have to (And because my kit is the cheapest and least reliable known to man). After playing through Resident evil 2 over the last two streams and Attempting a hell run over the one before that, I'm not sure what I'll be doing next, but hopefully it's fun for someone.

Feel free to take a look :

The video game advert archive

Questionable taste? I'll leave that up to you. Although, yes, yes it is.

I've also been working on a new tumblr focusing on archiving and highlighting all the great and awful print and tv adverts through the history of our fine hobby.

Thanks to former Gamespotter Brendan Sinclair it's gotten a nice little following and I hope to grow the Tumblr into something really interesting and maybe educational.

If you have a soft spot for the often surreal, questionable and occasionally funny games adverts of the past feel free to take a gander.

Writing and Games

On top of all that I've been a busy little bee. As well as finding time to celebrate Fathers Day with my daughter and a friends wedding this past week, I've been playing Dark Souls with an aim to finally finish it so I can finally move onto Dark Souls 2 & South park the stick of truth. I've also been playing Max and the curse of brotherhood for 360 for review over at xblaratings while also penning a few bits about the WWE , How we play games and Reviewing Super Time Force over at True Geek Radio

So that's more or less most of what I've been up to the last couple of weeks, what have you guys been doing and what have you got coming up??

Now I'm off back to hunting those Lord Souls...

operationsupplydrop May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream ~ pre-start countdown update #7

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~ FINAL COUNTDOWN ~ -11 hours and counting.

Yes it's finally here.

Starting tonight / Tomorrow morning at midnight GMT I'll be playing 24 hours of games to raise awareness and money for operation supply drop's 8 bit salute.

Please Join me on my twitch channel :

Donate on my member page :

and spread the word for others you know to do so.

Please come in and watch and keep me sane.... or speed up the insanity.

operationsupplydrop May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream ~ pre-start countdown update #6

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operationsupplydrop May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream ~ pre-start countdown update #6

Time is running out and there's still much to do before the mammoth 24 + hour long live stream from me and the other members of team TGR.

My stream starts at midnight on the 17th of May (or 11:59 pm on the 16th of may GMT)

After that the rest of team TGR will start to stream during the following hours where we'll be providing a range of games and fun for your entertainment or just for you to endure along with us.

But wait, that's not all!

We'll also be giving Game & Film download codes, holding a donation raffle (Donate $5 for 1 entry and for $20 donations you'll be entered 5 times!!); also we'll have donation incentives during the stream... So viewing and donating to our stream/s are a doubly rewarding thing. Doing good for others, and maybe getting free stuff in return.


From Midnight/ 0:00am - 06:00 am 17th May

Achievemental timed run ~ how many points can one man get in six hours?

From 06:00 am to 06:30 am

Super hexagon

Donation Motivation ~ $100.00 by 06:00 am

The run becomes new record run 1:00 minuet

If $150.00 by 06:00 am a world record attempt..

From 06:30 am until 09:00 am

Resident Evil 2 full game run.

Donation Motivation ~ $150.00

Viewers vote on character played as, also the following two hours become a Resident evil 2 B story run, with the second character..

09:00 am - 11:00 am

Spelunky 360 edition Hell run attempt

11:00 am - 12:00 pm (midday gmt)

PC spelunky TGR special edition Daily challenge attempt

12:00 pm - 03:00 pm

Minecraft 360 edition ~ Super build

Donation motivation

$250.00 by 12:00pm (gmt) viewers vote on super build project.

03:00 pm - 06:00 pm

PS 1 Classics Section. Playing a range of classics from Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Klonoa, Pocket Fighter, Bushido Blade and more...

Donation motivation

$300.00 by 05:00pm Playthrough of PS1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

SNES Classic The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past playthrough. (as far as possible).

08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Indie-cisive Special a range of top indie games played, from well known highlights such as hotline miami and Bastion to unknown, obscure and free titles.

Donation motivation

$400.00 The Binding of Isaac Full run from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm

10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

London Underground Simulator ~ Let's drive rob insane!

11:00 pm - 00:00am (18th may gmt)

Disney Infinity Figure Adventures.

Donation Motivation.

$500.00 by Midnight 18th May (my personal donation page target)

FIVE MORE HOURS! View Game Voting! Bonus "Swag bag" Giveaway!

Including ~ Signed copy of Street fighter 4 for xbox 360, a range of pre release anime dvd's and a bundle more....

Get ready to Watch, Chat, Donate and Win cool stuff on May 17th

My channel :

My Donation Page :

Our full team Page :

That's all soldier

operationsupplydrop May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream ~ pre-start countdown update #5

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Donate to my page :

Team true geek radio :

And watch the upcoming stream here :

Today I'm happy to announce the full lineup for my first 12 hours streaming on this upcoming saturday.

Starting 11:59pm May 16th (feel free to join me before then) GMT (that's 6:59 pm EST & 3:59 pm dst/pdt)

From Midnight/ 0:00am 17th May I'll be playing six hours of Achievement laced games in an attempt to unlock as many achievements as possible in the time available. Creating a new xbox live account (during the "pre-show") and playing non stop until 6 am.

From 06:00 am to 06:30 am I'll be playing some super hexagon.

If you donate up to $100.00 dollars by 6am This will turn into a record attempt. personal attempt of 1 minuet or $150.00 dollars a world record attempt...

from 06:30 am until 09:00 am we'll be turning over to the playstation and running through classic survival horror title, Resident Evil 2.

For this games donation motivation, if we hit $150.00 dollars by 06:30 or earlier the viewers will get to vote on which character I play through as and the next set of time from 09:00am to 11:am will be a side B story run.

Otherwise from 09:00 to 11:00 Ill be playing spelunky on the xbox 360 to practice run for

at 11:00 pm until 12:00 pm (midday gmt)

I'll be daily challenge running sperlunky TGR Special edition...

Keep your eyes peeled here for more info and the second half of the days timetable. Visit the links above to donate right now, also look to subscribing to my team mates channels for more Operation Supply Drop, 8 bit salute, gaming fun.




Oh and @dannyodwyer I'm watching you. *points at nose and other hand towards danny*

operationsupplydrop May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream ~ pre-start countdown update #4

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Twitch :

Don't forget this coming weekend from 00:01 am on the 17th through to midnight on the 18th I'll be streaming a range of games and features as part of Team True Geek Radio for Operation supply drops 3rd annual 8-bit salute.

They have been doing great work for years helping people like this : recovering after service as well as those still stationed overseas

As for the Games I have planned. Expect me to kick off with a while lot of achievement running. Dipping into a little spelunking. some street walking and a billion other things in between.

operationsupplydrop May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream ~ pre-start countdown update #3

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Yes that’s the handy dandy link if you feel like donating.

Oh and here’s the team page:

And my twitch for those looking to watch:

So, as of right now we are opening up with a six hour block of achievement running as part of achievemental.

But what of the rest of the day sir?

Well I for tell you I will.

Plotted but not scheduled is The spelunky TGR edition daily challenge.

and also,

A Live return of fan fic theater (sadly mike wong might not be appearing now but will be recorded and we may have another guest)

But not only that…

I’ll be paying a visit to the blocky and easily streamable world of minecraft for a special creative build challenge.

Also In the pipeline is a live edition of The dialogue tree, hopefully with some guests. If I can find some….

as well as a lot more…

Keep eye’s peeled here for further updates and remember to donate.

operationsupplydrop May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream ~ pre start countdown update #2

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Yes, it's time for another update.

So as I said before I want to create a different type of live stream, something that's not just a fat guy playing games at his pc/console for 24 hours. So I'm building a schedule of activities. You guys can pop in as and when, or stick around for the whole deal. Just make sure you tell others about the charity and think about how you might (and hopefully actually) donate.

As for the segments planned. Well as I said in my last update, I'll be bringing back on of my old shows (sort of) Achievemental, in the form of a multi-hour achievement run, attempting to obtain as many achievements as I can on a black/new xbox live account and via as many games as possible.

But what else will you be doing rob?!

Well on top of that there's the return of old TGR (true geek radio) segment, fan fiction theater with special guest Mike Wong.

As well as a daily challenge run of Spelunky TGR Special edition. amongst more to be revealed over the coming days.

With ten days left to go I hope you all look forward to joining me, for the full 24 hours, or during the day and feel free to donate to operation supply drop via my page :

Also feel free to subscribe to my Twitch page, where all the action will be taking place over May the 17th

Keep an eye here and across all the social networks for more from me and others taking part in this charity event.

May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream ~ pre start countdown update #1

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Yes, a reminder that myself and the other guys at are holding 24 hour streams and events to raise money for the annual 8 bit salute.

You can feel free to start donating now, here:

Any amount is fine from pennies to pounds, dollars, euro's and every other denomination under the sun.

and dont forget to visit the TGR Team page here :

But enough about why, and instead onto, what:

See my problem with most 24 hour live streams is that they are one looooooong booring slog through one day doing the same thing, constantly, or variations of that thing.

For my stream I'd like to attempt to do something different.

So for this countdown updates I'll be providing more information as to what I'll be doing during the event and providing you all hopefully with both a schedule and incentives to donate.

The show starts on Midnight 17th of May (GMT+0100) That's 4pm PDT, 7PM EDT (the 16th for you outside uk time)

I'll be kicking things off with a return to one of my old shows, Achievemental, Watch for the first bundle of hours as I attempt to crack the art of achievement hunting. I'll be creating a new blank slate, and attempting to hit as high an achievement score as I can in six hours. By any mean's necessary.

Be sure to follow me on the twitters : @seiibutsu , bookmark my twitch channel in advance: and donate or spread the word.

And keep em peeled here for more updates and info....

May 17th ~ 18th Charity live stream, donate and watch me go insane

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Join me Midnight May the 17th for my first 24hour charity live stream extravaganza of the year.

I'll be one of several streams attempting to raise money as part of the 3rd annual 8 bit salute.

Sending care packages to American and British troops stationed around the world, providing entertainment and games to aid in relaxation, stress relief and helping to prevent and treat the development of conditions such as PTST.

Examples of past drops:

Here's voice actor Adam Harrington to explain :

As well as those stationed away from home they provide aid and relief to those injured and recovering after tours away :

To donate and for more info hit up my donation page here :

and the TGR Team page here :

And keep an eye out here, on my twitter and anywhere else you know me for more info about the stream and everything I've got planned.

building the ultimate pokedex part 5 : x to the y to the z

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Pokemon X is in my hands and the release of pokemon bank has finally come.

I can reveal now that my first goal

Move A single Named starter Pokemon from the GBA series of games through to the latest title's X or Y

Quentin was my starting Pokemon when I set out on this journey and he's seen me through some rough long nights.

Yet I feel I've not given him as much time as he should have gotten as he's under developed and still at a reasonably low level.

Hello Quentin my old friend....

So Quentin managed to make his way over, what about the rest you wonder?

Well over time I've had my hands on a number of Pokemon games and as all of these we're second hand, as well as having the chance to test "cheat devices" like the action replay brand of code hacking plug in cartridges, I've also hand the chance to save other peoples past Pokemon and move them through the games.

Shiny Pokemon, rares and obviously hacked Pokemon all appeared at some point or another. Up until the Black and white games the only real hurdles I had to deal with were the restrictions in place with individual Pokemon.

For the Gameboy advance games to DS titles I had to remove all held items, delete any HM moves and only have Pokemon caught in the pal games.

None we're prevented from moving over.

From there it was a case of moving from the 4th generation DS titles to Black and White (I own Black so that was my choice for this task, although I could have used the copy of white 2 I had also)

The rules we're the same for transferring over Pokemon, even though the means different. So once again all caught Pokemon, including any unlocked with Action Replay device and any from other peoples save also made it over. Well I say any, apparently several Pokemon seemed to just vanish between DS gen 4 and Gen 5.

With the release of Pokemon X & Y, Pokemon Bank and its free sister app Pokemon Transporter, I started to see some inconsistent issues.

The bulk of Pokemon made it across to my Pokemon bank account. Transporter insists you have all the Pokemon you want to move in box on in your starting games PC, meaning at most moving 30 at once.

It will remove any held items, and will also instantly take out any Pokemon that are hacked.

This means that my Shaymin & Darkrai; caught after using an action replay to add the items to unlock their encounters into the games; we're blocked. Despite the Pokemon itself not having been added with the device.

Makes sense you might think, yet one of the other Pokemon I added to the game, also an event Pokemon, Manaphy, was fine.

Stranger still, some of the more questionable Pokemon from other peoples past saves also made it through fine, Including a Deoxys.

I tested this even further by actually deliberately catching some hacked Pokemon with an action replay. Setting the catch rate to 100% and the Pokemon to always shiny, once again this shiny Pokemon got past the transfer to bank process where other Pokemon didn't.

The word from other people using the service is that it's been totally inconsistent. Apparently blocking some legendary Pokemon for no understandable reason at all and other fake Pokemon getting through with no issues.

The result of this has seen real issues with users being able to obtain any of the following, Myself included.


These Pokemon continue to be the most requested on the global trade; to the point of de-stabilizing the whole trade system. Search for even the most mundane of Pokemon for your collection and you'll find requests for almost exclusively legendary Pokemon in return. Nothing is trading and nothing else seems wanted.

Despite this I have been able to locate some of the legendary Pokemon I was missing and I have now started, In my Pokemon bank account, started to create a living pokedex.

I would like to put a call out to you all here on GameSpot, If you have any of the Pokemon listed, feel free to hit me up as I may have a trade or two for you.

Until next time.

Pokemon caught so far In X&Y : 321 (seen?) 422 - in bank

Pokemon waiting to move over : 30 +