building the ultimate pokedex part 5 : x to the y to the z

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Pokemon X is in my hands and the release of pokemon bank has finally come.

I can reveal now that my first goal

Move A single Named starter Pokemon from the GBA series of games through to the latest title's X or Y

Quentin was my starting Pokemon when I set out on this journey and he's seen me through some rough long nights.

Yet I feel I've not given him as much time as he should have gotten as he's under developed and still at a reasonably low level.

Hello Quentin my old friend....

So Quentin managed to make his way over, what about the rest you wonder?

Well over time I've had my hands on a number of Pokemon games and as all of these we're second hand, as well as having the chance to test "cheat devices" like the action replay brand of code hacking plug in cartridges, I've also hand the chance to save other peoples past Pokemon and move them through the games.

Shiny Pokemon, rares and obviously hacked Pokemon all appeared at some point or another. Up until the Black and white games the only real hurdles I had to deal with were the restrictions in place with individual Pokemon.

For the Gameboy advance games to DS titles I had to remove all held items, delete any HM moves and only have Pokemon caught in the pal games.

None we're prevented from moving over.

From there it was a case of moving from the 4th generation DS titles to Black and White (I own Black so that was my choice for this task, although I could have used the copy of white 2 I had also)

The rules we're the same for transferring over Pokemon, even though the means different. So once again all caught Pokemon, including any unlocked with Action Replay device and any from other peoples save also made it over. Well I say any, apparently several Pokemon seemed to just vanish between DS gen 4 and Gen 5.

With the release of Pokemon X & Y, Pokemon Bank and its free sister app Pokemon Transporter, I started to see some inconsistent issues.

The bulk of Pokemon made it across to my Pokemon bank account. Transporter insists you have all the Pokemon you want to move in box on in your starting games PC, meaning at most moving 30 at once.

It will remove any held items, and will also instantly take out any Pokemon that are hacked.

This means that my Shaymin & Darkrai; caught after using an action replay to add the items to unlock their encounters into the games; we're blocked. Despite the Pokemon itself not having been added with the device.

Makes sense you might think, yet one of the other Pokemon I added to the game, also an event Pokemon, Manaphy, was fine.

Stranger still, some of the more questionable Pokemon from other peoples past saves also made it through fine, Including a Deoxys.

I tested this even further by actually deliberately catching some hacked Pokemon with an action replay. Setting the catch rate to 100% and the Pokemon to always shiny, once again this shiny Pokemon got past the transfer to bank process where other Pokemon didn't.

The word from other people using the service is that it's been totally inconsistent. Apparently blocking some legendary Pokemon for no understandable reason at all and other fake Pokemon getting through with no issues.

The result of this has seen real issues with users being able to obtain any of the following, Myself included.


These Pokemon continue to be the most requested on the global trade; to the point of de-stabilizing the whole trade system. Search for even the most mundane of Pokemon for your collection and you'll find requests for almost exclusively legendary Pokemon in return. Nothing is trading and nothing else seems wanted.

Despite this I have been able to locate some of the legendary Pokemon I was missing and I have now started, In my Pokemon bank account, started to create a living pokedex.

I would like to put a call out to you all here on GameSpot, If you have any of the Pokemon listed, feel free to hit me up as I may have a trade or two for you.

Until next time.

Pokemon caught so far In X&Y : 321 (seen?) 422 - in bank

Pokemon waiting to move over : 30 +

building the ultimate pokedex part 4: to cheat or not to cheat

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So "cheat" might be taking what I have in mind a little far, but some would quite rightly see it as cheating. I have to come to terms with the prospect of using an action replay type device to patch into my games unavailable content that I would otherwise be at a loss to how to obtain.

One of many cheat devices (other options are available)

The most notable is Deoxys, who seems to be completely exclusive to the GBA titles and unavailable in the later titles (? This is probably something I should look into more). This is still a problem even if I do choose to use a "cheat code device" as deoxys is still only available in three titles and while I have those titles I do not have access to a "cheat device" for those games.

deoxys in one of his four forms.

Now this is an odd thing to say; but it causes an ethical problem for my goal; I want to catch all 700+ pokemon completely legitimately, but I am using a cheat device to patch them in... The only way I could even think about using such a device is to allow me to re-create the original conditions for capture of deoxys. With other pokemon like it I am not at such a problem.

During the DS gen 4 games nintendo used events and wifi to hand out special gifts, items that would allow access to area's not normally open in the games. Some of these items, infamously the Celebi event never became available for people outside of japan, even when nintendo released a disk with the pokemon on as a bonus with pokemon colosseum it was exclusive to japan (Thankfully with the release of pokemon bank this becomes less of a problem, a £60 problem).

With the DS pokemon I could patch in the items that allow me to fight them, but not the pokemon themselves. But not, sadly, deoxys. The best option I have is to patch an encounter with him into the game, at the level he would normally be met at in the other titles.

It's something I am very much opposed to.

The possibly evil Darkrai

I will likely patch in the items needed to encounter Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus, but beyond that I shall wait and see that I can uncover.... just in case.

For the record as it stands Christmas has been quite fruitful, I now posses copies of diamond, black, white 2 and X, while my girlfriend owns Y. Diamond is now also completed with the ever troublesome regigigus caught, along with all but one of the rare pokemon in pokemon soul silver. and the same for pokemon diamond.

catch pokemon by shooting lasers at clouds in this ar game

Completion of the main story in pokemon diamond has brought along with it a new tool, the pokeradar, with that I have the ability to chain for shiny pokemon. Also Ive obtained pokemon dream radar from the 3ds shop, as a means to catch some more legendary pokemon and transfer them to pokemon white 2.

But all that's for another post.

Pokemon caught total (in X & Y) : 2

building the ultimate pokedex part 3: Every cloud

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I'll be back for you later...

And so with the completion of pokemon Sapphire, catching all the legendary pokemon (bar Rayquaza), beating the elite four, I move on. Onward to the next generation, though my time with the GBA pokemon titles is far from done.

Generation 4: Pokemon Gold & Silver

For those confused I obviously don't referre to the original Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver (first released on the Gameboy Colour in Japan on November 21, 1999) but instead the DS "remakes" from 2009.

There was the option to jump in on the first DS titles but really the best game to leap in is at the remakes. Both in terms of content quality and goal achievement.

Unlike the other titles the game has an extra long internal narrative that sees you revisiting the locations and characters of the very first game. Collecting twice the gym badges of any of the games and actually taking on more challenging rival characters and catching more interesting beasts.

Not only are the gold and silver remakes the deeper and more interesting then probably any of the games in the series before and maybe since but also the best quality games in the series.

That and they include the largest number of rare and legendary pokemon available in the game series full stop.

The Biggest draw to the games though is PAL PARK.

I've talked about the pal park feature before, but for those who've not had the chance to read these little poke-blogs before I shall explain.

The pal park is a location in the Gen 4 pokemon games is much like the original games safari zones, you enter a special location and catch rare or normally unavailable pokemon, the difference being that instead of a normal safari zone with a full set of specific pokemon to catch you instead have an area that allows the catching of pokemon from the previous generation of games.

Unlike the diamond/pearl titles the Pal park area becomes available through much less work after collecting half the games gym badges. On top of that, unlike the other titles the game doesn't restrict your being able to move pokemon, too much. The other titles have a time restriction on your catching pokemon, but Soul silver (and heart gold) allows both all the time you need but also to move 6 pokemon at at time as many times as you need in a 24 hour period.

The pokemon moved from GBA to DS have to be stored in a box in the original title, they cant have items, or HM moves , but these are the very same pokemon as those caught in the original GBA title.

Names and all.

So for now I shall leave you with a picture of my original starter, Quentin, moved from Sapphire to Soul silver.

Pokemon caught so far In X&Y : 0

Pokemon waiting to move over : 245

Next time. Legendary catching and the series Black sheep.

Building the ultimate pokedex part 2: Starting from the middle

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As you know from last time due to the lack of backwards compatibility between Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal with the games to follow The earliest point I've had an option of starting at is Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

These were spiritual restarts anyway what with the colours being essentially the same as those of the original, although that didn't stop there being a remake of red and blue in the form of fire red and leaf green (the original original Pokemon titles were fire red and leaf green on the gameboy, god knows why the titles were changed once they reached the west. We were obviously at war with leaves at the time...) .

So with that being the case it's Sapphire that takes top spot in the "games I have to play to do with Pokemon in order to complete this pointless task I've for some reason set myself" chart. We'll sort of, as I've also been using Pokemon Box for the GameCube as a bit of an aid. To start with all I have had available is the five Gameboy Advance Pokemon titles. One of these was sadly American, Leaf Green, and as such will not link to any PAL DS titles for stage two of my adventure. But Pokemon Box will allow for sharing of Pokemon from this title and maybe moving from American GBA title to PAL GBA title to PAL DS title.

the gear I've obtained so far, yet, there's still more I need.

Game one: Task one

Sapphire is a title that oddly ages quite well and as such still very quickly eases you into its adventuring and Pokemon hunting. This time around the titles actually have relatively diverse narratives... well for a Pokemon series, with two "evil" corporations/teams involving themselves in Pokemon and peoples affairs.

Team Aqua and team Magma are both involved with all that's going on here, although you'll only really interact with one of the teams in a real way.

In sapphire its team Aqua that take the main stage and their play to use the games cover star and exclusive legendary Pokemon Kyogre to change the worlds sea levels that dictate my first choice.

Unlike silver and gold before them, each games Legendary Pokemon is exclusive to the game in which they star. Thankfully for me this really matters little as Kyogre and Rube lead legendary Pokemon Groudon are available in later titles.... sort of.

What I'm really here for are the exclusive Pokemon. The starters Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip are the first port of call for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I don't know exactly how available these three Pokemon will be in upcoming titles, But also because my first goal "move a named starter Pokemon from the GBA titles to X&Y" is chosen here.

I chose to go with the games grass starter Treecko, mostly because its always easier to get going with a grass starter (something I later find out to be wrong for this title) and because it's the first of the three available. There's also a Torchic available to download to X&Y already, which makes my choice a little easier.

I named my Treecko Quentin for those wondering, expect to see more from him later.

The real draw: The Regi-Trio

The ultimate goal for this part of the quest to catch them all though is to obtain the Three Legendary Regi-Golem Pokemon

Regirock, Regice & Registeel.

New Golems On the Block on their big comeback tour 2014, Book your tickets now.

To obtain each of these guys in Ruby or Sapphire you need to do a range of things, first and most important, complete the game. By complete I obviously mean defeat the elite four, this is a use for two reasons. It insures you have all the moves and abilities you'll need unlocked. It also opens up the entire world for you to traverse and trust me you'll need to get around a bit.

In obtaining these three beasts you then need to have caught two pokemon, found a lost cave and learn a special code (essentially braille).

To unlock the hidden locations in which these three reside, you first need to have a Relicanth and Wailord in your party, then to find a location on route 134. 134 is surrounded with rapids that are impossible to move on, so finding the exact position to get to is a challenge on its own.

See that little cross shaped patch of dark water in the lower right, getting there is just the start.

Once you have found your way to the dark patch of water you must then get a Pokemon to dive into a hidden underwater trench swim to a strange bolder on which is engraved code and then figure out that this code is telling you to dive again. Doing so brings you into what is simply known as the "Sealed Chamber".

In this forgotten cavern are collections of Blocks with braille symbols or letters inscribed. What is essentially the games hidden alphabet.

From here you need to transcribe the code written on a wall at the back of the room and make your way from this first chamber to the next and then transcribe a second code that tells you that you need your two special Pokemon (the ones from earlier) in the first and last spaces in your party.

Once this is finally done you are welcomed by the information that "something has opened somewhere".

Which means you're only one step closer to even seeing the three Golems.

Next is locating them, my first was the Rock Golem Regirock.

While Registeel and Regice would be relatively simple to obtain, Regirock was indeed something all the more challenging .I spent fifteen hours over three days simply attempting to catch this one level 40 Pokemon. Battles would end one of two ways, No pokeballs left or it would fight for so long that it would run out of moves and then knock itself out using thrash. Thrash is the default move a Pokemon uses when all the remaining move points or PP have run out across all four of its moves.

What you need is to both lower it's HP to 1 and also hit it with a move that will cause status effects, two or more if you can do that.

The Pokemon move false swipe is a god send when it comes to lowering health, but with this Pokemon lowering to 1 HP was still not enough, and raised the risk of a thrash knocking it out should things go on for too long.

In the end all it took was all the Ultra balls I could find and luck.

And yet, even after all that, I technically have 0 Pokemon caught, for as long as X&Y has 0 Pokemon, all these Pokemon could easily still be lost.

Next time... From Gen three to Gen four, this actually pick up a bit.

crowd funding saturdays: 16/11/13

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Once again we have a short bundle of interesting projects for you to look at and think about supporting.

first up is card game and multiplayer app

Batonk! by Psychic Bunny

next is the cool looking

Project Sen by Cakemachine Games LLC.

third up is the striking and slow paced sci-fi noir title


next is the interesting and personal

1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday by iNK Stories

Lastly for this week is shades of Rez and Panzer dragoon in


Building the ultimate pokedex part 1 : Fighting urge to use over used pokemon quote!!

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so after first talking about my aversion to playing Pokemon Y due to my girlfriend having it first and us having just one 3ds a few weeks ago and then my contemplation with the idea of instead taking the time to collect the full and up to date pokedex Ive actually already started along the maddening and near impossible task of indeed catching them all.

Not quite "em all" this is the pokedex up to black and white... but damn that's a lot.

Research: Pokemon, Games and How to link them.

Much of the last two weeks has been spent both researching what would be required of the task and deciding exactly how deep the rabbit hole should go.

After much deliberation I chose to go for the full 718 Pokemon as they appear in the national pokedex at time of writing. This was really a given as really, if you are going to catch em all then you actually HAVE TO DO IT!

The more important choices or aptly, veritable to take into account for were the multitude of differing types of Pokemon and the availability of standard Pokemon to start with.

To explain I should break things down a little and explain firstly what it's going to take to collect the base 718 poklemon.

Generations: How far back to go and why?

It's Important to note that there are next to no guides available online with regards to actually catching every pokemon, There's some tips for individual Pokemon, and some full guides to individual games. There's even some hundred word "guides" to the catching of all the Pokemon... But these are flimsy at best.

As such all the information I've used has been placed together by myself (with my girlfriends help) from a wide range of places.

First thing to take into account is the generations of main series Pokemon titles, these would be the titles on the portable systems exclusively. Yes I know that there was two GameCube Pokemon games, but even these are not classed as the main series.

The next thing to look at is all the side and spin off titles of use or relevance. We'll get to these in a moment.

Now the main Pokemon series of games are currently at their sixth generation (from this point on 6th Gen), The games move onto a new "generation" each time a new group of Pokemon are added to the series pokedex.

The Gameboy Advance titles are counted as the 3rd generation for example and are the earliest titles that can link (through several one way steps) to the current 6th gen. The original gameboy and gameboy colour titles do not link at all to any generations after crystal and are of no use. It's also impossible to collect all the Pokemon in the series without playing the GBA 3rd gen titles through at least once.

This necessity is down to a couple of Pokemon, most notably are Celebi, originally added in the second generation titles Gold & Silver as an "event Pokemon" or download exclusive given away through events, Jirachi, much the same but for the 3rd Gen and the Golem Pokemon Regice, Registeel & Regirock.

All these Pokemon are now essentially impossible to obtain in the 4th Gen titles and onward.

Of the two download exclusive Pokemon Jirachi requires paying for and playing through a copy of the god awful Pokemon channel for the GameCube.

For those who dont know Pokemon channel was a title where you had to watch tv shows, hosted by Pokemon, with a Pikachu. It was sort of like the baby channel, but evil!

Anyway 'completing' Pokemon channel allowed you to download a single Jirachi to a copy of Ruby or Sapphire connected to the GameCube via a GBA and link cable.

With the Regi trio these Pokemon we're available in the 4th Gen Pokemon titles, but much like their 3rd Gen appearances you had to jump through a number of hoops to obtain them.

They only appeared in Pearl and Diamond in the 4th Gen and then only if you downloaded a special Pokemon from Nintendo called Regigigas. Now having him in your party unlocked the other rigi golem Pokemon in diamond or pearl. But this was a while ago now and this Pokemon is not available anymore for download (believe me, I looked).

Conversely though, you can 'catch' Regigigas in diamond and pearl.... But it only unlocks if you have the other three regi golem Pokemon in your party. Sneaky Nintendo, sneaky.

Now with Celebi things become even more difficult as it is apparently only available as a download from a special Japan exclusive bonus disk given away with new copies of Pokemon Colosseum, again on GameCube. This disk, on research, is available at the lovely price of £65.00 on ebay. (although I'd be willing to borrow one if anyone has one)

Thus far we require at least a copy of Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire, a GBA, a GBA to GameCube link cable, A GameCube, a copy of Pokemon channel and a copy of the Japan exclusive Celebi bonus disk for Pokemon Colosseum.

And we've not even gotten onto the DS titles yet.

Regigigas, more trouble then he's worth?

Talking of the Event Pokemon and the 4th Gen titles, I'm sure a few of you are asking, "what about Mew?" well, we'll get to him. I'm also sure you're asking "Why dont you just cheat?"

Oh if only it we're that easy. You see, in order to move Pokemon over from the GBA series to the 4th Gen titles Pearl/diamond/soul silver/heart gold and platinum you need to use a little feature called "the pal park".

Pal Park is a location in all of the 4th Gen titles that allows for the moving of Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Fire Red/Leaf Green to the DS titles. With a few... Limitations.

Firstly to unlock the feature you have to, complete one of the 4th Gen titles, visit it's location and in the case of Pearl/Diamond/Platinum add every Pokemon from that games pokedex to fore mentioned pokedex.

This is somewhat easier with Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold, but it's still no cakewalk.

Then, you are limited to only moving over SIX Pokemon at a time, these Pokemon then must be caught in a mini-game in the Pal Park location.

This game is all the more limited by a timer in P/D/P, if you dont catch all six, you have to start over. Doubly limited by only having the option to move Pokemon once a day. Thankfully these limitations were also removed for the Soul Silver and Heart Gold titles.

Other limitations on pokemon movement include

  • Pokemon can only move between titles from the same region, No Pal to Ntsc movement.
  • Pokemon with HM moves, something you NEED to progress in more or less all Pokemon titles, CANNOT be moved.
  • Pokemon cannot move while holding an item.
  • Pokemon caught with cheat cartridges and devices will not move between titles.

That's right kids, no cheating. Not that I would anyway, that would be too easy and boring.

Most importantly Pal Park returns for the 5th Gen as Black and White added over 170 new Pokemon to the series.

As for the 4th Gen, We come to the next two Pokemon only possible to obtain from this generation, Mew and Phione. For these two "event Pokemon" we require the further addition of a Nintendo Wii and Wii ware exclusive title, My Pokemon Ranch.

Oh and at least 1000 captured Pokemon. You see, to obtain both we need to upload to the ranch, 250 Pokemon for Phione and 1000 for Mew.

So now, along with the addition of a DS Lite we need also a Wii.

From here things get a little better. There's only one or two exclusive Pokemon in Black/White/2 and with the addition of the upcoming Pokemon Transfer and Pokemon Bank it's totally possible to move Pokemon from Gen 5 to Gen 6 with little trouble.

Goals: Catch em all?

As I said earlier this becomes much more then about catching them all, because them all, is a subjective term in the world of Pokemon. while there is a pokedex of 718 Pokemon. There's many more then 718 Pokemon.

Firstly there's sex and more importantly forms. Most Pokemon can come as male or female, this was introduced to allow breeding (something else I'll have to abuse in the long run) but on the whole this made little difference to the Pokemon. Some Pokemon though, some are actually totally different due to sex.

So I have to face the choice of collecting one of each, or of each form.

If I say yes to that I fall down a much darker path, some Pokemon have different forms based not on sex but a range of varying factors.

Deoxys, another download Pokemon, has a number of different forms, do I collect all of them? And what about the alphabet Pokemon Unown?? Collecting all of them would boost my numbers by 28 (A-Z and ! & ? ). Do I dare collect them too?

Don't even begin talking about shiny Pokemon!

So After much deliberation I've set myself the following goal/s

  • Move A single Named starter Pokemon from the GBA series of games through to the latest title's X or Y
  • Collect a complete (or as legitimately complete as possible) National Pokedex in the latest titles X or Y
  • Actually complete a national pokedex with one of each Pokemon in storage. A real 'collection'
  • Complete the pokedex AND collect every variation of Pokemon form.
  • Complete collection of Unown Pokemon

I don't know exactly how possible this will be, But meet me back here in a few days for part two of my foolish quest.

crowd funding saturdays 9/11/13

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Oops... tuesday...

once again its time for some highlights from the world of crowd funded projects. You should take a look and maybe help some out.

Firstly this week is the familiar and charming looking King Voxel by Phillip Meyer

then there is Interference super stylish and totally up my street.

with hints of portal like originality and a nice visual style its SCALE by Steve Swink

I know iv'e spoken about it & yes its funded but ...Night In The Woods by Infinite Fall

Interstellaria looks super interesting, a side on FTL esk title with away missions

Lastly for this week it's GRIDLOCK TACTICS by Parabole


Catch the feaver

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So the "5th Generation" is here and everyone has once again gone pokemon crazy. To an extent I am free of the sickness but left with a slight desired unfulfilled.

I'd love to play the new games but as things stand now this is beyond my abilities. Mostly due to not having my own personal 3ds and my other half having the house one... and playing pokemon Y in it obsessively. (covered in a past blog)

So I've gotten to thinking about what I can do in the meantime...

No MEW GLITCH for me

Technically it's possible to take a pokemon from ruby & sapphire; bring it through several generations and have it in x & y

I might be thinking about attempting that, with all the games.

i.e. getting all 600+ pokemon in the new titles X &/or Y

Should I really be willing to subject myself to this?

so the research has begun and as expected the generations go back only as far as the 3rd. which primarily consists of pokemon Ruby /Sapphire/fire red/ leaf green/emerald

It would also be of use to play some Colosseum/xd:gale of darkness and god forbid, pokemon channel/box (box being quite the useful tool) .

The next gen (4th) covers Diamond/pearl/platinum/heart gold/soul silver and as with the 3rd gen the home console titles Battle revolution and My pokemon Ranch on wii.

It'll also be important NOT TO CHEAT AT ALL as several stages of the journey will be protected from any "cheat obtained" pokemon. So the classic MEW Glitch is out.

Gen 5 is black/white/and B&W 2 and the end of the road is X&Y.

Now yes many pokemon will be obtainable in more or less both games of the x&y gen. So It's going to be important to make a list of exclusives/impossibles. It'll also be important NOT TO CHEAT AT ALL as several stages of the journey will be protected from any "cheat obtained" pokemon. So the classic MEW Glitch is out.

Yet I am still compelled to attempt this, to actually catch them all and keep a log, text/audio/video covering the whole experience.

EDIT/UPDATE: After some "research" of the the 718 pokemon to collect, 62 are rare/legendary/one off pokemon.

Although with the original Three starters and the gold/silver starters are obtainable on multiple occasions.

That leaves 54 that appear just once; There is also one more pokemon that I'm puzzled over.

Unown comes in a form for each letter of the alphabet. So do I catch one Unown or all of them?

Drift your eyes this way

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As I write the kickstarter for downright awesome looking action RPG Hyper Light Drifter is in its last few hours.

It already hit it's none to small $27,000 goal a long time ago and has gone on not to simply double its funding but hit over 2,272% of what it's developers Heart Machine originally asked for.

Being someone who has also put a little money onto the kickstarter I obviously suggest that you all do the same while its still possible to do so.

The game has already appeared on steams greenlight program and at time of writing was also greenlit.

Really I'm not going to say too much about the project until it's in my hands. But if you've not looked at it yet and have some pennies to spare I suggest you watch the trailer and if you like what you see then you know what to do.

hex me, why?

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For those of you who don't know me and those who don't know a lot about me I should let you know that I am into games. Very much so.

But unlike most people I tend to get easily bored of the bigger titles. At least the more "adult" AAA titles.

So while everyone else has been playing GTAV, which I have less and less interest in with each passing day, I've been playing Minecraft on 360, playing the steam trading card market (made £2.00) and quietly looking forward to the upcoming release of Pokemon X & Y.

Gah, Why doe's this game series mock me so!

Get ready for the first world problem section of this post though...

I have a girlfriend of six years now and we happen to live together. We're very happy, have two cats and are a bit odd together. We even work in the same place. Sadly though the existence of just the one 3DS in our loving home risks to drive a terrible rift between us. For she already has a copy of Pokemon Y and with her purchase goes any chance of my ever obtaining a copy of X or Y for myself.

Now I know what you are thinking, "why not just buy X?" Sure that would be an ideal situation, yet then my choices are, buy X or Y and play when she's not playing.... which is likely not going to happen any time soon. OR. Buy a brand new (or 2nd hand) 3DS and play with against her.

Even if picking up a new (or, as we established as an option previously, 2nd hand) 3DS was an option for me, which it really is not, she would already have such a head start on the game that any chance of being a fun "rival" to her is already long gone.

she would already have such a head start on the game that any chance of being a fun "rival" to her is already long gone.

I would forever be languishing in the anneals of barely a challenge that battles would be pointless. Teaming with me for two player vs two battles would also be pointless as she would have a team much higher. She would carry mine and any losses would be my fault.

That's if there still is a two v two battle system?! (looks left and right for help).

It's not that there's any shame in playing Pokemon solo; I've been a lifelong fan of the series. I played through Red and Blue so many times that I could play one of the titles through from start to elite four in one six hour sitting. I bought both copies and a spare Gameboy colour in order to trade Pokemon with myself and after going through and collecting all 150 original Pokemon I even traveled to Pokemon tournaments several hours away in order to battle people and obtain a mew.

Oh yes, I got this little guy and I didn't need to use any "exploits" to do it. Dedication, dedication is what you need to be a poke-record breaker!

Nobody I knew had a Gameboy or Pokemon though, so really the only joy was in collecting the Pokemon and doing so alone. There was nobody else interested. Which is crazy when you think that this was during the height of poke-mania and that I had a little sister who you'd think this would be perfect for.

Still play the games I did, moving onto Gold & Silver, Ruby & Sapphire and eventually even collecting the trading cards.

The trading cards were a dark point in my life where I fell so deep in the rabbit hole that I actually invented an entirely new set of rules for the game where one person could have six Pokemon at once or some gubbins like that. This is made all the worse for being a social outcast who just had nobody else to play with.

Ah, those cards, how I miss them. I had hundreds of pounds worth and now they are gone... as is the money.

I mean really! I sat down and taught myself to play the trading card game and NEVER PLAYED A GAME AGAINST ANYONE!!

Like I say, not a high point for me socially.

Anyway, you'd think that finally with a stable relationship with someone who was really into Pokemon would be a gift. Yet I am hit with a terrible curse. Unable to ever find anyone to play with or play the game when I have.