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Mount&Blade Warband

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I was looking forward to Mount&Blade Warband and it has finally been released on 30th March. I am happy to play this wonderful game's expansion and I congratulate the producers...

But I am not satisfied because my expectations were bigger! The most unpleased part of the expansion is the arm movements of the characters during the battles. And Warband expansion is not as system-friendly as the main game.

The pleasure part of the expansion is the new armors and weapons. And also new horses are added (I liked the desert horses :) ).

So I am playing it now and trying to marry a princess but I am not successful right now! :)

Happy Warbands!

Old Clas*ics...

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Although there are lots of new graphical advanced games, I am discovering old games now, and they satisfy me more.

For example, "The Elder Scroll'sIV: Oblivion". I was searching for a good RPG for a while, but I didn't want to play a game including magical elements in it. After I decided to try such games, I finally started playing this game. It is a very good work with its expansions.

Also I played Assassin's Creed on PSP and PC. I liked it very much but it has a story-line at all, and doesn't let the players play freely.

So I decided to play either Oblivion and Assassin's Creed at the same time.. ;)

PSP tries...

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I am playing PSP games nowadays. It is because my little brother gave it to me when he came visit me last time; he said he couldn't study his lessons when he has it!

I didn't use it at first because of my busy times of studying and working, but then I tried some games and it went on... Now I am trying all the game I can find and it became an enjoyable thing!

I don't like most of the PSP games.(I think it is also about I am getting older:)) But some of them are very good. For example if you like to play RPG games -but real RPG games!- I can suggest you "Phantasy Star Portable". You can play it online and/or offline. Also you can play online with the character which you create offline. It is very satisfying...

And I can suggest you "Undead Knights" if you like to play action kind of games. But you can be bored early after some time... It is a new game and it is worth to play...

I can suggest you World Rally Championship in the car racing genre. It has quality graphics and fine driving experience... But I will try some other games in this genre -for example Need for Speed Shift- , then I will tell you which one is the best..;)

After all I can say that PSP games don't give the same taste as the PC games. But they can tolerate the absence of them.

I continue my searching and I will write my thoughts and experiences... Wait for me...

Game industry is also on Summer Holiday!

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We play games all the time we find a way out of our busy life and we always complain about the late releases. But we know that this is a hard work, and hard works need hardworking times...

Now is one of those times that there is a silence in the game world. Allright there are some games lately released but I am not satisfied as a game player. Also I can not find the games that I want. Actually I mean the genre. I can not find enough RPG or simulation games that I would like to... For example I want RPG games to stay in the real world and not to include monsters or vodoo s*** The game named Mount&Blade is a good example for what I mention. There are no supernatural beings and you can live a life at the 14th century. Everything is so realistic and they give us a game that has a quality vision on the screen despite its low need of hdd space.(~800 mb) You can't belive that this game wants such a small hdd space after you see the ingame screen... It is the art of programming..;);title;0

So I play the old games of my collecon because of my boring times...

I absulutely want to find new games that I can like... But it doesn't seem possible in the near future...

See you!