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I'm in the Beta!!!!

The DC universe online beta to be exact thanks to a very generous gamespot member who gave her extra PS3 key to me.Now I'm in the process of downloading the big ass beta which is 15 gb to be exact.Once I get it up and running I will post on how good the beta is.Till then have fun guys.

Nothing is true,Everything is permitted

Bought AC:B for my PS3 recently and its a good game.Haven't tried out MP yet so I can't comment on it right now.As far as the single-player is concerned there seems to be something missing from it.Can't figure out what it is yet.Ezio looks awesome with the beard and Desmond's clothes have also been changed abit to give him the Assassin look.I'm currently on sequence 7 so I will post about the ending later and I finally finished C:LOS.Had alot of fun while playing it.I think the game should have gotten atleast an 8.5.Now I'm thinking of getting GT5 or the new NFS.Well thats about everything for this blog post.

Back to my routine life.

Past 2 months were great.Had lot of fun at home with friends and family.Performed Umrah with my parents and caught up on a few games I missed.Now college has started and I enter my 2nd year of Computer Engineering.

Lastly Eid Mubarak to everyone.Have a great time with family and friends.

I'm free!!!!!!!

Free from the burden of exams that is.Heading home tomorrow by Emirates Airlines.Have my flight from Bangalore Intl Airport(India} at 10:25 AM.Will reach Dubai Intl Airport at 1:00 PM.Got a 9 hour stay at dubai after which at 10:00 PM gonna catch a flight to my hometown Dammam(Saudi Arabia).Mom and Dad are coming to pick me up at the airport.All my friends have summer vacation too so everyone will be in town.Going to relax,party and play alot of games for 2 months.

And now onto gaming.Since my 360 RROD'd 8 months ago I have been mostly gaming on my PS3 so I'm definitely buying Red Dead Redemption for PS3 but don't know which other game to buy after that.Guys recommend me some good games.I already have GOW3,R1 and R2,KZ2,Assassins Creed 1 and 2,Dead Space,Infamous,MGS4,TES4 Oblivion,Resident Evil 5,Uncharted 2,Dragon Age Origins,Motorstorm,GTA4,Prince of Persia,Burnout Paradise,Batman AA,The Darkness and Fallout 3.Your help will be quite appreciated.:)

Exams in 2 weeks and vacation plans

Well as the title says I have my university exams in 2 weeks from 15th-30th of june.This will complete my first year of computer engineering.After that I will be leaving for home on July 1st.Can't wait to see my parents and brothers.Then going to meet with all my buddies.They are all coming back home during their holidays.Gonna party hard with them.After that my family has plans of going to Egypt.I'm really excited about seeing the pyramids.After this I will hopefully have some time to catch up on the games that have released from March.The last game I bought was God of war 3.:cry:

Back to gaming

Had a couple of tests for a few weeks and now I'm back.I'm eagerly waiting for Red dead redemption next month and wondering when GT5 will release.On System wars some guy said I had never played GOW3 when I told him that Crysis 2 will be better in terms of graphics on consoles:P and then came alot of cows defending GOW3 and how it will always be better than any PC GAME:roll: and I got torn to shreds in that thread with talk of AA,MSAA and what not.This made me realise that I am not a cow but a true gamer.So my friends beware of cows and yes Crysis 2 will have the best graphics in any game till date.

Drive carefully everyone.

Today one of my old school friends passed away in an accident.The accident happened near our school where he had gone to pick up his brother.He lost control of his car during a turn and hit a transformer.He died on the spot.His brother is in serious condition and the doctors are saying he might not survive.The poor kid lost his left eye as it came out during the accident.His parents are in a state of shock and his mother hasn't spoken since today morning after the accident.

This incident made me realise that life is not to be taken for granted.We are alive today because our parents took care of us and at the end of the day they want to see us back at home in one piece.So guys don't drive at high speeds because of your ego or to impress someone.Always remember someone at home is waiting for you to come back.

Accident site

Accident site 2

My vengeance ends now.

These are the first and last words that kratos says in the epic finale GOW3.Finished the game today and without ruining anything else I am certain there will be a GOW4 because of the way the game ends.GOW3 answers alot of questions regarding all the main characters and leaves alot of questions when it ends.I enjoyed the game to maximum while I played it.Finished the game on normal in 9 hrs.So have u guys gotten the game and what are your impressions?

Zeus ur son has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more week till I get my hands on GOW3.My lucky cousin got a review build of the game.He works for a gaming magazine in India.He finished the game in a day andhe has not stopped talking about kratos ever since.Pre-ordered GOW3 at a local dealer here in my city and he is giving away a free GOW3 t-shirt along with it as pre order bonus.Anyway what about you guys?Getting GOW3 or not?

Few things about me.

1.I have been a gamer since I was 5 years old.

2.I like making fun of others.

3.I am really impatient.

4.The first game I played was Super Mario Bros.

5.My favourite food is Chicken biryani.

6.I like to play Cricket.Google it if you dont know what it is.

7.I love DBZ and absolutely hate DB GT.

8.My favourite movie is Terminator 2.Dont ask me why...

9.I hate people who think they are good at everything.

10.I like cats especially persian cats.

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