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Guild wars is a great MMO, i put 50 bucks into it three years ago and i just stopped a month ago, i bout all the expansions (up to 170$, but cheaper than buying wow and playing for a year) i have 1232 hours over 35 months i think. Worth it, and i still hadnt done everything the game had to offer.
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w/e maybe franchise can branch out now?
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ive got a Nvidia GeForce 5500 FX and directX9 when i first installed it said my driver was old but still let me play, today i couldnt play, so i updated the driver, and it whenever i open it it says there was an error and goes to the send error report screen, do i have to buy a new graphics card if i wnat to keep playing?
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i bought the game with didgital download, and it wont let me de-crypt it.
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guild wars is a great game, i just get annoyed when i have to get a new farming build every two weeks. and i can say its a fantastic game, i put 1200 hours over 3 years into that game and theres still stuff for me to do. i wish more character slots were cheaper, i have 7 pve lvl 20's and i like to keep one slot open for pvp. but im not paying 10$ more for one more slot
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Ron Paul is good for the country, he keeps the media and other politicians on their toes.