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Alright, I finally got a laptop so making blog posts will be a whole lot easier now. Alright got some updates in my gaming collection. Got a PS3 and got Uncharted, MGS4, Dead Space, and a few others that I don't feel like mentioning. Also I got San Andreas and Age of Empires III for tha PC. I love them all.

Just thought you'd all want to know.

Metroid: Other M

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I am not lying, I teared up when they announced this. Metroid is my all time favorite series. Thats all I have to say about that. 2010, here I come.

Conbob's Blog: Drugs are fun!

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Welcome readers! I've got some big news for ya!

First of all, I finally completed my GTA: Chinatown Wars review so check that out, here is the link.

Second of all, me and Superzone (He is a member on this very website and on Beefjack) will soon be doing a weekly feature on Beefjack. It will basically be me and him arguing different things every week like Metroid vs. Zelda and Godzilla vs. King Kong. Most of the debates will be over something that has something to do with something in the video game news (that was a lot of somethings!). This will be called Verses or VS. We will both give links to these on both of our blogs on Gamespot.

So track Superzone, check out Beefjack, and play games!

The Post's Message: HANDHELDS HANDHELDS HANDHELDS! Play a handheld! Whether it be the original GameBoy, GameGear, PSP, or Nintendo DS, just play one!

Conbob's Blog: It's Been Awhile

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Wow, I have been a busy man! Well for starters, I landed a free writing gig at and am quite excited for that. You all should check it out, it is quite a nifty site.

I have also been super busy with school, but I will not bore you with those particular dertails.

Lastly, the games I have been playing! I have been play GTA: Chinatown Wars and have been loving every minute of it! I would strongly recommend it to any DS owner! I can honestly say that it is one of the best DS games out right now! I have also been playing Rouge Squadron 3 and Wind Waker with hopes of finally beating them both. I am considering starting an old school Pokemon game again.

Well, that about covers it and hopefully I will start blogging a little more actively from now on.

One thing I will do is post links to my reviews on Beefjack once I start getting more of those done. I will alsoI will give you a message on life and suggestions for your life on every blog post.

This post's message: Start playing older games! Go back and beat all the past-generation games you haven't beat yet!


Conbob's Blog: Help?

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So I have been made aware of how many freebie volunteer sites there are as far as gaming journalism go and was wonderin', where in the heck are they? Everywhere I go seems to talk about all these "freebie sites" but I can't seem to find any. So basically what I'm asking for are links to these sites, if you know of any, so I can get some experience built up. Thanks fellow gamers.

Conbob's Blog: I'm Famous Now!!

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So for all those who know of The Hotspot podcast and listen to it, the most recent episode had a caller named CONBOB21 who asked about journalism. Well believe it or not, THAT WAS ME! I am in pretty big awww right now and have listened to it a few times over. This got me thinking about writing more than ever and inspired this very blog post you read here. So I was wondering if anyone here is legitimately involved in the journalism and/or writing business and would love some advice on how to achieve this dream.

Basically what I am doing now is taking creative writing (the only class involving writing at my school), and blogging. I am a senior in high school and am looking at an English degree due to the amount of options I have after receiving that specific degree. So advice is welcome and everyone who hasn't listened to the podcast needs to go and get it right now at either;title or iTunes.

Also, this may be old news, but I wanted to elaborate on the rumors of the Nintendo DSi being released at $179.99 in early April. The DSi is about 12% smaller than the DS Lite and has slightly bigger screens than it's predecessor. The DSi also contains an internal memory and a slot for an SD card. Also featured is the web browser, available for free, as well as updateable firmware. Well if these rumors are true, which are mostly accepted to be so, you can count on me to help Nintendo by adding few dollars to their massive bank account. Although this is mostly great news for the majority, some people will be upset about the lack of GBA slot which also will eliminate the ability to add peripherals like the Guitar Hero device and the rumble pack. I, for one, will be okay.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this rumor filled, advice welcoming, segment of Conbob's Blog.

Conbob's Blog: The next Zelda game!

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Well, as you all recall, 2008 was the first year in a decade to not have a single Zelda game which leaves 2009 bound to introduce a new Zelda game in our living rooms. So I thought it would be intresting to dwell on new ideas that could be used in the next great Zelda game.

Personally, I think that Nintendo should step back to Windwaker and follow a more stylistic take on the Hyrule universe. Maybe not as cartoony as Windwaker but an intresting mix between realistic and cell shaded graphics. I guess Okami could be a good example for what i'm looking for. Also, another gameplay element would be nice, I mean, while the Zelda formula is great and works well, I think that something new should be added to both the gameplay and the story.

I know the Zelda story hasn't had the most groundbreaking, emotional story-line like MGS4 or anything, I think it has the potential. The characters are greatly set up and completely open to interpretation which allows for a more intriguing storyline and believe Nintendo should take advantage of that.

Well there is my view, and i'm positive that not everyone agrees with me so share your opinions and express your feelings about such the next addition to an amazing series.

Conbob's Blog: The rise of casual games and the fall of EGM.

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Video games just aren't what they used to be are they. We go from fun home arcades, to hardcore gaming consoles, to more hardcore gaming consoles, to mini game collections? What i'm referring to of course is the Nintendo Wii and it's ratio of casual mini game collections to hardcore games, which happens to be about 1000:1. Unfortunatly, the majority of Wii owners are people who buy a wii only for games like Wii Play and Carnival Games. WTF?! WHY??? I remember when gaming used to be about staying up for hours trying desperatly to get to the next save point with only 5 for shots left in your pistol and a low health warning flashing across your screen, well, what the hell happened? I know what your thinking, Conbob, why not buy a PS3 or 360? Well here is one answer that will have you understanding more than the Pope during a confession, I DON'T WANT TO SPEND $1000 GETTING EVERYTHING I NEED TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!!! The Wii was the cheapest console at launch and the Gamecube was my favorite out of the previous generation. I know, maybe Nintendo is doing this to themselves, I mean, they did package in Wii Sports and funded games like Wii Fit, Wii Play, and Wii Music, so what else should we do other than buy these games? IGNORE THEM!! They are mostly crap, and all they do is harm your chances of getting more hardcore games like Mad World and The Conduit coming in March. Do this, and we shall see more games we bleed for instead of the games that make us bleed when we play them. Also, you may have heard about the Electronic Gaming Monthly fiasco. Well, this is mostly because of our poor economy so be sure to thank your government. I am truely sorry for all subsribers to that wonderful magazine and want to say goodbye to a leader in gaming magazines for 20 years. Goodbye EGM, you will be missed.

Conbob's movie review: Valkyrie

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Valkyrie is a historical war thriller that introduces to the masses the July 20th, 1944 plot to assasinate the infamous Nazi leader, Adolph Hitler Tom Cruise plays the role of the heroic Colonel Claus von Stauffenburg, who created the plot and was the aggressor in completing the impossible.

Introductions aside, let's talk about the movie. Though it wasn't Cruise's best role, he certainly did all he could to convey the heroism and character of Stauffenburg and he didn't dissapoint. The movie did a great job creating suspense all the way to the ill-fated ending. Who knew Bryan Singer was capable of such quality? The music fit perfectly to keep you on the edge of your seat and though it did run a bit long, it was an overall enjoyable movie.


TIME: 120 min


Conbob's Blog: 2008 catch-up! Last Year in Review.

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It's been a hella long time since I last posted a blog on Gamespot, and boy is there stuff that needs to be discussed! So in order for me to get a sense of closure, I'm gonna review 2008. I know what your thinking, ANOTHER review of 2008?! Well your gonna read this post, or.....well.....something bad will happen to you! So let's get this thing underway!

Let's start with games of course! It's been a pretty big year for gamers as well as non-gamers! First we have the Nintendo who have been hard at work redefining gaming and introducing a whole new breed of gaming. Second we have Sony and Microsoft who have been busy redefining hardcore gaming and melting our eyes with the amazing visuals that bleed out of the television set.

Oh the Wii, my true love and best friend. With games like Wii Fit coming ashore it's hard for someone to truly define video games nowadays. Are they a form of mindless violence, or a relaxing version of yoga? With those type of games it would be hard for someone to call the Wii a hardcore system. Though there are games like Call of Duty and No More Heroes that are for the hardcore gamers out their, the majority of Wii owners want only games like Carnival Games and Party Games which is the number 1 reason that Wii owners will have to look carefully for hardcore gaming experiences.

The PS3 and 360 both had a pretty big year with Gears of War 2 for 360, Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3, and Grand Theft Auto 4 for both systems. Of course how can I forget HOME for PS3? Sony's feeble attempt to copy the Wii's strong points is doing reasonably well. Will HOME last, I wouldn't think so but my opinion could be bias.

The handheld scene has been strong on one side. The Nintendo DS is having a wonderful year with games such as Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, The World Ends With You, and many others. The PSP has also had a miraculous year with the soon to be classic hits Roco 2? Let's move on.

Well, who has had the best year, I would probably say PS3. With GTA4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, getting a PS3 would surely be worth your money.


You would like me to say PS3 wouldn't you? Actually, my pick for BEST YEAR EVER would have to be the majestic NINTENDO DS!!!! The DS is king of the handheld scene, the caliber of games for the DS is indescribably high and next year looks just as promising.

As always, keep gaming gamers!

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