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Different Account

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In case any of you folks on my friend list haven't figured it out, I've been using a different account for several months now. I just like the name better (not entirely sure why) and I have a batch of online IDs to go with whiskeystrike from NeoGAF to Steam to Reddit to PSN, so I like it being more synonymous.

In any case, track me over here at whiskeystrike if you aren't already.


Digging for Nostalgia!

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First off, Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and to those who don't celebrate nevertheless, I hope you had a cheerful day!

I managed to land a few gift cards this Christmas for GameStop, Amazon and Walmart so I decided to spoil my new shiny PS2 with some glorious games. Through a bit of smart shopping and patience I managed to land these fantastic games (2 of them still sealed!) and some Riot Points for my League of Legends account while only spending a meager $0.64.

I also managed to land some clothes and a pair of jeans but all that is irrelevant to the gamez!

So folks tell me what you think of my pickup!

Team Fortress 2, RDR and LoL!

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Well, I of course took advantage of the forever, freekin' free Team Fortress 2! I'm a bit stoked as I almost bought it a few months ago but decided it wasn't worth the purchase. Now I can play for free :D

Of course I downloaded Steam for it. My Steam ID is uncommonfate but that is the only game that will be on my account for a long time. Steam is well... awesome! It's made me want to build a good gaming PC really bad but I don't exactly have the funds for a CPU. Hopefully, if I get a job this fall I will save up slowly but surely and buy the parts one piece at a time. Then I would still have my laptop for class and whatnot.

In other gaming news, I recently completed Red Dead Redemption. A very fun game I must say. Dead Eye was pretty kickass and all the shooting, running, riding, etc, felt very smooth. The game was a bit of a drag the first half as I had to watch a kickass guy like John Marston turn into an errand boy for people like West Dickens and Irish. The second half was much better and I would say the game was definititely worth my time. The aftergame is a bit boring but hey that's what MP is for right?

Lastly, in case any of you didn't know I play League of Legends! It's free to play, free to download and very competitive. It's a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and has had a huge rise in popularity over the past year, swiftly climbing the ranks and being officially declared an "e-sport" if you will. If you play, then fantastic! You should add me, ID - commonfate. If you don't play but are thinking about it then sign up here.

Thanks for reading and have a good day :)

A Blog Full of Awesome... and Ice Cream!

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Well, hello there everyone! First off, three cheers for summer! Even though I've been on break for almost a month I still have another 2+ to go! In that time I've played lots of video games, poker, ping pong, tennis and Monopoly. I've also seen quite a few friends that I hadn't seen since high school graduation, a year from yesterday. It feels quite odd to be honest. I don't really feel like an adult, even though legally I am, yet at the same time I really don't feel like a teenager, even though being that I'm 18, I am. It's a weird in-between stage and I suppose I will feel this way till I hit 21 at least. Anyways, this itty bitty "town" (if you can even call it that) holds no jobs for someone such as I. I've applied to the four possible places that I can but to no avail. I will continue prodding them over the summer. Even, if I can work for only a month or so, that would give me something to do, plus some nice extra spending money for when I go back to college in August. Anyways, enough personal chit chat. On to the good stuff, or are you still reading? Here's some ice cream if you still are. :oops:

E3 has passed. What a well, weird year. Many posters were hyping this E3 like it was going be something special and in all honesty it was okay. Lots of good games and all but no big suprises. I guess I shouldn't have paid attention to the leaks if I wanted to be "wowed." Anyways, you guys and gals like lists right? Well here ya go! How about two of them?

Top 5 Awesome Things About This Year's E3

5) The live conference chat rooms were chaotic but hilarious. I've never watched E3 live before, just bits and pieces of the highlighst but I changed that this year. While I didn't catch everything live like I wanted to I still saw enough to make me glad I did so. Seriously, GameSpot just proves itself over and over to be a diverse and crazy population. Even if we find people outrageously ridiculous and annoying, fact of the matter is this place would be boring without them.

4) MGS HD Collection announced! This is really awesome. If I were to pick only 5 franchises that could have been made into collections for the PS3, MGS would definitely be up there. It's a bit disappointing that the first one isn't in there as it doesn't feel like a proper collection without it but it is fairly cheap off the PStore. Still I've never played Peace Walker so I look forward to enjoying it.

3) The 3DS upcoming lineup looks great. Five fantastic looking titles announced for the 3DS. I was thinking about getting a DS Lite soon as I was convinced that the 3DS had no games but I couldn't be more happily wrong. The 3DS is shaping up to be another fantastic handheld from Nintendo and I am positive more great games will be released for the 3DS in the upcoming years.

2) Expected titles looked awesome. I'm talking Skyward Sword, ME3, MW3, BF3, UC3, Arkham City, AC: Revelations, Bioshock Infinite, Dark Souls, Dungeon Siege III, Max Payne III, Elder Scrolls V and Final Fantasy XIII-2. I expected all these titles to be there and they were. Still, no suprise or shock and awe factor but damn doesn't this upcoming next year look great?

1) Deus Ex Human Revolution is awesome. This may be the only day 1 purchase for me this year. I'm seriously hyping this game for GOTY (not GameSpot, just my personal preference). I could talk about how awesome I think this game will be for paragraphs but then my fingers would probably hurt. =(

Top 5 Disappointing Things About This Year's E3

5) E3 itself just wasn't there. I already mentioned it but I'll say it again there was nothing that really shocked me like previous years. It was a bit... boring. I mean look at the list above I shouldn't be more excited about re-releases more so than actual new upcoming releases.

4) The BF3 versus MW3 fanboy war. Honestly, it's just annoying. I really don't care who is more successful fanwise, financially or through critic scores. I just want to play the games I want to and enjoy them and then move on. It seems like some people won't be a happy person unless COD or BF flops on every possible aspect. Some people's children. :roll:

3) Rockstar and Valve had nothing to show. Not even a single trailer. =(

2) No PS3 cross-game voice chat announced. The PS Vita is going to get it, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before PS3 gets the same treatment. Still, Sony should have at least announced a polite hint that "Hey it's coming."

1) Final Fantasy Versus XIII wasn't there. Need I say more? Will this game ever come out or will we even get a false release date? Many people are hyping this game, from the old school fanboys claiming this may save Square Enix and the newer fanboys (like myself) who are just looking forward to another stellar entry into the Final Fantasy franchise. Still, Square Enix won't be pleasing anyone if they never release this game!

So there you have it, what I think about this year's E3. Feel free to add a comment, troll me, post something that has nothing to do with my blog or whatever. Just don't read and leave! :evil::cry::|:D

A Proper Blog

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First off, I would like to thank each and every person who reads my blogs from the bottom of my heart. It truly means something to me, to know that someone is interested enough (or bored) to read what I have to say, and to comment a thoughtful response. It makes me feel like my time spent roaming the internet is a little bit less wasteful. So once again thank you all and enjoy the cake. You deserve it. :) (Yes it is a cake)

Maybe this time the cake is not a lie. =P

Also, I'd like to apologize for my terribad blog I posted last week. It was typed up in literally a matter of a minute and some seconds, rushed needlessly to say and unedited. Hopefully, this blog will suffice.

Without further ado, let me delve into the reason why you read the blog.

I finished Heavy Rain on Sunday, just a few days ago. It was quite the thriller, one where I as the player was emotinally invested in the story and the problems the characters faced. I felt their pain and fear. I was nervous for them, hoping they would triumph. I really don't want to give away any details because it is one of those games that you enjoy the most knowing absolutely nothing about it prior to starting it. While it hasn't been the best experience in PS3 gaming for me, it is pretty close. Graphics were highly detailed and facial animations were scarily realistic. Story was engrossing, voice actors were superb and the emotions captured by the voice actors and writers is something I have felt in only a very few games. Gameplay was something that went suprisingly well. I laughed at the game the first time I saw some gameplay footage, immediately labelling it and tossing it aside as an interactive movie. I'm glad I was very, very wrong. I highly recommend all PS3 owners give it at least a rental (game time ran for me at almost 10 hours) unless you have a fiery and passionate hate for quick time events as most of the game is comprised of that.

After finishing Heavy Rain (I will go back and replay the game many, many times) I moved on to yet another playthrough of Uncharted 2. I finally bothered myself to get the platinum. Hooray for trophies? Anyways, it's odd as that was the first game I beat on the PS3 (great way to start off gaming on the PS3 right?) and yet it took me almost a year to get the platinum, while it was the second easiest platinum out of my collection to get (first being Assassin's Creed II). I only needed a few trophies and for whatever reason I never really thought about going for it. I am glad I finally did play co-op objective though. It actually turned out to be much funner than I thought it would be and I look forward to playing more of it (hopefully with some of you guys :)).

So now I have eight shiny platinums. They are Assassin's Creed II, Bioshock 2, God of War I, II and III, inFamous, Dead Space and Uncharted II.

My next game that I am going to play will be Final Fantasy XIII. Here's the background story if you haven't already heard it. I was close to the end, dangerously close and yet I never figured I would have a problem with my PS3 saves and... you guessed it. I did. I haven't had the heart to start over until just now (it was last August that my harddrive decided to go crazy and me going ahead and saying whatever deleting a bunch of game files) so hopefully I'll actually be able to find out what happens at the end. And don't even bother plagueing my blog with comments on how bad the game is. I enjoy the game and maybe you don't and we'll just leave it at that.

My final piece of the blog is on... wallpapers!

I'm slowly but surely acquiring wallpapers from games I've enjoyed and putting them into a shuffling slideshow as my desktop background. I don't feel like posting them all as I have over 40 and counting but I'll post a couple.

3 Things!

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1) Yes! I finally hit level 20! Now I can discard the title of noob and move on to er... nube. Yeah. Say something that invokes conversation below. ktxbai

2) I beat Mass Effect 2! Woot :D Damn good game.

3) What game should I play next? I don't know what to play at all. Comment on your choice below:

Dragon Age Origins

Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX or XIII

Heavy Rain

Red Dead Redemption


Metal Gear Solid 4

Valkryia Chronicles

Dirt 2

Fallout 3

Crash Bandicoot PS1 series

Rayman from PS1

Pick something and comment please.

Thank you :)

My PS3/PSN games and backlog (Plus the ramble you guys don't read)!

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Unrelated, non-gaming, nonsense ramble - Well, college is good! Making all A's and 1 B and I'm hoping to pull that B up by the end of the semester. Stuff is good, roommate is good, personal life is good, yeah all that is good. I've got my roommate and rooming assignment for next year. A bunch of my buds and I are all suiting together. Then we'll be able to call each other suiteys! :lol: Anyways, next year is looking to be a blast! :D

So here I'm just going to run through a list of the games I've bought but have not completely beaten since I've had the PS3.

Borderlands - I actually borrowed this from a friend back when I first got the PS3 in June, but I recently obtained the GOTY edition. I just started playing through this with a pal and we're having a blast! I'm hoping to hit the max level, play through all the DLC and maybe even platinum it. Still I don't feel like this game has a ton of replay value and the story is non-existent so I'll probably just trade it in once all is said and done.

Crash Bandicoot 1 and 3 - If I ever get that hunger for some platforming I'll be sure to actually play these.

Dragon Age Origins - I shall conquer this behemoth... when I get to it.

Demon's Souls - My first PS3 game. And after almost 8 months I still haven't played past the first few bosses. I'll get to it... eventually. Still this game is a classic and definitely a keeper.

Dirt 2 - There's a lot in this game. A lot. Still one of the best racers I've ever played and am definitely looking forward to getting into it again.

Fallout III - I beat this when I had the Xbox but hey this game is worth another playthrough. And still there's a ton of DLC I never got to play so looking forward to that as well.

Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX - Yeah, I've bought those but um... sorry. Other games you know... just um. I'll play them... promise :(

Final Fantasy XIII - Yeah, I enjoy the game. I said it, troll me all you want. *Rolls eyes. Anyways, I was fairly close to the end, less than 2 hours away I'd estimate and like a klutz who doesn't backup save files my hard-drive crapped out on me. So yeah I haven't had the heart to start a playthrough but I'm confident I will. Maybe over the summer.

GTAIV - I have beaten the single player... twice. But between the extra stuff I never did, the MP I've barely played and the DLC I haven't beaten... I still have plenty of hours to go in this game.

Heavy Rain - Uh yeah I've had the game since September. It still has the plastic wrap on it. Not much else to say.

Killzone - I've beaten the single player but the MP I have a little over an hour of playtime I do believe. Umm...

LittleBigPlanet - Um yeah loads of community levels and bonus stuff to go back and get. I still have a lot to do in this game.

Mass Effect 2 - I wouldn't consider this in the backlog as I'm actually playing through it right now. This game is just amazing. 10/10

Metal Gear Solid - Beat Act I... now stop throwing stuff at me, I'm going to get to it eventually.

ModNation Racers - Great kart racer through and through, but yeah. I just haven't beaten it.

Rayman - Great platformer. A very overlooked gamed. Beat it on the GBA years ago but I still want to beat it on the PS1 as well.

Red Dead Redemption - Yeah, part of the way through the single player. Pretty fun game. Online is fun with buds but it still gets kind of boring after a while.

Spryo Year of the Dragon - Really enjoyed the first one but I just haven't gotten to this one. Other games tend to get in the way.

Uncharted 2 - I wouldn't consider this in the backlog considering I've beaten the single player twice and am part way through a third playthrough but I'm not a very high level in the multiplayer. I've got a ton of online pwning to do but I hope to have some friends pwn with me :D


*Anyways, that is what my PS3/PSN back log looks like. Nevermind the fact that I am such a completionist so I feel naturally compelled to do everything in a game and try to snag as many trophies as I can as well.

I vow to have this backlog complete by the time Elder Scrolls rolls around. I can do it! :D

EDIT: And just so people can know how much gaming I have done, here is what I've beaten since getting the PS3

Spryo (off of PStore)


God of War 1,2 and 3

Star Wars Force Unleashed (ugh)

Lord of the Rings: Conquest


Dead Space

Assassin's Creed II

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (w/Vietnam)

Black Ops

My recent purchases! (and other non-video game related ramble)

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Personal pointless ramble: Started back in school and does it feel great to be back and doing things again. I'm really loving my new schedule this semester 10-1 everyday and buddy is that an amazing schedule! ZING! I'm taking 5 courses. Another Calculus class, another Chem course (ugh), Latin American History, Interpersonal Communications and Intro to Programming. Not really bad for 14 hours though I wish I could have taken another course. All the other courses I needed that I could take as a freshman were either full or were in place of the classes I have now, all of which I need to take. Then I was like hey why not take a fun course. Looked at PE's and nope all the ones that I wanted were full. Looked at other courses like video game studies, time travel, beginner's sheet music (I play piano but only by ear), sci fi literature and fantasy literature and those were all taken! So I was thinking why not take a course that would be good for real world like automotives, electrical wiring. Nope none of that here! Oh well I love all the classes I have now ('cept Chemistry) and all my professors this semester are fantastic. Also, this semester I've been doing a lot better about studying and doing homework long before it's due. I currently have straight 100's in all my courses (besides com as that is all tests and I have yet to have one in there) and spend anywhere from an hour to 3 hours studying a day and does it pay off! I still have loads of free time and am able to keep my evenings, nights and weekends free and does it feel great!

I've also been watching Skins. If you have any interest in the show I highly recommend watching the original English version over the American as that is much more original (plus accents are cool!) and uncensored:lol:.

Lastly, I've been listening to a lot of J. Cole and AOTP (Army of the Pharoahs) (links NSFW due to language). I highly recommend you check them out if you have any respect for true hip-hop and underground rap!

Now on to why you read the blog (other than you were bored)!

Look at this monitor I ordered!

It's a steal for the price and I love it! It suits my needs absolutely perfect!

Unfortunately, people recognize perfection when they see it and have ordered this beauty before it was brought to my attention from a kind poster (thank you coyote:)) so it's been put on backorder (meaning out of stock but will be restocking soon). However, I will wait patiently till it gets here, however long if need be.

EDIT: Just checkedan email from Tiger-Direct and the item should be shipping out next monday, the 24th.

Details and specs here!

Also, I ordered myself a nice pair of Sennheiser HD555's to compliment my games, music and movies and I have a good feeling about them. Funny thing is they dropped $5 (US) in price the day after I ordered them. Oh well :P

The laser in my 15 dollar mouse burned out a few days ago so I ordered a new one (and hopefully better/longer lasting)

On top of all that I also ordered this! Doesn't this look marvelous. Oh the joy I will feel when I play games off of that.

And to finish it off I finally got around to getting this! Thank you christmas gift cards I almost forgot about! :D

P.S. Yes finally some FFVXIII news!

Oh looking forward to ME2, LBP2, Team Ico collection, TESV, Uncharted 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Max Payne 3, Dragon Age II, Portal 2, MGSRising, Killzone 3 and Dead Space 2. I would be looking forward to Skyward Sword but unfortunately I don't have a Wii. Oh, expect me to get a DSlite or 3DS sometime within the year :D

My History of Gaming - Part 1

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So this blog is long overdue. I want to start writing blogs at least every other week but I lack the motivation to compel me to write one long detailed post as the majority of the time I am simply content to just post on threads. That being out of the way I shall move on to address the topic at hand, my own personal history with gaming.

I never even knew video games existed until my super rich and retired foster parents bought me and my blood brother a Super Nintendo as a Christmas present. I was five at the time and I was instantly hooked. My brother was given some NBA game that held no interest for me but I received some sort of X-Men game that was comprised of a bunch of different levels for each character. I had no idea how to beat any of the levels (I only beat one level for one character, Storm I believe, even after a few months) and I remember jumping with the controller and moving along with the character as I pressed the buttons. Maybe back then I had visions of the Wii, Kinect and Move long before their creators.

Sexy looking, is it not?

Once I was adopted at six, the family I lived with also had a SNES, with Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and other fantastic titles. However, I was put on a very strict time limit of 60 minutes a day and as my button mashing skills were poorly developed at that time I felt good about myself if I could beat two or three levels of Super Mario World within that time.

Good times Yoshi, good times.

Just a few months later at Christmas I received a GameBoy Pocket along with Bomberman. I played that game like there was no tomorrow. Well on weekends I did. My dad was a Methodist pastor and very strict on technology as he was unfamiliar with it and deeply suspicious of the potential evils it could hold for his five children. Thus, there were no video games to be played on Sunday's as that was the day to honor the Lord and Monday through Thursdays were, even at that young age, to be devoted to school or if all school work was done, playing outdoors. I certainly didn't mind at that time being told I couldn't play my electronics as I was more concerned with the outdoors, trying to build teepees, and wondering how I would demolish the hive of bees one day in the fallen tree in the woods behind my home.

Half a year later though, my parents decided video games were in fact the devil in another form and quickly sold my GameBoy Pocket along with the Super Nintendo, even though the favorite of the family was allowed to keep his giant GameBoy as it was deemed there was just no way he would ever go wrong.

Hmmmm.... I would certainly save some money.

So for the next two years I went without video games at all in my life, except occasionally at a friend's house. I remember watching a friend play Ocarina of Time and thinking "That looks like real life!" desperately wishing I had a Nintendo 64 to call my own. I spent my own free time (which of course there are loads of when you are young) playing football, basketball, reading and pretending to be various animals which most of the time was assuming the guise of a wolf. Perhaps even then I knew I would run one with the pack one day.

However, there was one time when I played Pokemon at a friend's house. It was his older brother's and I was unaware of the predicament of only being able to have one saved game at a time. So I commenced my new adventure and picked Bulbasaur, feeling confident no one would beat my amazing new friend. I saved the game after about an hour and left it back on my friend's brother's bed, the orignal place where it was found. Imagine my terror (I was only eight) as the giant older brother (who played football in middle school) screamed and ranted as his complete save file, with all 151 Pokemon was replaced by a measly Bulbasaur and Pidgey. I never went to that house again.

A shiny Pidgey!

I'll continue on in a later part. So forum when did you get into gaming? What was your first game system and video game?

I want to take these courses!

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So I was looking through my college's online catalog of courses for electives I could potentially take next semester while fulfulling GEP (General Education Program) requirements and I found some awesome courses!

They are

1) Studies of Fantasy Literature - Course description says you have assigned chapters to read in an assigned book every week (don't know how fast the professor goes through the book). You read the chapters, write summaries of chapters and what you think will happen next, etc. Then you come back to the class and have small group discussions/debates. Books are checked out through the library so you don't have to pay. Looked at what books they read LOTR, Chronicles of Narnia, etc. This class sounds great!

2) Time Travel - I am very serious. You study, research and present on theories of time travel. Wow.


3) Video Games - I kid you not, I went to the creamery one time to get a mikshake and there they were all huddled around a big projector, 20 guys or so watching some lucky guy play Red Dead Redemption as part of his assignment. I have no idea what their "work" is but man that would be a sweet class.

Just one thing... You have to be a SOPHOMORE to take them...

Dang... next year though... next year.

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