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These past few months have shown great sales statistics in the gaming industry, though one of the greatest is suffering too much in the home console arena. That's Nintendo of course.

Nintendo have made some horrible choices in their hardware department, where simplicity and focus on first party games no longer seem to be as great of a factor to their customers.

Now wouldn't it be much better seeing these two Japanese companies help each other out while also providing a wider range of people access to their games with the next generation of home consoles being a blend of both worlds. I've always wanted to be able to play Mario or Super Smash Bros, but only if it's available on my PS, owning two consoles seems to demanding for having a couple of games on the other one.

Wouldn't it be nice?

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No era, they should do another IP in Japan maybe, but I'd actually prohibit AC having anymore sequels if it were up to me. EVERY SINGLE GAME IS STRAIGHT UP COPIED FROM THE PREVIOUS. Story could easily have ended in AC 3, but Ubisoft wanna dry the cow out. Online is horrible too, no good multiplayer...although unique. And controls are pretty stiff, even though there have been like 7 or 8 games already, you still can't crouch or lie down. Fighting is automated and oversimplified so most missions are a piece of cake getting through no matter the amount of enemies.

ASSASSins Creed sucks...

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Saboteur. Pretty horrible game overall, but NPCs would either be so lost they forgot they were in a battle with you..or so responsive that you died almost instantly.

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It's not really that big a deal, PS4 will be busy in march, if not February you'll get to play new games soon. Uncharted 4 is coming for the PS4 by next year and so will PS now.

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I'm assuming most of you played Don't Starve, so I had a question. Do you know of any similarly dark-themed films, books, games or whatever? Just finished the story mode and it was somehow sad and very interesting and appealing to me, not sure why but I was drawn into it from the minute I saw the intro.


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Resogun is the only one that actually feels and plays like a game. SO ADDICTIVE!

ACIV is ACIII with more palms and beaches. Killzone, beautiful but mindless gameplay. Need Franchise Selfdestruct: Rivals, cars have never driven as stiff and artificial. FIFA 14 improved and more fast-paced, which is great. BF4 was at times honestly too realistic for a FPS, but the fun surpassed minor annoyances.

Resogun would qualify for my top ten, but seeing as the rest are mostly created for company profit on launch day they will gladly be ignored.

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@S0lidSnake: First of all, awesome post. Secondly, doesn't it seem like the gaming world overall is fudging up alot lately? It was a horrible decision, but money hungry businesses tend to go overboard when they feel invincible. GT6 isn't even that great nor does it feel like an upgrade's been a fail waiting to happen ever since they revealed it would release for a last-gen console on the same month next-gen launched.

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Also this open field was a desert, all over.

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I last played it in a demo on PS2 some years ago and it had Zelda-like characteristics. Third person view in a 3D world where you could go to this open field and enter several vicinities (villages, dungeons). The player, along with the CPU were short and anime-like...if that helps. It just came to my mind for some reason and I really hope someone can help me with this cause I'm clueless and think I've lost the disc....can't find it anyhwere.


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[QUOTE="ewalthour"]It probably not catastrophic but Sony will lose some people on the fence if this happens.Bigboi500

Who the hell cares? Unless you work for Sony, or own stock in the PS4, your only concern should be enjoying the games and systems you have.

You're talking to some of the greatest and most ignorant fanboys here, they'll never let it go lol