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Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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First of all, my favorite comic book character is Deadpool. With that being said I would like to ask a question to anyone that might know. What in the hell did they do to Deadpool in the new X-Men movie? I haven't seen the movie yet, because it isn't out yet and I dont watch pirated movies, but from what I have gathered from the Internet they have totally ****** up Deadpool.(Possible Spoiler) Additionally, I was thinking about some of the rumors on the Internet which may be the problem because rumors on the Internet are not 100% true that is why there called rumors and not facts. Anyways, like I was saying the blogs, articles, and posts I've read all point to Deadpool becoming Weapon XI and I was wondering what people felt about that.

Things I'm tired of hearing about at work.

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First off I love my job as a Casino Tech. I work on the machines like fixing them, changing parts, installing new machines things like that, but mostly I just sit in my office and look things up on Gamespot. Anyways, if i don't vent I'm going to go crazy(er).

  1. I'm tired of is people aways asking me fix their machine so it will pay out because they've lost $200 on a quarter machine and didn't win once. First, we have no control over which machine wins or doesn't. Second, let me ask you a question. Why did you keep putting more money in it if it wasn't winning after $50, its a quarter machine its not going to give you a $10000 payout, maybe $900 max. If you want bigger payouts play higher denominations like $5 or $10 machines.
  2. People also keep asking me to go in the back and "Flip that switch" so the machines will start paying out. Like I said above we have no control over that kinda stuff and there is no switch in the back that is just a false rumor.
  3. I've had people so mad at me that they want to fight because they've been playing for 8 hours and never got a free spin but the person beside them has been here 30 mins and has got 3 free spins. If your not doing very good on a machine here is a tip, GO TO A DIFFERENT MACHINE! Its not my fault that your staying on that machine, thats you being stupid.
  4. Another thing I'm tired of is people complaining about not winning a jackpot. Well, one thing you've only been here a short time. You really expect to just walk in and hit a jackpot, most people that win alot of jackpots have been in the casino for around 4-6 hours and had a $1000 with them to gamble with when they came in, don't expect to win big when you bring $50 and play the penny machines all night.

HDTV is awesome!!!

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I finally got a HDTV and let me say "WOW", after playing my games in HD I really don't know why I didn't get a HDTV sooner. You can really see the difference in picture quality and clarity, down to the small stuff I didn't know was there before. After I replay some of my games with the new TV I'll give some examples about the difference in details between my old set and the new.

Game I'm Playing

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Right now I'm playing Wanted: Weapons of Fate. I just started playing it, but so far its pretty cool. I like the gameplay and the ability to curve bullets, but I haven't got to far into the game to really get a feel for it. Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

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