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Buy Used!

Recently, James Durall, some guy I've never heard of before proposed the idea of doing away with used games as they are the reason the gaming industry is capsizing. Hilarious. So the gaming industry is sinking and its the used game businesses fault. Wow. Ill give it to him for atleast looking for a solution but, no offense ,non-important person in my life whom I hope no harm comes to, this is an odd idea. Why would I want to buy a game for retail value? Why would I EVER buy a game for retail value? A GAME for retail value? I buy basic necessities for close to retail value if I cant find it cheaper, so buying a GAME for retail value is pretty much foreign to me. What have I been doing all this time with my games? Borrowing. I have a few games that I receieved as presents that were bought at retail value, but no way in hell am I buying a game with my own money at retail value. My answer to this...BUY USED! USE EBAY, USE CRAIGSLIST, USE AMAZON, LIVE DISCOUNT, GAMEMARKET, BARGAIN BINS...DO NOT EVER BUY RETAIL/WHOLESALE/NEW PRODUCT VALUE GAMES. Do you really need that NEW game right now? Have you honestly played all the thousands of games out there or played the games you have to the fullest extent? Then again this is a free nation with free choice. BUY USED ANYWAY!

For now Im done with Halo.

I recently gave Halo 3 a 9.0 after completing the campaign. Thought it was amazing. Two games later I came back to Halo 3 to get the rest of the achievements and found myself not really enjoying it. Maybe because I was playing on legendary mode or MAYBE Halo really isnt all that awesome. Number one was great, fun, exhilerating and then came number 2...same formula, boring, but with double fisting guns....number updated version of number 2 plus some extra Flood thrown in. To be honest I believe I am cheating myself out of a lot more better game experiences. Im pretty sure ODST and Reach are going to be the same thing, more metallic looking atmospheres with green, blue, and pink flashes firing off at each other, dont forget your assault rifle or frag tag grenades! For now Im done with the Halo franchise.

My completionist rant.

I recently posted on another blog that I had recently become a completionist. That was before I started playing Assassins Creed again to get all the flags and other achievements I haven't achieved. I underestimated the amount of time it takes to actually find flags and when you do find all the flags you end up missing one or find out that you have to beat each memory again just to talk to Lucy. Something new I also found out, some achievements can only be gained through playing LIVE. My favorite game Red Dead has numerous achievements only attained through multiplayer as well as Halo 3. This irritates me because I'm not a huge fan of playing online and it pretty much forces completionists to get LIVE to grab these few or many achievements. Some achievements may not even be attainable with dwindling online players like Red Dead and Halo 3. Ill push through but wish that their didnt have to be online achievements!

Halo 2 review examined: Older XBOX games worth playing?

I recently reviewed Halo 2 and realized that my review is biased in favor of new generation gameplay and graphics. I wonder if others have the same issue when they go back to play previous games? I bought the 360 in August with only one game in mind Red Dead Redemption. I bought the original when it came out for the Xbox and it was probably one of my favorite Xbox games. I was totally blown away by Red Dead. I had never played games to this caliber or seen such awesome graphics except for Far Cry 2 when I built my computer.

Every game I review I try to review it on its own without outside influence or how the previous game in the triology played, Mass Effect 1 and 2 for example. But I feel that this will be a hard to stick by when playing older Xbox games. I loaded Halo 2 and was totally disappointed. The graphics that I thought were awesome at one point had become flat and fuzzy almost like it was smeared. The gameplay had become miserably slow. The game froze on my 360 and I said forget it. I just started up Halo 3 and was welcomed by smoother gameplay and waaaay better graphics. This leads me to believe that I will have a harder time playing games of the older xbox generation that I never got a chance to play or appreciate. Hopefully I will be proven wrong as my gaming journey has just begun.