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pleaze reform your question so its understandable

tnx in advance

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i do mean it and it CAN SERVE for gaming since AC is not too heavy for your pc you could try

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The man asked about the thoughts on the story...

I will tell you the facts

Assassins Creed 3:Brotherhood is after the happenings in AC2 when Ezio Auditore Dela Firenze becoms the Master Assassin just like Al Mualim in AC1

the game starts in the villa and beeing attacked by the Borgia(Rodrigo)...

Ezio visits the temples just like the vault visiting the halfgods like Minerva and saving the world from the invaders hope you liked it ...

Check the more detailed version here

And the video here

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try to install the xp compability program inside the win7 to play every game that could on xp on win7

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In DAO you can be dwarf elf human and many classes mage, city elf .... that means for every1 of combinations you would have to have a different actor.

While in ME you can be female or male and thats that...

Its that easy Salute!

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Buy the wow warchest with BC(burning crusade) and the original one with guides and instructions for 20$ and then buy the expansion pack

WOTLK(Wrath of The Lich King) for 10-20$ depending on the place where u buy. Then u will get a code for the start then u will need to buy a gamecard to allow you to play theyre about 10$...


you can play on private servers for free.Theyre not that full as the original ones but it will close the need for buying anything other than the game...

Also you should pre-order the Cataclysm it will pay off

Trust me....


At the original version you can lvlup to lvl 60 the BC to 70 and the WOTLK to 80 enjoy

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"I am in command here you shall do as I say"-WoW Darion Mograine

"Kneel before your master"-WoW Arthas

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Thats part of the design i guess but it never bothered me.
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This thread doesnt belong here it should be in There should be some1 that can help you
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC is better because the atmosphere and the reality of places and dificulty.