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Brothers in Arms:Earned in Blood-Critics

This game is very interesting.... The enemies come 2 by 2 and there is never a big fight except the ending level and thats all that is bad everything else is good. The graphics very good and even if you put everything to max you wont need some great computer requirements. The story is very realistic and with a great beginning and ending. You are in the shoes of Joe Hartstock telling the colonel what happened on your missions.You begin as a corporal and end up being a sergeant. In the game Sgt.Baker from the CoD 1 and 2 has appearances. The multiplayer is good and has many options when u play with the Americans you can be Joe and Sgt.Baker. When on the German side you can be 2 characters that i didnt remember their names. It has a good fighting system with a situation view that lets you command your troops as a strategy. The awards(achievement) system is good.You can unlock cheats and some documentary footage about the places in the game you can also unlock info about guns and the making of the game. The unlocks are different at every level so all can be unlocked only in several playtroughs All in all the game deserves a 8.5 on the scale from 1-10. The review is based on my personal experience.

Gothic 3:Forsaken Gods:Critics

Gothic 3 was a good game but the forsaken gods is better. The graphics arent anything special but measure up to some recent games although they arent good even at the max you will be pleased with them if you arent used to ones like in borderlands. The content and the story of the game are solid you dont have much more than in gothic 3 but the story is more interesting. You start off in Silden with Anog sitting across you-before that you killed Xardas(a cinematic)-you need to reunite only Myrtana by killing the orcs and teaming up with Gorn i Gotha and Lee with his Paladins from Vengard or by asking Thorus to stop his attacks on Silden and Geldern.At the end you become the king of myrtana with a capital in Vengard. As for the quality of the game it sucks and has many bugs if you dont install the 1.08 patch where all the bugs are removed. The fight system of the game is very simple you point your mouse and click and you swing your weapon. The items, weapons,skills and spells dont differ much from the original g3 exept the weapons. You have new weapons from who the best is the SCULLSCRAPER(SCULLRIPPER) with 300 damage if blessed and sharpend. There is no need for searching for cheats fot his gaming since it is very much simple. All in all the game scored 4 on a scale of 1-10 due to lack of something new and fresh. The review is based on my personal experience.

King Arthur-The Role-Playing Game:Critics

Another game of this genre...,i thought, it is new and innovative the new objectives-quest system is a little messed up because the objectives are contradictory and the choices you make are sometimes bugged. For an example you cant do some objectives you just cant. Graphicly it is very developed and good. the shaders and renders are hardware eating machines but if you have a machine to back up the graphics on max you can see the detail on the faces of soldiers and the small rocks on the terrain. It may require a great deal of good hardware and may stress badder processors to meltdown.If you have a good configuration and like rps and strategies this is the game for you. For the in game content i have to say im impressed and that doesnt happen often you have to choose the upgrades for your soldiers for the city and the economy. You can enforce laws, you can trade with traders that dont stay there all the time. You can give your knights of the round table lands ladies, you can have war prisoners and request ransom. And you have a detailed main quest with alot of side quests. You also have many adventures when u have to click on an option to continue. It is basicly a good strategy when it comes to the fighting system. You have heavy and light infantry, light and heavy calvary, pikemen,axemen, special units and heroes. Every hero has special spells and stats. The game has an overall 8 on a 1-10 scale. The review is based on my personal experience.


The game story is quite full. You are at a position of a treasure seeker in some god forsaken planet called Pandora. You meet freaks,ahm ahm, friends and enemies. The games level of graphics is beyond belief it is kindda animated but the graphics are a TOP TOP if i dare say the best graphics of all games. All the parts of graphics are good even the bad ones. The character is very detailed its the same for vehicles and objects. The realism level is pretty much at a 0 because there is no PANDORA. And the vehicles are pretty much OK for the terrain that is there. The in game content is beautiful. There are 4 different types of characters to chose from: Hunter, Soldier, Berserker, Siren And in them 3 different paths to choose for example the soldier has support medic and assault or fire i cant remember so please forgive me. Every class has a special talent. The hunter a pet , the siren phasewalk and so. The combat system is very much ok. You have several weapons to chose from and have a melee strike.Every hero has a class modifier that he can buy to give him talents and mods. If you want to run the graphs on max you need a seriously good card.But you havent played the game if you havent tried it on max. The game is much much better to play with more players. All in all the game score 9 on a scale 1-10 The review is based on my personal experience

The Witcher:Critics

I personally played the game The Witcher AND I LIKED IT... yes i liked it. It may not be the most interesting game because you have to do small boring quests and the side-quests are not very interesting, but the plot(main) quest is juicy. The graphics is fine for the time but not the best, graphicly the game is very realistic. The Realism applies when u set all graphs to the MAX. Houses, grass, weapons, books, plants are realistic but not the characters and people in game. The engine of the game was new at the time and very much a prototype but they pulled it up and for the engine part of the game its fantastic. It doesn't require a great deal of system requirements but if you put the graphs to the max you will need a solid graphic card. The in game content is plenty there are only 5 signs(spells) but they are alright, there are also many skills and abilities. The signs have many upgrades. There are 4 major attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Stamina Ahhh yes the notorious combat system it is quite lame since you have to click the enemy to the attack and you dont use the mouse to control the character. When you see a flaming sword you click and Geralt attacks. There are many upgrades for the melee fighting. You have steel and a silver sword and for both you have fast, strong, and group style. All in all the game is a solid 9.5 from 1-10 The review is based on my personal experience.