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Theft and Play Station 2 games

I work at Best Buy as a loss prevention specialist. As an associate at Best Buy, I am privy to all the best games and technology that exists. As a loss prevention guy, I am privy to those who would steal those games and technology. I protect the technology ... I should have a much cooler title than LP.

Curious what has been stolen the most this month so far? You wouldn't be able to guess ... Play Station 2 greatest hits games.

Thats right, those forgotten games on sale for 20 bucks, next to the PS3 games. Yeah, those are being stolen at a rate of 3 per day since the end of November. Those taken games included: WWE 2007, kingdom hearts II, god of war, black, and call to duty 2.

Why do you ask? Well, unless there has been a rise in the popularity of fight night 3 (4 in this month, the most by far), I'd have to say its because the thieves can. No other reason. The games were unprotected by any of our theft deterrent devices, and so were an easy enough grab for a would-be shoplifter.

The solution? I've had the media department place adiligent eye over their department, but also locked the games up in cases.

But, the damage has been done. Missing now are games that could have been enjoyed by honest, hard-working people who may have missed out on buying SOCOM 3. Now, fewer and fewer affordable games are available because of these thieves. How pathetic must a person be to just take a video game that is already on sale?

Well, thats it for tonight. When you go to your neighborhood Best Buy, be sure to be kind to the LP person at the front door. A friendly greeting back is always appreciated!


Games for PS2

I have not bought a game in a long time. As a matter of fact, the only PS2 game I own is MLB 06, and I had to convince my wife to let me buy it. I work at Best Buy again, after a year off, and see that PS2 games are plentiful and cheap, especially with my discount. I think that I will be buying every single PS2 greatest hits game I can.

If anyone has a suggestion for a PS2 game, hit me up!