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Uncharted 4

The Order 1886

Little Big Planet 3

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I enjoyed it. I have no idea.

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I wouldn't get too excited. Japan is not prone to buy Xbox a lot.

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@Telekill said:

I thought X1 was already out in Japan?

Games sales show no sales in Japan for X1.

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@super600 said:

Amazon charts mean nothing usually.Something can chart in the top 10 one day and be gone the next. We have to wait and see how it will perform outside of Amazon Japan.

Yet every week/month the PS4 outsells the X1 everywhere. It must just be some reason Amazon Japan is selling X1s.

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Trucks are more powerful than even the next set of cars to release. PCs & consoles are different. Shouldn't be compared.

Do you want to drive a truck or a car? Do you want to play on a PC or a console? \thread

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Sony effs up psNow, MS releases better service... Internet likes ms, turns on sony..... the cycle continues.

I wish I had a crystal ball. Must be nice.

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@lostrib said:

@clr84651: if it's in the PlayStation now app/store, which those images are from, then it is from Sony. Of course they can change before final release

I received an e-mail from them yesterday saying that PS Now will soon have test prices . They will receive feedback from people using the service & decide on final prices after a while taking into consideration what the developers want to charge also.

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First time I hear going wired vs wireless for speed reasons.....I thought that was never an issue but I guess these are very dense streams.

This is still just the beta, so it might just be that. It seems kind of weird though. I would have liked to know what kind of connection the guy has

Wired is much better right now. I tried both ways.

yeah it did show that in the video aswell, but i would like to know if it is just the beta or if this is necessary for the end product

We'll know when it's released to the public. It seems like the streaming is more demanding than WiFi can handle right now. I also have no idea where the sources that Lostrib is posting got those prices & rental periods from.

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That pic of the PS Now prices is fake. The prices haven't been set yet. It's in beta mode and all are free.

Not according to "sources":

And this one seems to be the authors actual experience:

But prices may change

There is no way. 4 hours for $5, but $8 for a week. Looks like BS to me. There is no 4 hours option in the beta. It's 1 day, 7 days, 30 days.

Other users noting the prices

My question is how do they know them? Sony hasn't set them. They will be set when it goes public. Just like you told me with the sales numbers, this is not from Sony so it isn't actual.