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I don't recommend standing the PS4, it causes the fans to get very loud. Enjoy it when you get it. I recommend Wolfenstein The New Order if you like FPS games.

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This is old news. This was known when Sony announced the PS4.

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It would be good if they dominate E3 this year. That would mean they have more good games to show off than MS & Nintendo, which means I would have them to look forward to.

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You can get them for $200. That's not expensive. It started at $600, so that's a lot less.

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@mattykovax said:


As far as I know just having an active PSN account is all you needed to do.

I went to a website and signed up for it a while back. GS had the link in an article I read on here.

People that use the beta will receive occasional emails from Sony asking about their experience with it. That's what it says in the Beta Code email I got.

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Like the Xbox has just got? is it likely? would be a nice feature.

That's because you can't upgrade the X1's internal drive.

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Why is the 1 TB too limiting for you?

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I guess we'll wait & see what they are.

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Need many reviews. Bound By Flame got a 4 on here and got a 7-8 elsewhere.

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I just got a PS Now Beta code in my E-mail today.