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Worst-Don't Starve.

Best- Outlast

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Dead Rising 2 (boring as hell)

Demon's Souls (lack of any real story killed it for me. Was expecting an RPG, but got a Hack n Slash)

These aren't PS4 games.

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Get all the good wiiu games. Hold off on ps4. There's nothing mind blowing at all, yet. In fact I'd even say wait till e3--who knows Microsoft may surprise everyone.

Are you sure? Man.. really wanted a ps4 : (

just not sure.

No, get a freakin PS4! No Wii U BS!

I dare you to play Outlast! It's a free PSN game when you are a PS+ member on PS4. I'm now playing the 2nd one Outlast Whistle Blower.

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Demon's Souls, because it is awesome.

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Looks promising. More info needed for me to be sure.

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I can use my brain just fine A hole. No need for a stupid comment just asking peoples opinion....since I stated I'm on the fence. I saw a video comparison of 2012 e3 video with ps4 from There things really annoy me about this game that I have been banging about on this forum for the last 6 months since the delay about why I hate the way things went with this game. i think the game has left a bitter taste in my mouth and I want a reason not to get it. I want it yet I don't really want to support it The E3 2012 video was clearly a high end PC just like everyone suspected. The game looks good especially at night but the resolutions at 900 for ps4 and the hype is making me contemplate deeply. I know I can rrent it and I am starting to feel to just go to gamestop and put my preorder to Batman.

I am sure you guys heard The Order of 1886 maybe delayed til Feb 2015. I also read that The Order 1886 rumour will be confirmed today.

Others can't possibly know if you should buy a game or not.

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Live stream had nothing to do with me buying it.

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You can use your brain & decide.

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@Telekill said:

That I know are coming out this year and have yet to release...

The Order

Watch Dogs


That is all.

Comes out in February 2015.

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Wolfenstein & Watch Dogs so far.