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In some games like Outlast, yes.

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Last Guardian gameplay

Uncharted 4 gameplay

The order 1886 gameplay

Gameplay with the PS4 exclusive from the makers of Demon's Souls

3+ surprise games coming to PS4.

Dino Crisis for PS4 would be great.

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Ps4 looks good enough as is for what is...

But Jeez, no space for creativity here.

Forget I ever asked.

The problem is the PS4 is very liked as it is & it's selling like crazy. Plus the top pic is very smooth & plain. The PS4 has style.

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Lame topic. Nothing wrong with the PS4's appearance.

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Clean it with window cleaner

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@MethodManFTW said:

@clr84651: Your signature! It's some picture and this text: "Don't talk to me if you are a PC fan! I will ignore you, because I don't talk to IDIOTS!". That part seems strange to me. Maybe it is a joke though, I guess.

Oh that was to piss off a PC fan named Lostrib that was telling me off for stating that the PS3 has sold more than the 360. It's not my sig any more.

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@clr84651: What's the deal with your sig, man? :O

The only game I've finished on my PS4 is inFamous...

I don't have a sig.

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My son likes it a lot. Only the 2nd PS4 game he's been interested in. He was playing his PS3 mostly until I got this game.

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Worst-Don't Starve.

Best- Outlast

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@AmazonTreeBoa said:

Dead Rising 2 (boring as hell)

Demon's Souls (lack of any real story killed it for me. Was expecting an RPG, but got a Hack n Slash)

These aren't PS4 games.