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@gagit811: Yeah, I'm too old to go to jail. Looking for tips to not get arrested ;) Sony could care less since I'm out of warranty.

You mean Sony couldn't care less. If they could care less, it means they care to some degree.

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Yes, they will make sure the one in the box is the one you originally bought. It wont work.

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I'm enjoying the PS4 version, I had the PC version but never really played it, PS4 gameplay is really easy to get into.

I find this the case with most games on consoles vs PC

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Dino Crisis, Jak & Daxter

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I prefer physical, because I can always trade it in for credit if I want to.

If a physical copy was $60 & the digital was $40 or less, I would buy the digital. Most games are the same for either one.

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From start to finish. That's exactly how long.

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Yes call yourself "AnySuggestions"

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The ones that interest you enough to buy.

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I wouldn't get too excited. Japan is not prone to buy Xbox a lot.

I would have to agree with you on this. The first Xbox was a disaster in Japan and the 360 didn't do any better. I do see being number 1 on the best seller chart in Japan is good but, like you, I am not getting excited. It is good that it is on this list because the first Xbox and the 360 would not have been on the best seller chart if you put both their pre-order launches together. The thing that will make this work is how it sells after launch. Will sales fall flat or be steady in the months ahead? I hope this a sign of good things to come but I would not put no money on it.

I'm not so sure about that. PS4 sales have been abysmal after launch week. Even though they are behind by maybe 400k units they are not that far off. If Xbox manages to sell 100k units on launch week they will be right in the mix. PS4 has been outsold by Vita by a huge margin. MS throws a bunch of japanese support and I think that they could do some damage in Japan.

That's optimism for ya. Doubt it'll matter much. PS4 has sold double the sales of the X1 and growing. Japan is a small market. Initial sales high, then they fall to rock bottom. Best of luck for the X1 there.

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I wouldn't get too excited. Japan is not prone to buy Xbox a lot.