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my '07 nomminees

Here are my 5 video game nommineesof '07

Metroid prime 3: corruption

Super mario galaxy

God of war 2

Legned of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

Final fantasy 6 advance

Cloudleonhart23s top 10 GBA farewells

I kno the GBA died some time ago

but it would be inappropriate to not make this known

my top ten GBA games ( 1 per franchise)

10. Shining soul- A very enjoyable hack-n-slash

9. Super Mario Advance- Marios back and hes revamping Mario Bros 2 on the NES

8. Metroid (NES port)- Nothings changed, Same Metroid, Same classic NES game.

7. Advance Wars 2- in my opinion, the best game in the series.

6. Pokemon Emerald- The Crystal version of the GBA games

5. final fantasy tactics advance- a highly competent tactics game

4.Fire emblem- Freaking awesome game

3.Sonic Advance 3- Good ol' oldschool sonic

2.Golden sun- an instant classic without a doubt

1. Legend of Zelda- The minish cap- Do i need to say anything?

PoR help

ill just guide you thru some of the harder things in fire emblem path of radiance

chap 11- this chapters hard but heres wat u should do

Norternmost area- the characters that should be there are mordecai and zihark

center area- have oscar and boyd (if there promoted) in the front

and if there not promoted use ike and titania

southernmost area- volke is all u need there

as an added plus jill shows up where you start and the black knight comes out of the lown white house (north)

so move quickly or u r screwed

one more thing

how to get shinon back

this is in chapter 18

have rolf talk to him (best way to do that is have your strongest units block him and have rolf talk to him when in range)

and then beat him with ike

simple as that

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