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Happy 2009!!! And my GOTY

so at first thought, my choice for GOTY would have been Mega Man 9 or Sonic Unleashed

But that was before i played....


Also my vote for most suprisingly good game of the year (yea im weird i know)

Happy 2009 Everyone!

BTW i hated this year for many personal reasons, just in case you were wondering

Poor Free Radical ):

if theres any big downer about 2008, it is that Free Radical, the creators of two of the greatest shooting franchises of all time (Star Wars: Battlefront, and Timesplitters) went bankrupt. The Two reasons behind this are 1. The creativity devoid game Haze 2. The Poor State Of The Economy

Anyway i bought this up because Battlefront 3 was announced (its gonna suck, no free radical ) :) and i thought id reflect on this because i enjoyed both Timesplitters and Star Wars:Battlefront.

The purpose of my forum

it is supposed to be a reviewing forum where you wont be attacked by crazy fanboys

or an "escape" from Gamespot/IGNs grumpy lil community

im not forcing anyone but if you like how that sounds, id say look into this forum

i havent been on in ages LOL

so some new updates

I got ssbb and mario kart wii

ssbbs great

mario kart wiis...entertaining i guess

and ive started high school so yea...

does anyone else think Konami should release Suikoden 6 for PS3?

no more heroes

ok i just looked at this title and i honestly lost my interest


so yea im not really interested by this game

but i might get it later in life