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final fantasy dissidia

so far i have found out that these characters will be in the game dissidia

from FFI: Warrior of Light, Garland
from FFII: Firion, The Emperor
from FFIII: Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness
from FFVI: Kefka
from FFVII: Cloud, Sephiroth
fromFFVIII: Squall, Ultimecia
from FFIX: Zidane, Kuja
from FFX: Tidus, Jecht

top five games fantasy7 great game has a really good character cloud strife and has a great story line. fantasy9 another great game however not as good characters. fantasy10 still good but i think it misses some of the old features however i like blitzball in the game also it is the first final fantasy game on ps2 fantasy 12 better graphics lots of new features and a new fighting system fantasy 8 a great game with better graphics since ff7 however i didn't like the juntion system