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Favorite Fast Food Place

Ok yesterday in my Mcdonalds Vs Burger King blog people said some places that were not even an option :P.So today I'll just ask to make it easier what is your favorite fast food place?

Desktop Vs Laptop

I have done a blog about these two before,but this time I will be scoring both and giving facts about them. I will start with desktop Desktop:A desktop has a lot more GB (I think).You can hold way more things on it,Its fast or slow it depends which one you have,Its got a mouse,Its better for gaming.So those are the good things now on to the bad things.It is not portable (Well actually it is but it takes for ever to unhook it and you cant use it in the car or a plane or something),It takes longer to set up. Ok thats that on the desktop now on to Laptop Laptop:Easier to set up,Easier to use (I say that because it can just de on your lap or anywhere else and it doesn't have a mouse and the keyboard is attached to it),Easier to charge up,doesn't have as much cables to set it up with like the Desktop does,Its portable to use in the car or plane.Ok thats the good now on to the bad about laptops.Not much used for gaming as the desktop,Not as much GB. So which one do I think is better? I say Laptops because I own a macbook and its way faster then my desktop.Also the desktop may be better for gaming but im not a computer gamer in fact I rarely play computer games.Its much easier to set up and use.But what do you think is better a laptop or a desktop and why?

Taco Or Burrito?

Which do you like better Tacos or Burritos?I say Burritos,especially taco bells beefy five layer burrito (With no sour cream) That is my favorite burrito.

French Fries Or Hamburger?

Im not to sure if these are two comparable foods but which do you like better French Fries or Hamburgers.I say french fries but what about you?

A funny joke

Death:Come with me Person:No I know if I touch you I'll die Death:Oh my god you are so smart.High Five! Person*High Fives*