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I'm an officer!!! AGAIN

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OMFGOMFGOMFG THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I'VE SEEN 'YOU'VE BEEN PROMOTED' in my inbox!! omg I'm sooooooooooo happy right now I can JUMP. hehehahahuhuhoho!! I got promoted in the RE union, and I thank and hug and (whatever possible way to express gratitude) stemic for this! I'm gonna change my sig now. But sad thing is, the holidays are over for me :( which means I'm back to weekly posting again...NOOOOOOOOO:cry:

Gonna lay down a bit.

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Well, I just got off my suspension for a week.:lol: It wasn't all that bad, it actually gave me some time to work on my projects. And gave me time to finish God Of War in God mode!!!! Weeeehooooooo!!!!! It was a helluva experience, by that I mean good helluva and the bad helluva. Good? Y'know that part. Bad, too damn hard. Oh yeah, I replayed Super Mario Bros. on the SNES, and Zelda(1st one) too. I found so much time cause I didn't feel like going on Gamespot to even surf. Anyway, I think I'm gonna check my messages and lay down from the forums a while. It's odd what a laggy connection and computer mixed with a suspension can do to its not bad, but it feels odd to really have a small rest from stuff. And, I'm gettin' the feeling I got when Gamespot changed its look sometime ago. I got off the forums for pretty long, and came back cause of a sudden 'inspiration'( dunno what to say XD). And after posting in the Halo 2, NES Legion, Flood Zone, Headcrab and The Ultimate God Of War Unions, I got off cause of the suspension mainly, but I was gonna lay down anyway. Thanks to StudioMAZ( the leader of TUGOW) who kicked me out, I did it with a little 'fashion', isn't anything but hey, its kinda cool lol. Anyway, I'm gonna lay off the forums for awhile, maybe gimme a week or 2 cause holidays comin' and I can't resist if its holidays. Peace out!!!

Need to update.

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I need to update my games and LOTS of other stuff in GS. The only thing I've done is post in the ultimate god of war union lately. lots ahead of me.............

Back from the Cryo chamber......

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After being in a Gamespot cryo tube like the Master Chief, I'm back posting in forums again......after 3 long months.......Anyway, I'm back open up a serious can of whoopass.

I'm an officer!!

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I was level 4, I was just gonna log out after a night of tiring forum posting untill I suddenly realized that I forgot to check mty gamespot 'mail'. Most wer just stuff from unions begging for more active posting and stuff and - huh?!:!:--You have been promoted--I opened it hasily and found out I have been made an officer of the ANIME AND COMICS AND GAMES UNION!!WOOOHOO!!!:lol:

Level 5!!!

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I'm 99% at level 4!!

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For months and weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds and miliseconds I have been posting and being active in many forums. Finally, it is time for level 5!! Once I'm level 6, maybe I'll form my own union...