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Only a few more days

guys the junk hole is september 16th and its the 14th i first announced this thing i think in march 2013 and there was so many things that i put into this thing and i wrote 2 scripts the 2nd was better in my opinion and this was originally going to be a 7 part thing like BATTLEUTOPIA and it was even for a little while BATTLEUTOPIA 2 but i didnt want to do that again and i thought BATTLEUTOPIA felt rushed and it was because of that 7 parts this is 15 parts and it wont feel rushed at least in my opinion.Now i was thinking about delaying this to october since GTA V Comes out and im very excited i pre ordered the special edition but then i felt that the script is done and its ready so im doing september 16th.i will still play GTA V When it comes out though I Cant wait tell me if i should do a review.So yeah my next review is part 1 which isnt really a review its the special who cares anyway this is going on for way to long so see ya VERY SOON.

The Junk Hole Gamescom Trailer (Final Trailer)

Once Classicgamejunk is dead Only then will this world feel truly destroyed

Classicgamejunk Headquarters Presents

Ive been watching reports that a Nuke will be launced in New York and nobody can escape Whos Behind This?


"There have been reports of a strange man,Hold up I Just recived reports that he has left a messege

"Classicgamejunk The game reviewer and no not Classic Game Junkies."If you want this Nuke out of here bring me the head off Classicgamejunk and I will reward you 175 Million Dollars" I have to hide People and this man Want My Death.It seems he has a partner her name is Medusa.

This Man is a Liar Even if I die he will still Kill Millions I Have to stop him.It says he hates Bad Video Games Hmmm.....


Junk Hole I know your here "Am I Or Am I You"

A Update

hey sorry its been a little while but my next review should be up by tuesday and im planning to make 3 more reviews maybe 4 if i can before September 17th The Junk Hole begins.I know some people have to go to school and thats a bummer i feel sorry for them but they dont want to miss that just you wait.Trailer 9 should be up this week sometime wednesday through friday.and thats the last trailer but not the last update so my next review is going to be announced here and its Mad Max on the nes yikes.OH ITS GOONA GET UGLY but im doing that for Mad Max Fury Road and of corse the new game.After the junk hole reviews should be about 2 reviews a week.maybe 1 it depends.but dont worry a 3rd year special will come that year but im not talking about it.I cant believe ive been here since September 2011 and i want to thank everybody who reads my reviews it means a lot to me.Some people ask me what will happen with your 4th year since the 3rd one is confrimed but the title and everything else has not been is coming 2014 though.Will there be a 4th year not talking a year special but for reviews and blogs and such.I dont know and its too early to talk about it but i know the future and I got 50 plus reviews im planning to make so yeah bye guys and GET READY for a couple weeks

The Junk Hole Late Update Trailer 8 Information

Trailer 7 came out and my gmail just blew up with he looks like a terrying villian and he is.He was made by me and in the photo he wears a gas mask well thats basically his face okay he has no face and this is not a spoiler! The Gas Mask is his face i wont explain how it is because that would be a spoiler.A lot of people remembered my blog before trailer 7 saying i would reveal a big video game character coming to this 2nd year special well here it is but before i do that Trailer 8 will be the 2nd to last trailer what im saying is trailer 9 will be the last trailer not the last update and i will review about 10 more games before September 16th comes and once The Junk Hole is over i can go OVERLOAD on my reviews.Theres only benn 7 reviews no 8 this year and that is embrassing but september is not the end of 2013 and the 2nd year special does count as reviews just with a big story and characters.So Trailer 8 should be out 1st week of August. and 9th around last days of August then the big guns.So here is 1 video game character that will be in this. MEGA MAN X!

The Junk Hole Trailer 7

So your name is Patrick Dixen or A.K.A The Junk Hole

You can just call me The Junk Hole Officer

So how did youre face get melted off

It didnt,I was in Japan right around the 40s

That dosent anwser my question

I was in the nuke blast while a trip to japan

How are you 32 and not dead

Officer theres way more questions you should be worrying about

It says you are looking for Andrew Isola A.K.A Classicgamejunk,Why

For the revenge of Dr.Wilys Death!

Well in Prison thats impossible isnt it

I have The Power Glove It So bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Junk Holes Face The Junk Holes Face Is Here and hes out for revenge 9/16/13

The Junk Hole Late Update

arkham origins at comic con was amazing and the amazing spider-man 2 trailer they showed incredible but now to The Junk Hole i am here to announce that there will be 2 villians in The Junk Hole I Showed what the 1st villian The Junk Holes outfit looks like but not his face.I am here to show you a love instrest/villian to Classicgamejunk.It may sound like a weird love to the character but once The Junk Hole comes out youll understand.So here is MEDUSA the 2nd main villian/love to CGJ


Special Announcement and The Junk Hole Trailer 7 is coming

hey guys whuts up my review 107 will be coming in a few hours its a bad one.not the review the game is a bad heres some news of whats goona happen with cgj as i said The Junk Hole Is my 2nd year special in 15 parts starting september 16throught september 30th a part a day.there will be a 7th trailer by next week it will reveal more of what the stroy has to offer and it will reveal one of the characters that will be in The Junk Hole.Its going to be a huge video game character! Just like BATTLEUTOPIA The Junk Hole all 15 parts will be put into 1 book with "special features" and im going to reveal a special feature right now Concept Art for the junk hole because some drawings i put into this and my brain has a lot of creative ideas.But heres the biggest announcement i am going to announce that there will be a 3rd year special.I have no plans for a 4th and i wont make a 4th even if somebody paid me high money to do it.

The Junk Hole Blood Trailer

ONE DAY IN A BAR SOMEWHERE IN MEXICO CITY..............................

Im classicgamejunk a man looking for something to save the world again,I have enemies ones who are weak and some who just want a punishment.Well it looks like I have a enemie coming inside right now I just need to say quiet and strike

"WHERE IS THIS CLASSICGAMEJUNK,he has a video game of mine thats rear Nintendo World Championships 1990 Gold!

I just stay quiet I look at the clerk and he grabs a bottle he throws it to me and i throw it at the man wanting his game back.

There was a whole Bar Fight I blend in to get out and It works,once I went outside there was a black hole in the sky.I remembered what the clerk told me and IT WAS THE JUNK HOLE! See More Coming September 16th-September 30th!