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Still in Love

I played Test Drive as much as I could over the New Year's day off and got to about 7% complete. I still like the game. Having a lot of fun with the cops and buying cars and homes. I also got Time Splitters 2, I was very interested in this game. I love it! There isn't much to the single player version of the game, but the multiplayer is the best I have seen for the PS2 so far. I had a couple bodies over and hacked it up. Great weapons and characters. Plenty of levels to play, and on single player there are a lot of fun games to play to get new levels and characters. Overall Time Splitters 2 is a really good game. Defiantly the best multiplayer for the PS2.



Work is to slow to keep my eyes open. I just got test Drive Unlimited last night and I really want to play it some more. It is a very interesting game. Kind of the best of GT, GTA, and NFS. Good cars, decent physics, good views, and above all a lot of fun. I must have played about 2 hours last night. I got to race a little, won some money and bought a nice Austin Martin. Next is to buy a new home. and take a trip up to the mountain. The graphics are actually really good for PS2. I just wish it came with some of the pieces that the PC and 360 have, but it doesn't take away to much from the game.



Hello again,

I just opend a union last week and wanted to put a plug in for it here. If you are from Minnesota this is the place for you. This union is a place were we can talk sports, games, what ever is on your minds, just PM me. I finished two more rugby games last night, the Cats came out on top of corse. The simi-final knockout cup was actualy a good game, i didn't win buy 70 points like I usually do. This weekend should be a good time for me to catch up on the Rugby season. I also just bought time splitters 1 and 2 off eBay. They sound like really good games from whatI have read here.

Untill I get board at work next week.


Happy The Holiday's Are Over

I am happy to be done with Christmas. Now it is calm again and i can get back to playing some games. I started up the cats devision 2 rugby season again i have beaten 5 more teams and I am being recruited to move up to manage a division 1 team that is failing. I refused twice now. I want to take my Cats to the top, and win the elite devision. I just order Time Splitters 1 & 2 off eBay and i can't wait for them to get here. From the reviews they sound like great games.



I knew it would happen eventually. I beat Freedom Fighters last nigh. I finished on the second hardest setting so i got the extra level. I played that one for a bit, however I didn't start with any weapons and I don't think there are any health packets in the entire level. I was just happy to finish it, the game was great the ending lived up to the rest of the game. It was hard but a very good game. There are some rumblings of a second game. I hope it is at least as good. It would be hard for it to be much better, other than the graphics. I also FINALLY beat Guitar Hero 1 on Expert. It took so long I almost had the songs and notes memorized. Thats it for today. I will be lying off the games till the weekend.

Have a great holiday.


The Cats are Victorious

Last night i was victorious in movin up from the division three breaket in the Rugby World Club. I have played the first season it consisted of eight games. After three straight nights of rugby I was promoted to devision two and started my new season. I finally got rid of some of my back players that for some reason couldn't hold onto the ball if there lives depended on it. I have a strong side of some really good player in both the forwards and the backs. My next project is to increase the size of my scrum. I need as much weight as posible so i can push those D2 scrums around.


Never Enough Time

It seems like there is never enough time to play as many games as I want. I have planed this weekend to finally beat Freedom Fighters. I will be happy to finally complete a game that i have started in the pst months. I have been playing a lot of Rugby 06 and Guitar Hero one and two. However, it will be nice to finish a few games by the end of the month.


Thank God For Friends

I talked with my friend that has Rugby 08 last night. He told me that there is a game that allows you to have your own team. I started in devison three and I am working my way up in devision play. I started with the Cats, I won my first two games pretty easily. I have some time tonight to move forward and hope to try to make it to devision two after tonight. It is to bad that I have work or I could stay up all night and play. I can't wait to make some of my first trades to build on my team.



I have gotten to many games from eBay in the past month to play the all through to the end. i have worked on TOCA 3 and now I have gotten freedom fighters. Freedom Fighters is a great game definitely the best game of it's type. I have been sick for the past two days so i had plenty of time to play. I have almost beaten freedom fighters already and i have to songs on both guitar hero 1 and 2 in my expert Career to finish. I have a long weekend of guitar hero ahead of me. I hope that by Monday i will have finished guitar hero 1 and 2, and freedom fighters. When I have completed those games I can get back to TOCA 3 which is a very long and intense game.


New Zeland's WC Bid

Last night was a busy night for me. I was able to get two games in however. I startedmy newWorld Cup bid with New Zealand. I Started with Uruguay at full time the score was New Zealand 83, Uruguay 5.I was very happy with my performance in this game except for the one try that was allowed. My defence was strong.The nextpool play match was against Italy,I started the game a little worried but I should have never doubted the All Blacks.New Zealnad whoped Italy 79-0. My defence was rock solid making 80% of the tackle's behind the gain line! I can't wait to get out of work tonight and finish up this pool play and maybe get into the semi-finals.

Untill next time.


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