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Deja Vu

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It's that time of the.. same year? Yeah, again we've got exams. This time it's modular exams for P/B/C1 triple science. It's not going to be that hard, but i'm determined to achieve the best possible results so for that I need concentration, which means no games. :( So i'll be off GameSpot and revising hard untill next saturday.

See you then!

P.S - I knew lee would win the Apprentice woo! :P + New GH video

Ask me anything :s

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As requested by ben - yeah anything. Hopefully about games lol! Oh in other news the new Harold and Kumar Film is funny! Not as good as the last one though. Yeah - anything.

Have Fun!

Things I learnt from RockBand

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After playing RockBand at Davids, I've learnt a few things :-

1. It's great

2. Drums are Hard

3. I can't sing. But i can survive on Hard :D

4. I've got to get it!

I found it really good and I'll probably get it but it is very expensive. What do you guys think of it?

Completed COD4

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Yeah, It's a really fun game, but sadly I have completed it and have to give it back :( At least I'll still have online :D Now I'm Gonna move straight onto Half-Life and see what everyone is raving about!

PC Games are FUN!

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Well, after borowing a few PC Games from friends I've now got COD4, And Half-Life.. games :s

I've not been playing Half-life too much but I've really been enjoying COD4 and come up with that its great! But the single player is very linear and repetetive. By linear I mean that if you fail a mission you can tell where people come out and when they will so sometimes gets boring.

It's a great game and I might come up with a review later.

Rock Legend

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Finally I've completed Expert on Guitar Hero 3:Legends Of Rock, and after getting to Lou it has made me think more about the battle mode in this game. It isn't a very good feature, this may just be coming out because I was so bitter after defeating him then failing the finish him bit but, I don't know. The feature annoys me a little.

So much effort!

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So, glad to have another 2048MB RAM, only that to play any of the new games I need a graphics card. Anyone please reccomend some sites and cards to get, ones that will last for about a year? I'm nearly there, are they hard to put in?

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