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Great weekend

I'm very bored right now but I'm also very happy because I had a great weekend with my family in FL and I my cousin gave Final Fantasy tactics A2, a game I've wanted since it came out but my titi wouldn't buy it for me but she would buy it for my cousin (go figure:| )

Bored as ****** hell

just got to chapter nine in Final Fantasy xiii but I can't today because I play to much and I lost my controller(s). Really pissed at my self right now:evil:but I'll it (them). Is there a new game plus for FF-XIII, justcurious. Well its time for lunch:Pthen its time to read or a nap.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thanksgiving is here and very thankful for all the food I just had. I'm also thankful that I'm (I might be)getting Rayman 3 for the gamecube so I can play it on my Wii. I'm thankful for my family and friends that I miss so much. I really want to go back to FL to see my best freinds

Facebook friend request

If you have a facebook can you add me as a friend; and also if you have a farm town on facebook then can you add me as a neighbor after we become friends. So when you comment you can put your facebook email there and I can send you a friend request. My email is

I hate school

I hate school its so boring. and I home schooled so its even more boring. on top of my normal classes I have to study the history of the states, I have to do spelling, and I have to right a summery after I read. man my day sucks. all I want to do is play some Super Mario World but I cant play during the week. ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

ty the tasmanian tiger 3

I don't like this game and who does right.:lol: The first ty game was short but it rocked. The second ty game is a longer game but isn't as good as the first one.