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Gears 2 on insane... help?

it's well to say the least hard. and well insane. I've gotten past defending the assault derricks which has been labeled one of the games toughest parts. for that i feel pretty good. Now i've met up with carmine in the caves and the assault on our position begins. i stick behind a rock while carmine and dom are on the otehr side, the locust are cake, but then the tickers come. I can pistol all of the tickers on my side, but stupid dom and carmine always let them past them over their cover, and i seem to find a ticker in my @-$-$ which ends my run. It's kind of frustrating, because i look over there and its clear, i look back on my side kill a ticker or two, then hear clicking and i get blown up from my right-and-or behind.

What i'm trying to get at here is i would love some assistance. If there's anyone who is up for playing some gears 2 insane co-op with me fromt hat point on, add my xbox account khopps17 and let me know. It would be greatly appriciated.

yup passed it, i always seem to find a way past all the parts, just takes me a few deaths to see what should be done. Now im up to a reaver in the caves, and it blew me to pieces, after of course it stepped on my face the first time.

Yea nevermind i've gotten to act 5 i'm pretty much done. the only thing i can see being annoying now is protecting the towers from reavers.

New PC, Beta, and everything else.

I like everyone else in the world have been playing the CoD:WaW beta. my reactions to it can be found here:

Other than that it's been about 9398743 years since I've last posted on this site. I left with words that i would be getting a new computer, and that day has come and gone, and I must say is most of the reason I have been absent. I have been doing so much PC gaming that its ridiculous. (also school has been pounding on the work, but that's not cool blog material)

Since my new pc arrived I re-organized all of my electronics to make myself a space in my room that if I didn't have to I would never leave.

So I've played a lot of the newest pc games and i love them all for the most part. I don't like Crysis. I think the game is garbage, but Crysis warhead on the other hand is great. also TF2 is the best lighthearted fun to be had online.
Far Cry 2, is great i love the immersive world, and the overall feel to it, plus I learned you can slide (don't judge me it took me a while) and now I just slide everywhere. Dead Space is scary, I hate walking expecting something to come behind me, then it doesn't so I look forwards again then all of a sudden something's in my @s*. It just creeps me out.


OK, so my computer was created during ancient Mesopotamian times, and it's beginning to see the last of its many many days. I have had this PC since I don't even know when. It was originally a hospital pc that they used to store files and whatnot, which was taken for my by a friends dad... who later moved and i haven't spoken to them since. Any-who, i have upgraded this computer multiple times over the years and i have completely maxed my junker out at a 1.7 gigahertz processor and 512 megs of ram, along side my trusty geforce 6200.

There she is.. in all her glory every part in there has been upgraded and interchanged by me.

Since the life of my pc seems to be numbered I'm currently looking into building a new one from scratch. I'm thinking about making a machine that has a nice Gigabyte GA-MA790X amd motherboard which can hold a max of 16 gigs of ram, and is equipped with 2 pci-express x16 2.0 slots for all of my SLI'ing needs. I will initially get 4 gigs of ram, because i can't even begin to fathom why i would need 16. i would purchase a phenom quad core 2.5 gigahertz processor, new hard drive, minimum of a 500 watt power supply (needed for SLI) some mediocre sound card since i only have some cheap speakers, and a geforce 8800 gt. Let me know if that sounds ok to get started to you, i'm not too sure if these are final details, but pretty darn close. I'm hoping to build this bad boy before July is over.

Update on that new cod 4 video

You can download a 50 meg file right Here which is clear as all heck, and you can see everything.


you can go Here and watch it with minimal compression.

please give it a view, if you don't like it just comment and say so, i hope you enjoy it thought.

Late to the party

Despite me being incredibly excited for the next game in the resident evil series I had yet to see that brand new trailer out there.. Until just a few moments ago. Right off the bat this game is striking an incredible resemblance to RE 4. That isn't a bad thing because RE 4 was great, just not like all the other games. I for one loved the horror bit to the series, I'm sure I have never come closer to needing new pants then I was playing RE 3: Nemesis. That sucker jumped out of walls all over the place... I'm sure my life expectancy dropped 2-3 years because of that game.... putting so much pressure on my heart.. It was great!

Anyway RE 5 seems to be a straight up action game this time around, and it seems to be pretty promising in that department. The new trailer showcases a bunch of new locals as well as rehashing more images of that rag-tag African town. We see some sewers, some nicer parts of that African town, and what seems to be in true resi fashion a high tech facility of sorts, which seems to be exploding in the trailer. The mystery woman who shows up towards the end could possibly end up allowing a coop segment because she seems to be well armed with an advanced laser scoped pistol, and an earwig like radio which looks exactly like Mr. Redfields does. The matching radio's and weaponry may hint towards them working for the same faction and she had been stationed there prior to him, and will be a huge help to him in the story.

Speaking of faction Chris seems to no longer bear the S.T.A.R.S. patch on his shoulder, and in its place is a new patch bearing the initials BSAA . What could that be I havn't a clue, but I sure can't wait to find out. One final thing I noticed is the end of the trailer is sporting a new logo for the 5, I don't have an image of it but watch it and check it out.

The old 5

We've got company...

Bad company to be exact... yea that was stupid.... shut up... Anyway I wasn't anticipating this game too much until earlier this morning, I have heard complete mixed impressions placed all over the board about the beta of this baby, people love it, people hate it, and people think it's OK. To each his own I say, and for me, I want this game terribly. I must warn those of you who may end up playing with me, I am going to be the least productive team mate you have ever had. This game is all about team work and destructible environments, I am going to be exploiting the latter, and basically ignoring the former.

I am going to drive tanks and jeeps through houses, knife trees until they break, and probably spend whole matches doing nothing but attempting to knife dudes. As well as planting some nice c4 on a jeep driving it into a base and detonating it.... I imagine it's going to be a blast, as long as you don't take the game to seriously, that ended up being my problem with cod4 I took it seriously in the beginning tried to have a stellar K/D and when I lost bad I got frustrated and said some bad words, but recently I started going for golds, tried new things and just messed around and the game became more of me messing around and just having fun.

This will be the case of bad company from the start for me, this game looks like it has so much potential for me to just go nuts with. I won't be getting it at it's launch due to financial issues, but the public demo comes out Thursday of next week... and it has an online portion of it so I'm sure that will hold me over until I can afford it which should be around mid July. Plus the demo will help me get used to it, and if there are any game breaking flaws or features I'm sure to find them in the demo and it will ultimately help me figure out if I'm going to get it or not, but as it stands right now after watching about 50 you tube beta videos.. I'm getting it. Hey [4x4] next Thursday? Me.. You guys... BF:BC demo.. And messing around.

Going for the gold 2.0

ok well in my previous gold plated weapon of death related blog i said my next class was going to be the assault class. I lied, i hardly touched it before a friendly shotgun race was inducted by me and riotisonfire otherwise known as ree-oat-is-on-fee-ray or on here as redhead. so we started the race, and after one match on countdown we decided against it, but i kept up with the shotgun madness because it's pretty fun. so you can clearly tell where this is going now. I just got my final headshot with the m10 at around 11:15 pm eastern standard time, and am now the proud owner of a gold plated m10.

yet another 4 is in the works

Doom 4 has been announced, hints that it will be on earth were dropped, which is awesome my favorite Doom game, Doom II was set on earth hence the title Doom II: Hell on Earth, so i hope this game kicks.... anus.

EDIT: the source for this info is - pretty reliable source id say