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Modern Warfare 2, ODST, Beatles Rock Band

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Well let me start this post by saying what an amazing game Modern Warfare 2 was. Spec Ops was challenging, and the campaign was short, but exciting and jaw dropping.

That's been gaming for the these past 3 months. I have been playing Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3: ODST, and Beatles: Rock Band non stop. I love all 3 of these games. I'm done with story mode for all these games, but I'm missing some achievements for ODST and Beatles Rock Band. Done with MW2, though :D

Well this year (and decade) is coming to a close. Can't wait until 2010! What a great year for gaming it's gonna be!

Gaming for me Recently...

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Well, I have been in Chile all month, since September 2nd. I am glad to say I will be back in time to play Halo 3: ODST since I am leaving tomorrow (Sept. 21). I am really going to miss Chile because it is a great country, and there basically aren't any differences. And I got to meet a lot of family that I have never seen before since my parents are from Chile.

Anyways, I will be arriving in New York on Sept. 22 in the morning. Let's play some ODST! =]

Getting back into Sports Games

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Well here is my blog post about sports games. I haven't touched a sport game to play for fun since the PlayStation 2. That game was NBA Street V3. That was my last sports game (or the last one I enjoyed, anyway.) I am getting back into the genre because I feel like I don't have enough sports games in my gaming collection, and I need to learn how to enjoy them lol

I am getting Madden NFL 10! This is going to be my first Madden game since Madden 2005. I have my reasons for getting it (and they know who they are ^_^), and it's a chance to get into a bigger community of gamers.

I will also be getting NBA 2K10 since I have heard great thing about that series, and most of my friends play it. This will be my first basketball game since NBA Street Homecourt (which I played for 10 minutes...)

Basically, I am done hating on sports games! I will be getting both Madden and 2K10 on the Xbox 360. You guys know my gamertag! Lets have some fun! :)

Achivement *****

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I am going to try to unlock as many achievements as possible this week. Most people call people like me an achievement whore, haha. Well anyways, if you wanna help me out with any co-op achievements, my gamercard is cjcamilla.

This is my primary gaming blog

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I am not sure if I have said this before on this blog, but this will be my primary gaming blog. I have blogged on Gamernook, but I really don't like the way that site looks, so I am coming over here. I also have a personal blog over at cjcamilla.spaces.live.com.

Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, Lost and Damned, Great Start to 2009

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I am so far loving this year! Great year for the gaming community so far. I recently finished Resident Evil 5, and I am just amazed at that game. Great controls, beautiful graphics, great storyline, and the best part, ZOMBIES!!!!

Street Fighter IV is an amazing fighting game. I played Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike in order to get ready so I won't get demolished online haha. I have already beaten arcade, and have a decent amount of Battle Points. Again, great graphics, smooth controls (I am using a Mad Catz Fighting Pad), and very fun.

I don't have much to say about Lost & Damned (haven't completed it yet) but this DLC does a great job of basically introducing a new game. I so far love the storyline and improved bike controls. That's all I have to say for Lost & Damned!

I can't believe how much fun I am having with my Xbox 360 this year! It's only March! Very exiting year for gaming so far, and I can't wait for the game conferences so Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo announce great new games!!!

2009 is here!

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2009 is here! I still haven't made my first game purchase of 2009 yet, but I think it will either be Mirror's Edge or the GTA DLC. I still don't know if I should get Mirror's Edge or not, because it looks like a rental game, but I hate renting games.

Anyways, hope you guys have a Happy New Year!

Guitar Hero, Socom, LBP, OMG!!!

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Overload on games!!! LOL I love this time of the year. So many great games coming out. I still haven't tried out Dead Space yet!!! Next month is going to be great, too. Gears of War 2, V8:Arcade (I love this game), and the New Xbox Experience!!!! I love games :)

Rock Band 2, Touch Diamond

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9 more days until the next music game on the market comes out. I haven't pre-ordered it, so hopefully it doesn't get sold out at my local Gamestop.

It's also 9 more days until I get my new phone, the HTC Touch Diamond! It's a touch phone powered by Windows Mobile 6.1. If you want to know more, visit the link: http://www.htc.com/www/product.aspx?id=46278

Back Again!

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I'm going to start using this blog again, and updating my game collection more.
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