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Back Again!

Holy F i'm back!

Didn't realize I left this site back in 08 and like I said because of my disgust with how the whole Jeff gerstmann thing happened I vowed to never return...well that has changed. Of course that was all due to the Giantbomb Crew returning to Gamespot themselves. Really i'm happy to be back cause I do love the forums on this site and used this site for a good 4 years before moving on to Giantbomb. Got some catching up to do!

RPGames- My new RPG blog!

After the failure of my last blog I decided to start yet another but make this one more focused. This blog is basically like kotaku, I wish, or something like that but with news of only Rpgs. Rpgs are my favorite kind of game so I should be able to keep this one going more. so visit my site, keep visiting and wish me luck!


Suikoden 3-With no Memory Card

So heres how it goes: I just recently got sent Suikoden 3 from GOOZEX, GO TO GOOZEX HERE:http://www.goozex.com/trading/asp/join.asp?idr=582938249831

Okay enough of the plug for the awesome site. So I got Suikoden 3 and I ran into a horrible problem, I lost my damn memory card! This happened after one day when I was at the entertainmart around here and found a copy of Chrono Cross! I almost creamed my pants and jumped at the chance to buy this awesome game I never played before. While buying it I realized I had no PS1 Memory Card so I bought a used one while there. So I get home really excited to play the game, took my ps2 memory card out of the slot and put in my PS1 Memory Card and set the ps2 memory card who the hell knows where. And because of my stupidity and excitement I lost my damn PS2 Memory Card and now have to attempt to play a RPG with no memory card which is crazy!

I've already died once and had to start over, and came close to dieing a few times. So i'm gonna keep playing the game but next time I die i'll just wait till I get a ps2 memory card like a smart person. Also if you have any idea where I can buy a cheap ps2 memory card online i'd appreciate it and also if anyone could sell me a ps2 memory card for cheap like.......10 bucks i'd be happy also. So let me know! Gonna try to get some money by trading in some games so I can buy Ninja Gaidan 2, Even tho I haven't beat the first but whatever!

Goozex, Online Video Game trading the right way!

Today I am going to blog about my most recent internet discovery called Goozex! I'm gonna try and make it seem like I don't work for them, which I don't, as much as I can so wish me luck.

The Purpose of Goozex is to allow "Gamers" to trade games online without having to worry about actual money. What you do when you first join Goozex is search through the Goozex game database and Add all the games you actually own to your game library. The games you add to your game library are then put up for trade, and since your not the only one wanting to trade your games you'll be put in a queue to actually trade your game. Each game on the site has a value thats measured in Points. When you succesfully trade a game you receive these points to buy other games with your Points. Theres another thing on the site called Trade points, these points are needed to actually receive a game and you have to buy these but they only cost a dollar. The site is legit cause from what i've seen theres tons of users on it.

So thats that check it out cause it seems like a cool way to trade games. Also if you do plan on signing up sign up with this link:http://www.goozex.com/trading/asp/join.asp?idr=582938249831

Its a referal link so when you do your first successful trade, both you and me receive 100 free points and 1 free trade point so its bonuses for everybody!So check it out and how could you pass up a site with a cool lizard playing video games!

Okami, Rockstar Social Club and Zero Punctuation Wallpapers!

3 new wallpapers by of course.....me!!! Don't know why but I really like making wallpapers and I think all three of these are very high quality so lets start off with Wallpaper number 1!

Okami Wallpaper

Click for Full at my deviant art page!
This one was really simple to make really just took the okami art from the okami contest page on deviant art, put the pieces together and got this. I stated on my deviant art page and will restate here that none of this art is mine but it doesn't keep it from being a good wallpaper right?

Rockstar Social Club Wallpaper

Click for Full Version at my Deviant Art Page!

A wallpaper I made for the new Rockstar Social Club for the upcoming GTA4 and future Rockstar games. This one took me a bit to make. The logo was of course taken from the offical site but the patterned background was created by me but sorta not as I was trying to emulate the background behind the logo. I think it turned out great and can't wait for GTA 4!!!

And if you haven't sign up for the Rockstar Social club here: Rockstar Social Club

Zero Punctuation Wallpaper

Click here for Full Version at my Deviant Art Page!

My most recent wallpaper, this time about the great video reviews titled, Zero Punctuation, by the also great Yahtzee. This one took me abit mostly because of the "Do Not Cross" like strips which stupidly took me awhile to make, mostly because I went brain dead :D

Check out the man Yahtzees reviews here: Zero Punctuation

So thats it for wallpapers! As far as blogging goes don't got much to say really. I'm really looking forward to GTA 4 which is coming out in like 2 days, or 3 depending on how you wanna count! I will be moving my my computer monitor in front of my actual t.v. so I can get sound and get visuals cause GTA 4 deserves to be seen in HD and my monitor is the only way! So thats that enjoy the wallpapers and I'm out!

A2RS-My Blog site alive again!

I'm happy to announce that I will be reviving my old blog, An-d's rants and raves, and renaming it to A2RS aka An-D 2 R S aka An-d's Rants and Raves. This time i'm gonna actually try to update it constantly and hopefully rise to the heavens as a part of the blogasphere! here the link: http://a2rs.blogspot.com/

Check out my new banner, background and my one post! Also regular my blog and I will regular your blog......well as long as you have good things to say. Any suggestions on how to make a good blog would be much appreciated.

Big Brother 9 Vote Alex!!!

I know you people are thinking what the hell but I really got into the new big brother even so much I was considering buying the live stream thing they have on the site, but I remembered I aint gots no money. Anyways their letting the viewers vote someone back in! So I need you guys help Vote Alex!!! If you dont watch trust me everyone else on that list sucks!!! go here to vote:

Vote Alex!!!

You will be helping the make to show 100% better and jerk free!!! Alex is the top left one hes a cool guy.

*UPDATE* I just found out you can vote more then once for some strange reason so if you got some time on your hands just keep going back and vote alex over and over again!

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